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All about finding an apartment for sale in Madinat Nasr (Nasr City)

The city that never sleeps - that’s what people call Madinat Nasr (Nasr City) in Cairo. A bustling hub of entertainment centres, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and cafes spread across the area, it has earned that nickname with merit. As a result, the demand for quality residential properties in Madinat Nasr has recently increased. It is often considered an over-crowded area but demand is still high thanks to newly established residential projects like Primera Compound and many stand-alone residential buildings in Abbas Al Akkad, Makram Ebeid and Zahraa Nasr City which provide great apartment options.

Apartments for sale in Madinat Nasr are quite varied in every way which makes them suitable across the population. Average apartments that would suit residents with a medium package ranges from about 300,000 EGP to 600,000 EGP and can be found in areas like the 6th district, 8th district, 9th district and the 10th district. These areas are supplies with electricity and water stations along with a big market that provides for the daily needs of residents. The apartment spaces in this area range from 75 sqm to 130 sqm.

Luxurious apartments for sale in Nasr City that would suit those with bigger budgets that range from 800,000 EGP to 2,000,000 EGP are available in areas like: Makram Ebeid, Abbas El Akkad, the Embassies area and Tayaran Street.

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What are the best places to live in in Nasr City?

Since they are the most sought after areas in Madinat Nasr, the apartment prices there tend to be higher than any other area in the city. Makram Ebeid, for instance, includes two of the biggest shopping malls in Egypt “City Stars” and “City Center”. Abbas El Akkad is known as the place that has it all; shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, supermarkets and even pharmacies. Such landmarks boost the demand for properties in these areas which accordingly affects prices. Apartments of all types and spaces are available there: duplexes, penthouses, and apartment hotels. The flats spaces range from 130 sqm to 400 sqm.

As for more economic housing units, that would suit those with smaller budget ranges from 200,000 EGP to 350,000 EGP, these can be found in Zahraa Madinat Nasr. Both apartment spaces and prices there suit more people across the general population and this has been a great initiative from the Egyptian government in its attempt to balance the supply and demand for apartments available for sale in Madinat Nasr.

Nasr City isn’t only perfect for living, it also excellent for investing. The area includes many of the new residential projects in which one can safely and smartly invest with favourable returns. It’s clear that the apartments for sale in Madinat Nasr are always in demand and no matter whether you choose to live or buy as an investment, the experience overall will be positive.