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Alexandria is the second largest city and leading economic centers, spanning an area of 32 km along the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest seaport in Egypt serving around 80% of the country’s exports and imports. Alexandria is one of the most important industrial hubs in Egypt thanks to its oil and natural gas pipelines from Suze. This has made Alexandria a sought out destination for residents and investors from all corners of the world alike. Alexandria, also, is one of the most important touristic destinations in Egypt. It is home to many of the historic ancient monuments belonging to different eras such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Necropolis and the Citadel of Qaitaby. Alexandria offers an appealing living setting that welcomes both expatriates and local citizens alike, from its charming nature and futuristic innovative planning. This has consequently increased the demand for Alexandria properties for sale/rent. Thus, the real estate market there has been progressively developing to fulfill the different requirements of homebuyers and tenants.

Villas for sale in King Maryut Alexnadria
Villas for sale in Alexandria

Villas for sale in Alexandria Egypt Prices and Specifications

Alexandria residents are offered a diversified variety of properties for sale, ranging from modern villas, deluxe apartments, and chalets. Apartments and villas for sale in Alexandria are the most demanded residential units amongst homebuyers there. Villas for sale in Alexandria Egypt olx are one of the most luxurious residential units; they combine a wide array of modern amenities that allow people to live their life to the max such as private swimming pools, front gardens, spacious courtyards and private roofed parking. Alexandria villas for sale are designed to boost and enhance your family and friends’ gatherings experience. Houses for sale in Alexandria differentiate themselves from villas for sale in Cairo by their affordable prices; as they come with an average price of 2,000,000 EGP.

Alexandria includes many beautiful coastal areas where you can happily lead a healthy and quite life. King Mariout, Borg Al Arab, and Al Agami come on top of these areas for homebuyers. Villas for sale in King Mariout Alexandria come with a distinctive sea view that enables you to revel in the beauty of sunrise and warmth of sunset from the comfort of your bed. Villas for sale in Borg Al Arab Alexandria, on the other hand, are partially away from the Mediterranean Coast yet they are characterized by its modern smart designs. Borg Al Arab makes the perfect home for those who are looking for an escape away from the bustling city without compromising on the city life. And finally, comes Al Agami, which is the most popular destination for local and foreigner vacationers alike. The city is prominently located on the west side of Alexandria and it includes a wide array of relational facilities and modern amenities that fulfill the different requirements of their residents. Thus, villas for sale in Agami Alexandria are amongst the top required properties for sale in Alexandria.

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