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Egypt is an ultimate destination for investors and residents from all corners of the world. Spanning the southeast side of Asia and the northeast side of Africa, the prominent location of Egypt has made one of the major economic, touristic and educational centers in the Mena. The country features a splendid mix of the ancient historic authenticity and the futuristic innovation that appeals both local and foreigner citizens alike. For quite long time, Egypt has been always known for its ancient monuments and diversified cultures that attract different people who are fond of exploring the world.

Thus, Egypt’s economy for quite long time has been relying only on tourism as the main source of national income. However, with the continuous demand for rental properties in Egypt by expatriates and tourists; the real estate market has emerged as an important factor in attracting foreign investment and hence increases the national income. Rental properties in Egypt are highly required by masses in the Middle East, the thing that has driven the government to join forces with the private real estate sector to balance the supply and demand scale.

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The Capital

Egypt’s residents are offered a diversified variety of rental properties ranging from comfy studios and deluxe apartments to modern townhouses and villas. However, the demand for each property type differs according to certain number factors that are summed up in these two elements: budget and location. Tenants who are on a tight budget prefer looking for studio apartments for rent in Cairo. Studios are the most affordable property types in Egypt; they come with small sizes that fulfill all the essential needs of its residents. They combine a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchenette and a living room all in one open space area where all that you need is at your fingertips. Studio apartments for rent in Maadi, Zamalek, and Garden City are the most popular areas amongst rentals. Their perfect location in the heart of the country makes them easily reachable and accessible from different corners of Cairo. They also include a wide range of international corporations including embassies, educational facilities, companies, and hotels.

Apartments for rent in New Cairo, 6 October, and Sheikh Zayed Cities are, also, highly required by rentals in Egypt. The ideal location of these cities on the borders of Cairo away from the hustle and bustle of the city, make them extremely appealing for expatriates in Egypt especially the Europeans.

Villas for rent in Cairo are not that much required by individuals in Egypt, yet they make the perfect home for families who are looking forward to boosting and enhancing their family gatherings. Some investors also may look for villas for rent in New Cairo, 6 October or Sheikh Zayed Cities to set up their business there.

Coastal Cities

Studio and apartments for rent in Hurghada, North Coast, and Sharm El Sheikh are also amongst the top required rental properties in Egypt in specific seasons. North Coast apartments for rent reach its highest record during summer time. While apartments for rent in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada reach their peak during winter time. However, apartments for rent in Alexandria are required all year long, thanks to its mild weather in summer and warm weather in winter. Unlike, villas for rent in Cairo; villas for rent in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and North Coast are highly required than apartments because they are the perfect place for family and friends gathering.

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