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Find the Best Apartments for Rent in Alexandria Egypt

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is the largest seaport in Egypt serving around 80% of Egypt’s imports and exports. It is one of the biggest industrial cities in Egypt due to its natural resources of oil and natural gas.

Since its establishment, Alexandria has become a leading center of the international shipping industry and a major trading center in the world, due to its unique connection between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and its profitable trade in Egyptian cotton. The city has become, in no time, the homeland for both investors and businessmen from all over the world. Who used to spend a small period of time in the city, to get the business done and then go home. This has affected the real estate market in Alexandria; the demand for properties for rent in Alexandria has consequently increased. So, to fulfill the different requirements and tastes of the tenants, developers have had to work hard to provide different variety of apartments for rent in Alexandria. Studios, duplexes, and penthouses become widely available all over the city. The diverse varieties of flats for rent in Alexandria Egypt provide you with many options to choose from whether average or luxurious.

apartments for rent in alexandria
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The best living destinations in Alexandria

Hotel apartment for rent in Alexandria Egypt is more popular amongst businessmen and investors. They are equipped with all the amenities and accommodations that fulfill their needs such as meeting rooms, private swimming pool, spa, and gym. Where one can both enjoy the beauty of the city while getting his business done in content.

Moreover, this beautiful city is one of the most popular touristic destinations for vacationers. It includes many private and public beaches, along with some luxurious touristic villages which are specially created to entertain the visitors. Much of the vacationers prefer looking for furnished apartments for rent in Alexandria to avoid the hustle of furnishing and decorating a place, where they will spend a month at max.

However, unfurnished apartments for rent Alexandria Egypt are also available for those who want to save more money. Usually, such property types are popular amongst those who are looking for flats to rent in Alexandria for a long term such as students and expatriates. The best places to look for Alexandria’s apartments for rent are San Stefano, Luran, Gleem, Agamy, Kafr Abdo. And apartments for rent in San Stefano are known to be the priciest. The overwhelming experience for those who want to rent apartment Alexandria Egypt can easily be accomplished through propertyfinder Egypt.