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Madinat El Obour (Al Obour City) is one of the recently established cities in the great Cairo. Since the scale between demand and supply over properties and residential units in Egypt hasn’t been in balance for a quite long time, the government has been looking for a more workable solution that delivers results quicker. The establishment of the new cities has been the government’s ideal solution and one such example is Madinat El Obour.

Since its establishment, the demand for apartments for sale in Madinat El Obour wasn’t high due to its remote location and general lack of facilities. But after the city became the homeland for big industrial projects, it flourished and many residential projects of different types have been built-up paving the road for Madinat El Obour to become the new industrial capital.

Since, the aim is providing a home for every Egyptian not for a certain social class, the government has taken this into consideration while designing the city. Madinat El Obour has been divided into numbers of districts with different types of residential apartments that suit all the segments. The housing units vary not only in terms of price but also in class and space.

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Pricing for a suitable apartment for sale in Madinat El Obour varies depending on the district, for example in the 5th District, prices range from 300,000 EGP to 600,000 EGP whereas in the 1st District, prices start from 500,000 EGP. For those with larger budgets, the 7th District and Entertainment Area have apartments for sale from 750,000 EGP and 3,000,000 EGP on average. 

The huge variation in pricing is due to the location, the services and facilities available along with the size of the apartments. Mainly, all the services’ centers are located in the third district; recreational places are spotted all over the seventh district, and luxurious residential units in the entertainment area.

Recently, new residential projects and compounds have been established in Madinat El Obour to maximize the level of luxury and boost the quality of living in the area. Golf City El Obour is an example that would crystallize this idea. It is a city within a city. Fully equipped and accommodated with necessary and luxurious services, it has taken the living standard in Madinat El Obour to a different level. So, whatever your budget is, you would be able to find an apartment for sale in the city that has it all!