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Your guide to find an apartment for sale in 6th of October City

Established in 1979, 6th of October City is one of the most populated cities of Egypt. The city is divided into 12 districts with a different theme for each area. A good mix of economic housing, standard apartments and luxurious villas are well-distributed over the whole city, catering well to everyone’s needs. The establishment of the city came as a rescue plan for Egypt; with the continual growth in population and fewer properties to offer the government had to come up with an initiative to overcome the housing shortage.

Since then, 6 October City has become the home not only for locals but also for expats and foreigners in Egypt due to many reasons. It has its own airport which allows travellers to come and go easily, without being stuck in downtown traffic. It has its own medical and educational entities which guarantee a high level of treatment and learning for its local population. It also has many luxurious entertainment and shopping centres to keep the community busy.

As many developers including Palm Hills Development, Sodic and Memar El Morshedy have been investing in 6th October City and establishing many luxurious and cozy compounds, the demand for apartments for sale in 6 October City has gradually increased. The compounds in 6th of October include a selective variety of flats that are intended to meet the buyers’ needs and satisfy their expectations such as duplexes, penthouses, and studios. 

Apartments for sale in Grand Heights 6th October are on the top list of home buyers due to reasonable prices starting from around 800,000 EGP as a result of the compound’s brilliant infrastructure and interior design as well as its location in the heart of the city.

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Find the best apartments for sale in 6 October city

Apartments for sale in Garden Hills compound comes second on the list. The compound crystallizes the concept of “a city within a city” because it simply has it all. Garden Hills compound 6 October City includes: a mosque, a hospital, clinics, shopping malls, schools, nursery and a club.

Other special areas and compounds in 6 October City that suit the budget and taste of the middle-class home buyers include apartments for sale in the 1st to the 6th districts where prices range from 300,000 EGP to 600,000 EGP on average. For around 800,000 EGP, one can find apartments for sale in Al Ashgar district and Zayed Regency. 

If you have more money to spend, one may consider the Palm Hills Projects with apartments for sale in Palm Park, Golf Views or Golf Extension with 1,400,000 EGP as a starting price. Apart from the previous segmentation, there are common areas that suit both middle and upper class such as El Motamayez District and October Gardens.

For the population that has a much smaller budget to work with, both the developers and the government have worked together to provide high-quality housing units with affordable prices located all over the city like El Sheikh Zayed City, the 1st and 4th districts. The apartments’ prices there start from about 100,000 EGP with payments made in installments over a 5 year period. 

In a nutshell, 6 of October City in Egypt is an all-inclusive city which includes all the modern and luxurious comforts that could be found in any city. Many apartments are available for sale with a wide range of prices that gives equal opportunity for all the populations to settle in one of the greatest cities of urban Cairo. There’s many to choose from so if you are looking for flats for sale in 6 October City, you should find one without a problem.