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Lands for sale in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the most populous city there. Located on the both banks of Nile River, the city has been always considered the major gateway to the Arab world. Businessmen, investors, tourists, and expatriates from all corners of the world have been continuously coming to Cairo; either for business or pleasure. This has had a great effect on all the aspects of life in Egypt, especially the economical part. The demand for properties for sale in Cairo has significantly increased, especially from investors and expats who are related to the international corporations there. The government, along with the private real estate sector, in Egypt has had to come up with viral plans to fulfill the different needs of buyers. From classical homes, modern apartment building to industrial and agricultural lands for sale in Cairo, a mass variety of properties have been developed and listed online. is one of the leading real estate portals in Egypt, where a variety of properties are listed by the top brokers in the country.

Lands for sale in Cairo
Cairo lands for sale

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Lands for sale in Cairo Egypt turned to be the most desired property type in Egypt in 2016. Cairo includes a number of newly developed industrial cities that make the perfect destination for businessmen, who are planning to set up their own factory in Egypt. Lands for sale in 6th of October City are the most popular property type amongst investors. 6th of October city is the home for the major industrial zones in Egypt where big factories such as Juhayna Food industries, Daewoo Motors Egypt and Suzuki Egypt are located. Lands for sale in New Cairo are the second popular property type amongst businessmen and homebuyers in Egypt. The city’s remote location from the center of the city makes it the perfect home for Cairo dwellers who are looking for an escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lands in New Cairo come with an average price of 4500 EGP per square meters. Finally come lands for sale in 10th of Ramadan City, the most industrialized urban communities in Egypt. Its close location to Egypt’s main ports has made it the perfect destination for heavy industries. Lands for sale in 10th of Ramadan City come with an average price of 3000 EGP per square meter.