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Maadi is an affluent suburban in Egypt, located to the south of Cairo (the capital) close to the Nile. Established in 1905 by Captain Alexander J. Adams, a Canadian engineer, remnants of his vision can still be witnessed in the spacious villas and the wider streets. However, Maadi has changed a lot since its establishment, where a number of rules have been set for the size of the houses, the ratio of garden space to the building space and even certain colors were set for shutters.

Maadi consists of several districts each feature a unique and special characteristics that fulfill the needs of home buyers, who are looking for properties for sale in Maadi. Apartments and villas for sale in Maadi are the most popular property types amongst Maadi Citizens. Since, much of Maadi inhabitants are of expatriates, who are connected to the international corporations there, and affluent Egyptians.

Apartments for sale in Maadi sarayat are the most required property type amongst local citizens. Being the oldest area in Maadi, remnants of the founder’s vision can still be seen there in the low rise buildings and spacious villas – which are the main components of these astonishing living destinations. Maadi Sarayat is located in the heart of the suburban, starting from the Port Said street up till to railroad tracks. The area is known to be the quietest place in the capital away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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The Best living destinations in Maadi

Similarly, flats for sale in Maadi Degla are highly required amongst local citizens and expats alike. Characterized by its astonishing residential towers and innovative entertainment facilities and accommodations, Degla is one of the most popular living destinations in Maadi. Degla is the great place where you can spend the day shopping in small boutiques and having dinner at the fanciest restaurants. Usually, the citizens of Degla don’t have the need to leave the place, since all their needs and desires are fulfilled there.

On the other hand, the less popular areas are Zahraa El Maadi, which is located between Carrefour that is one the ring road and Maadi; Thaknat El Maadi, which begins by the end of Road 9; and Hadayek El Maadi, which is located on the Corniche. Though less popular amongst affluent home buyers; these 3 areas are the best destinations for those who are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Maadi.

Maadi apartments are available in wide range of variety that shall fulfill the requirements of the home buyers. Studios, penthouses and duplexes for sale in Maadi are all available on propertyfinder, where you can have the overwhelming experience of buying a home online. Mostly, studios for sale in Maadi make the best homes for expats, who are studying at the Cairo American College (CAC) and Lycée Français du Caire (LFC), due to their cost efficiency and small spaces. Ground floor apartment for sale in Maadi is also one of the popular property types amongst buyers since they always come with a garden space and private garage.