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Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and the most populous one. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is the largest seaport and a major economic center in the country. The city serves around 80% of Egypt’s exports and imports. Alexandria has considered also one of the most important industrial centers in Egypt thanks to its great contribution to gas and natural oil production around 40% of the country’s GDP. This has increased the demand for lands for sale in Alexandria Egypt in that late 90th. Shredded by cultures from all corners of the world, Alexandria has become the ultimate destination for the world’s best investors and businessmen. The city has become their window onto the Arab world.

The real estate market in Alexandria has witnessed a remarkably progressive change. A number of new projects in all fields and aspects have been established; ranging from factories, residential compounds, touristic villages, import and export companies and retail shops. The demand for Alexandria land for sale has recorded its highest record. The government, along with the private real estate sector in Alexandria, has had to come up with an action plan to narrow the gap between supply and demand for Alexandria lands for sale.

lands for sale in Alexandria
Alexandria lands for sale

Alexandria Lands for Sale

Thus, to fulfill the different requirements of investors and businessmen in the city; the government suggested the privatization process. This process revolves around transferring lands from the public sector to the private one in exchange for a certain amount of money. So, around 1 million square meters of industrial and agricultural lands for sale in Alexandria have become widely available in the city to fulfill the needs of all people. And to facilitate the buying process a number of lands have been assigned to the top class brokers in the country so that they could handle the purchasing process efficiently.

Such brokers have been looking for an easy and smart way to sell/rent these properties. So, they have started listing different lands in Alexandria on It is a website where thousands of buyers log into on a daily basis to look for properties for sale in Alexandria. A sales report has been generated from propertyfinder side to guide users and brokers about the best area to look for a land in Alexandria. The statistics indicated that lands for sale in Agamy are the most required property type.