Apartments for sale in Egypt

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Apartments for sale in Egypt

Located in the heart of the Middle East, Egypt is one of the major living and investment destinations in the Mena. The country features a unique location spanning the southwest corner of Asia and the northeast corner of Africa by a land bridge; which makes it accessible for many of the major roads and countries all around the world. Egypt is peacefully shredded by cultures from all corners of the world and is constantly welcoming new visitors. Expatriates, who are connected to the international corporations there, tourists, students, historians, and vacationers are always coming to the country either for business or pleasure. Consequently, the real estate market in Egypt has been progressively developing to fulfill the different needs of people, who are Egypt Apartments for sale.

A diversified variety of Flats for sale in Egypt become widely available all over the country to meet the different tastes and needs of buyers. The demand for Egypt Flats for sale, however, varies from one city to another according to the requirements of people.

Apartments for sale in Egypt
Egypt's apartments for sale

Where to buy a flat for sale in Egypt?

Cairo is the most popular city amongst buyers. Being the capital of Egypt makes the city the home for all the major facilities and modern amenities that shall cater for the residents’ needs. Educational facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafés, along with hospitals are widely available throughout the city. Thus, the demand for apartments for sale in Cairo is very high. Cairo, on the other hand, includes many residential areas and new cities where you can look for an apartment for sale in Egypt. New Cairo and 6th of October city are two newly developed cities on the borders of Cairo. The two cities are designed and developed to meet the personal tastes of Cairo urban dwellers that are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though, apartments for sale in New Cairo are more expensive than its counterparts in 6th of October city; yet they are the most required properties in Cairo Egypt. Apartments for sale on 6 October Egypt come with an average price of 4000 EGP per square meter, while the ones in New Cairo comes with an average price of 6000 EGP per square meter.

Maadi is one of the most upscale suburbs in Egypt, which is known for its wide streets and spacious houses. Affluent Egyptians and expat prefer looking for apartments for sale in Maadi to where quietness is a key feature.

Then comes the coastal cities in Egypt, including Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, which are the main holiday destinations for vacationers in Egypt. Alexandria is the home for the cultural development and historic monuments; the city is located on the North Coast of the Mediterranean Sea which makes it one of the biggest seaports in the country. This makes the city one of the main destinations in Egypt for businessmen and vacationers. Thus the demand for apartments for sale in Alexandria Egypt has recently increased in a remarkable way.

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are both located on the south coast of the Red Sea. The strategic importance of these two cities led to their smooth transition from small fishing villages into a major naval base and port for the Egyptian navy. Both cities, also, feature an important significant center and holiday resort for tourism in Egypt. Apartments for sale in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh have become highly required recently; especially by Europeans and Arab expats in Egypt.

Living in Egypt is a unique experience that everyone should defiantly go for, and whether you are looking forward to living in a house by the sea shore or in a home amidst the forests you will find what you desire here.