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Egypt is one of the most populous cities in the Middle East. The country is a charming combination of innovation and profound historic authenticity. Egypt is known to be a regional power with significant political, cultural and militarily influence in the Middle East. Egypt’s economy is one of the most diversified ones in the Arab World. It depends fundamentally on petroleum imports, agriculture, natural gas, media, and tourism. This made Egypt a favorite destination for investors and businessmen from all over the world. So, Egypt became the gateway for many well-known brands to the Arab world such as Adidas, Nike, Guess and Louis Vuitton. This made Egypt an international market for much of the worldwide manpower.

Consequently, the real estate market in the country has gradually increased to fulfill all tastes and requirements for Egypt’s villas for rent. The different variety of houses for rent in Egypt offers tenants many options to choose from. Townhouses and twin houses, furnished and unfurnished homes for rent in Egypt are widely available throughout the city. Yet, the overwhelming experience of renting a villa in Egypt can only be achieved via propertyfinder. Where many properties for rent all over Egypt are listed with high definition photos of the property from inside and outside to fulfill your dream.

furnished villas for rent in Egypt
Luxurious villas for rent in Egypt

Best places in Egypt to find a villa for rent

Though, furnished villas for rent in Egypt are known to be more expensive than unfurnished one; yet they are the most desired property type amongst tenants to save themselves the hustle of decorating and furnishing the place.

Egypt consists of many cities that differ in location and space. Cairo, the capital, is always the most desirable place to look for an apartment for rent in Egypt. Being the capital has made it the home for all big developments in the country along with the major educational, cultural and medical centers in Egypt. This made villas for rent in Cairo very popular amongst tenants in Egypt.

Alexandria is the second largest country in Egypt and its major seaport. It is the major international trading center in the world that serves 60% of world’s imports and exports. This made villas for rent in Alexandria mostly popular amongst expatriates in Egypt.

Hurghada is the 3rd largest city and the major touristic center in Egypt. Since its establishment it has become a hot spot for local and foreigner citizens alike, to spend a restful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Villas for rent in Hurghada are remarkably required in the winter due to the city’s special location on the Red Sea Cost.

Finally, these are the best place where the tenant can look for a villa for rent in Egypt.