Apartments for sale in The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City

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Advantages of buying an apartment in the Fifth Settlement

Over the past few years, the Fifth Settlement (aka El Tagamoa El Khamis) has become the destination for both Egyptian residents and expats. The demand over the residential properties in the area has magnificently increased since 2002, thanks to the area’s location and properties’ reasonable prices. It is a well-known fact that location and price are the main factors that motivate home buyers.

The better the location is, the higher the price will be. Yet, in the Fifth settlement district, you can find balance, well-placed properties along with reasonable prices. Buying an apartment in the 5th districts will guarantee a high standard of living due to excellent opportunities for work life balance. This is why home buyers look for apartments for sale in El Tagamoa El Khamis more than any other district.

The apartments’ prices in the 5th district differ according to two main factors: the space of the apartment and its location – whether it is placed in a compound or not. Well-placed apartments cost more and this is the fact of real estate world. If you are going to buy an apartment in MividaMivida, then you won’t pay less than 12,000,000 EGP on average.

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5th settlement apartments in new cairo

The cost of living in the 5th district

But if you are going to buy an apartment in the Yasmine district you will pay about 2,000,000 EGP. It is all about your budget, how much you are ready to pay determines where you live. This difference in the price has reasonable justifications such as the facilities provided in the compound - starting from the entertainment centres, sports clubs, workspaces, gardens, walking areas to the security services – and the apartment’s space and type. Yet, the theme of calmness and cleanliness dominates the whole Fifth Settlement area whether it is a compound or a normal residential area.

Also, middle-class home buyers have got their share of enjoying a high standard of living in the 5th Settlement. Along with the compounds dotted all over the area, you can find many residential buildings that include different types of apartments with reasonable prices that suit middle-class home buyers. Residential districts such as Al Narges and El Banafseg have many duplexes and spacious apartments with a price range from 800,000 EGP to 2000,000 EGP. Also, for those whose budget ranges from 300,000 to 400,000 EGP, many economic housing units are available in the area.