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Finding a chalet for sale in North Coast, Egypt

Ever since it became the preferable destination spot for vacationers in recent years, the North Coast in Egypt has gained the reputation of being a world-class summer resort. Vacationers from all over the world choose this special spot on the Mediterranean Sea where the weather in summer is milder than that of other Red Sea coastal cities. 

The North Coast in Egypt maintains an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle through upscale and beautiful touristic villages. It is full of deluxe chalets, villas and apartments which turn into summer homes for those who want to relax and escape the bustle and hustle of major cities.

To guarantee an extraordinary vacation and outstanding summer time for the vacationer, many upscale resorts and touristic villages were established in the North Coast like Marina, Marrasi, Hacienda, Sidi Abd El Rahman to name a few. Those villages include top standard chalets and villas for sale with a price range from 800,000 EGP to 15,000,000 EGP on average. The distribution of units is favourable because no matter where your position is in the village, you will enjoy excellent views of the clear blue sea. 

north coast chalet in egypt
chalets at sunset north coast egypt

Chalets at sunset North Coast Egypt

The villages include all major facilities that are needed to help you go through your daily life like a supermarket, a vegetable and fruits market, outing areas and dining options. Also, the entertainment life in the North Coast is outstanding; all types of activities are available, water activities – including diving, snorkeling and water aerobics to physical activities – including yoga, meditation and aerobics –along with special parties and events, to guarantee a unique and superb experience for the vacationers.

Egyptian elites prefer to buy chalets in Marasi or look for chalets for sale in Marseilia beach Egypt; both villages have been recently established and are far away from overcrowded destinations.

The North Coast, nevertheless, includes special destinations and units for the middle class where you can find a chalet for sale in Marina north coast for 500,000 EGP. Or buy an apartment in Marbella for 400,000 EGP.  

When you buy a chalet here, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and picturesque views all year round but of course, it is spectacular during Summer. So the only question to ask is: when will you start looking for a chalet for sale in the North Coast of Egypt?