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Cairo is one of the best living destinations in the Middle East and considered the largest metropolitan area in the whole Arab World in terms of space and population density. Since it is the city that holds the splendid cultural mix that is different yet interesting, with a unique heritage stretching back over 5000 years merging modern, progressive and forward looking outlook. It has gained the reputation of the city that has it all to meet your desires. It includes a various number of spectacular entertainment destinations, superior schools, and luxurious properties along with all the accommodations that shall make your life easy and enjoyable.

Properties for sale in Cairo vary in terms of price, type, quality and location; they are designed differently to suit the different tastes and meet the different needs of citizens. Though flats for sale in Cairo are the most popular property type amongst the citizens and this is due to its exclusive privileges, which are:

• Variant spaces & Locations.

• Effective Cost.

• Lower responsibility.

And each point will be briefly discussed in the coming lines.

Apartments for sale in Cairo Egypt
Cairo Apartments for sale

The Privileges of Buying an Apartment in Cairo

Buying an apartment in Cairo has been always considered a smart choice for both local and foreigner citizens. Besides being a cozy place to live in, to buy an apartment in Cairo has become the safest investment nowadays; due to the unsteadiness of the Egyptian pound value in exchange to US dollar. Apart from this looking for apartments for sale Cairo has some privileges:

1- Variant spaces

There are different types of apartments in Cairo for sale with different spaces which are designed to meet the special needs of the home-buyers. Cozy studios are of small spaces ranging from 50 sqm to 80 sqm with a smart interior design that suits singles. Spacious apartments of average spaces ranging from 100 sqm to 180 sqm are designed to suit newly-weds and small families – consisting of 4 persons at most -. Luxurious penthouses and duplexes of large spaces ranging from 200 sqm to 300 sqm suit big families. And finally serviced apartments in Cairo which provide all the hotel-like amenities such as laundry room, room service and fitness center, suit most of the expats working in Egypt such as ambassadors and businessmen.

2- Various Locations

Cairo has a lot of luxurious living destinations that meets the different desires and needs of home buyers. Foreigners prefer looking for apartments for sale in Zamalek because of its unique location in downtown with accessibility to all Cairo. Other expats prefer looking for apartments for sale in Maadi due to its close location to the major movie theaters, shopping malls, and fancy restaurants in Cairo. On the other hand, local citizens prefer living in the newly developed cities such as New Cairo and 6th of October. Both cities have an amazing infrastructure, spacious streets, and low traffic volume. Apartments for sale in New Cairo might be a bit pricey than apartments for sale in 6th October; the average of the first one is 1,200,000 EGP while the others start from 300,000 EGP.

3- Cost & Lowe Responsibility

Usually living in a flat costs less than living in a house in Cairo; due to the tax system in Egypt and other financial components such as utilities and upkeep which are usually lower thanks to the smaller space and the general responsibility of the landlord.

Overall, apartments are a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a home.