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Alexandria is the second largest city in the Arab Republic of Egypt extending along 32 km of the Mediterranean Sea Coast on the north part of the country. Located on the north coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria has become one of the major industrial and trade centers in Egypt. It is the largest seaport in the country serving around 80% of Egypt’s exports and imports. And it is the main industrial center in Egypt that is producing more than 40% of Egypt’s GDP. Alexandria, also, is an amazing tourist destination that attracts both local and foreigner vacationers alike. Being the homeland for many investors, businessmen and expats in Egypt the demand over Alexandria apartments for sale have massively increased. Consequently, the real estate market in Egypt has progressively developed to fulfill the different needs and requirements for home-buyers, who are looking for flats for sale in Alexandria.

A diversified variety of apartments in Alexandria is provided to suit the different tastes and meet the required needs of the buyers. Studio apartments in Alexandria are widely available in the city with variable spaces starting from 60 sqm, smartly designed for singles and students who visit the city either for business or to study.

Apartments for sale in Alexandria Egypt
Flats for sale in Alexandria

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Penthouse apartment for sale in Alexandria, on the other hand, is one of the most popular property types amongst expats. Widely available in the newly developed residential areas in the city such as Hayat Alex Park, where much tall building and residential towers are established to provide the residents with an astonishing sea view. Duplex flat for sale in Alexandria is the priciest property type amongst Alexandria’s flats for sale. Consisting of two apartments with two different separate entrances, this property type makes a perfect home and office in the same time. Whether coming to Alexandria for pleasure or business you should definitely go for buying a flat in Alexandria.

It is worth mentioning that, Alexandria flats for sale make a great investment for young investors and businessmen, with the continuous demand for the rental apartments in Alexandria by local vacationers, especially during summer time.

There are many residential destinations in Alexandria that may suit your taste. If you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can have good mornings and spend a quiet afternoon by the seaside you should go for apartments for sale in San Stefano. However, if you want to be in the heart of the city where you will be surrounded with major service and entertainment centers you should go for apartments for sale in Smooha or sporting.

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