Everything You Need to Know About LRT in Egypt

Happy news to Egypt’s residents, the country will have its first LRT train soon. Egypt is taking its transportation system to a whole new level and this project is proof. 

The LRT is one of the fastest means of transportation which looks like the tram. Scroll down to know more details about the LRT and its lines.

LRT Egypt

1. What Is the Meaning of LRT? 

LRT stands for Light Rail Transit. The LRT is the first light speed train in Egypt and one of the newest means of transportation in the country. 

Besides, it’s considered an upgraded model of the old tram as it works using electricity, not fuel, and has high speed. This project is going to ease the commuting process between the various sides of Cairo.

There will be a common station between the LRT train in Egypt and the metro’s 3rd line from which you can switch between them. That’s why it’s supposed to be an extension to the metro’s 3rd line. 

2. What Is Egypt’s Plan for the LRT Project?

Egypt’s plan for this project is to connect El Salam City (Cairo’s east side) with the New Administrative Capital, through the 10th of Ramadan City. 

It’ll be the first direct line from this area to the New Capital. The length of the LTR’s track will reach 90 kilometres, which will be divided into 3 phases. 

This is according to the executive plan of the National Authority for Tunnels. The government is establishing such a project to offer you a more comfortable and quick means of transport.

LRT line

3. Who Are the Executive Companies of This Project?

Egypt is collaborating with French and Chinese companies to operate the LRT according to the European standards. Here are the executive companies of this big project:

  • The Arab Contractors, Orascom, and Consortium of Bombardier Transportation: Those are the companies chosen for the project’s civil works like constructing the bridges, tunnels, and stations of the LRT.
  • Avic (Chinese): This one works on executing and manufacturing the 22 trains of the rail. Besides, Avic will do the maintenance and bring the needed spare parts during the operating period. 
  • RATP Dev (French): Finally, the management and operation of the rail is RATP Dev’s duty. 

4. How Much Does the LRT Project Cost? 

The total cost of this project is $35 Billion. The civil works by the construction companies amount to $530 Million. Besides, the collaboration between Egypt and Avic costs around $1 Billion and 500 Million. 

Moreover, the cooperation between Egypt and RATP Dev is worth €183 Million. 

5. How Many Stages Does This Project Have? 

This project has 3 stages: 

  • Phase 1 and 2. They consist of 12 stations with a length of 70 kilometres. 
  • Phase 3. Its length is 20 kilometres, including 4 stations.
LRT phase 3

6. What Is the Route of the Egyptian LRT?

The LRT route will include various important locations in the city. Here is the detailed route of the LRT in Egypt and its stations:

Phase 1

This phase is considered the main one on the route map of the Egyptian LRT. You can’t reach the other lines without passing through it. The stations of this phase are:

  • Adli Mansour 
  • El Obour 
  • El Mostakbal 
  • El Haykstep
  • El Shorouk 1
  • Badr.

Phase 2

Most of this phase’s stations are located in the New Administrative Capital. It includes: 

  • El Roubiki
  • Administrative Capital 1 
  • Administrative Capital 2
  • Administrative Capital 3.

Phase 3

The LRT in the last stage will pass by the southern side of Cairo mainly through Al Sharkia governorate. Those are its stations:

  • Industrial Zone
  • 10th of Ramadan 1
  • 10th of Ramadan 2
  • Belbis.
LRT Egypt map

7. What Is The Time Plan of the LRT? 

They have been working on this project since 2015. They are almost done with its first and second phases so they will announce its operating day soon. 

8. How Much Will the LRT Ticket Be?

The ticket price of the LRT is

  • 15 EGP for 3 stations
  • 20 EGP for 6 stations
  • 25 EGP for 6 to 9 stations
  • 35 EGP for 12 stations (whole trip).

Its ticket will not be subsidised by the country as the project isn’t included in the subsidy plan of the government. 

LRT light rail transit

9. What Are the Communities That Will Take Advantage of the LRT? 

There are many communities that will take advantage of the LRT as it has various stations across the city.  If you’re a resident at one of the below communities, you’re lucky; have a look at them: 

El Obour City 

The LRT train will pass through the entrance of El Obour City near the intersection of Ismailia Road. From this point, you will find many means of transportation to get into the city. 

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Mostakbal City 

This is one of the newest cities in Cairo. The route of the LRT will pass through the entrance of Mostakbal City; it will be parallel to Ismailia Road.  

Do you think of living here? If yes, you have made a great choice; you will be able to go to the different sides of the city through taking the LRT. 

LRT Egypt stations

El Shorouk City 

The LRT covers most of this city’s areas; there will be two stations inside it which are Shourouk 1 and 2. The first one will serve the districts starting from the entry of the city till the middle. 

Moreover, the second station will be close to the other spots of El Shorouk City in addition to the entrance of New Heliopolis City. 

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This community is going through huge renovations to offer you a good residential experience. Besides, the LRT is a great addition to it, enabling you to reach many destinations in no time. 

Badr station is a significant one on the train’s route and it’s an exchange station between Line 2 and 3. This notable city has 3 stations from where you can use the LRT: 

New Administrative Capital

The New Capital is one of the most promising cities in Egypt where its residents will enjoy a lavish lifestyle. One more reason to live there is the availability of different means of transportation, including the LRT which is the newest one. 

10th of Ramadan City 

This is the start point of the train in El Sharkia Governorate till it reaches Belbis City. 

LRT project Egypt

Once the LRT starts operating you will effortlessly and quickly reach your destination. You will no longer spend the whole day in the traffic jam. It’s a very promising project which will make a great change in the transportation system in Egypt. 

You can have a look at this detailed guide for the monorail in Egypt on Property Finder which will connect Cairo’s west to its east. 

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