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Villas in Egypt a place which you can call Home!

When one thinks about home the first thing that comes to mind is a comfort. To find a cozy and comfortable place which you can call Home isn’t that simple. There are a lot of things that you should take into consideration, once you have decided to look for a home for sale. Houses for sale in Egypt are of different type, price, and location; and the demand for each type varies from one buyer to another. Apartments for sale in Egypt are highly required by the middle class while villas for sale in Egypt are popular for both affluent Egyptians and expats alike. Living in a villa in Egypt has some advantages which we will briefly discuss in the coming lines.

The Advantages of living in a villa in Egypt

The difference between living in a house and in a villa is that of luxury. A house is just a normal building with small rooms without neither a garden nor a backyard. While a villa is constructed with your comfort in the mind with spacious rooms, seated kitchens, pools, gardens, big backyards, private parking spaces and servant rooms. Looking for a villa for sale in Egypt is also a great investment. Since much of Egypt inhabitants are of expats who are connected to the embassies and many of the international corporations there, villas for rent in Egypt are always in demand.

Villas for sale in Egypt
Houses For Sale In Egypt

Best places in Egypt to find a villa for sale

Recently, the real estate market in Egypt has witnessed a great development with the establishment of many new residential and industrial cities. Many of these cities are planned and constructed to offer an alternative lifestyle to that of the over-crowded cities. Wider streets, spacious homes and greener districts are the key features of all the new cities in Egypt. Villas for sale in Cairo are hardly found in anywhere but in there. New Cairo is the most popular area amongst homebuyers, where the houses are spacious and grand. Villas for sale in New Cairo come with variable sizes and prices to satisfy the needs of the buyers, and it is worth mentioning that villas in gated compounds come with a slightly higher price tag than independent villas.

Hurghada comes as the second popular place when looking for a villa for sale in Egypt. Being a coastal city with a premium location in the red-sea governorate, the major tourism center and the 3rd largest Egyptian city has made it one of the favorite residential areas in Egypt especially for expats. Villas for sale in Hurghada are popular for both expats and Egyptians alike, unlike villas in Sharm El sheikh which are common amongst affluent Egyptians only.