All You Need to Know About Egypt’s Monorail

Egypt’s Monorail is one of the most talked about projects lately. Everyone is assuming something, but no more uncertainty as we brought you all the details about this incredible project. 

Through this article you will find the important information you need to know about Egypt’s Monorail. Scroll down to see how you will commute between Egypt’s east and west in minutes!

Egypt's Monorail

1. What Is a Monorail? 

The Monorail is a kind of railway that moves at high speed rather than normal metros and trains. It moves on a single rail either from above or beneath the train cars. 

It’s more environmentally friendly, secure, and fast. This makes it a better means of transportation especially between far destinations; you can use it to save time and effort.

2. What Is Egypt’s Plan for the Monorail Project?

Egypt’s Monorail is one of the latest and most promising transportation projects in the country. The goal of this project is to limit the crowdedness in Cairo and connect the new cities with the capital’s downtown. 

There will be two monorail lines in Egypt with speed 80km/hr. The first line will connect 6th of October City with Giza Governorate; the trip will approximately take 32 minutes. 

Moreover, the second line, Administrative Capital Monorail, will link the New Capital with East Cairo.

Through the new Monorail, the whole trip to the New Capital will take 60 minutes. It’s a very short period compared to the time taken while riding cars or public transportation.

Monorail Egypt plan

3. Who Are the Executive Companies of This Project?   

There are three big executive companies of Egypt’s Monorail project in Cairo, which are:

  • Bombardier Transportation

They are responsible for every detail about the project’s operating system and providing the monorail’s trains.  

  • Orascom Construction 
  • Arab Contractors

Orascom and Arab Contractors have a partnership to implement all the civil works of the project. 

Besides, the National Authority for Tunnels chose the alliance of both companies below for the consultancies and supervision of Egypt’s monorail project. 

They won after submitting the lowest cost proposal during the authority’s tendering. 

  • Hill International 
  • HJI Corporation.
Monorail company in Egypt

4. What Are the Stations of the Monorail Administrative Capital Line? 

The Monorail New Administrative line passes through various areas, as the main target of this one is to connect the New Capital with Cairo’s regions. 

Its length reaches 54 km to pass through 21 stations. Check below the stations of Monorail Administrative Capital line in Cairo, Egypt:

  • The Stadium 
  • Hesham Barakat (Rabaa El Adaweya)
  • Nouri Khatab
  • Al Hay Sabea 
  • The Free Zone 
  • El Mosheir Tantawy 
  • Cairo Festival 
  • El Choueifat 
  • Air Force Hospital
  • Al Narges Neighborhood
  • Mohamed Naguib
  • The American University 
  • Emaar
  • Fountain Square 
  • Al Barwa
  • 2nd Ring Road 
  • Mohamed Bin Zayed
  • Regional Ring Road 
  • Al Masa Hotel 
  • Ministries District 
  • Administrative Capital. 
Monorail Egypt stations

5. What Are the Stations of Cairo’s Monorail 6th of October Line? 

The Monorail 6th of October City line, with length 43 km, will feature 12 stations starting from Mohandseen district in Giza to 6th of October City. 

Here are the stations of the second line of Egypt’s Monorail in Greater Cairo:

  • Gameat El Dewal 
  • El Mariouia
  • El Mansouria 
  • Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
  • Hyper One
  • Juhaina Square 
  • Authority of Urban communities 
  • El Hosary Square 
  • Dar El Fouad 
  • Industrial Zone 
  • The stops of the High-Speed Railway. 
Stations of Cairo’s Monorail 6th of October Line

6. What Is the Time Plan for Egypt’s Monorail Project? 

The time plan for Egypt’s Monorail project is declared by the National Authority of Tunnels. It’s supposed that both lines will be ready after three years and half from the signing date with the executive companies  

Consequently, phase one of the Administrative Capital line will open in October, 2022, while the second phase is scheduled to be completed in February, 2024. 

Moreover, the 6th of October City line is set to open by mid 2023.

7. How Much Will the Monorail’s Ticket Be in Egypt? 

The monorail’s ticket price will be estimated by the Egyptian government and the executive companies to determine a suitable fee. 

The ticket won’t be subsidized by the government like the metro. However, they aim to make it affordable for citizens, so the fee you pay covers only the operation and maintenance costs. 

Consequently, the government will cover the rest which is the implementation costs of both Egypt’s monorail lines’ infrastructure.

8. What Are the Communities That Will Take Advantage of the Monorail’s Administrative Capital Line? 

The map of Egypt’s Monorail includes various communities that their residents will benefit from. Let’s know more about those communities.

Nasr City 

The starting point of the monorail Administrative Capital line is Nasr City. It will pass through Youssef Abbas Street which is one of the most important areas in the city. 

Besides, this community is where the metro’s 3rd line and the monorail meets, as both have stations on the same street.

These are the 6 monorail stations in Nasr City:

  1. The Stadium 
  2. Hesham Barakat (Rabaa El Adaweya)
  3. Nouri Khatab
  4. Zaker Hussein 
  5. 7th District 
  6. The Free Zone. 

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Fifth Settlement 

You can find various monorail stations in the Fifth settlement community; check them below for an easy commute to the New Capital:

  1. El Mosheir Tantawy 
  2. Cairo Festival 
  3. El Choueifat 
  4. Air Force Hospital
  5. Al Narges Neighborhood
  6. Mohamed Naguib
  7. The American University. 

The Fifth settlement is one of the most iconic communities in Egypt; it includes everything you need: schools, universities, malls, and much more. 

You can own a house here to take advantage of this incredible new means of transportation. 

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New Capital City 

The New Capital is now easily reachable; the new monorail will give you easy and quick access to this important and promising new city. 

The stations inside it are:

  • Al Massa Hotel 
  • Ministries District 
  • Administrative Capital. 

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9. What Are the Communities That Will Take Advantage of the Monorail’s 6th of October Line? 

As mentioned above, this line will join 6th of October City with Giza regions; let’s see what are the specific communities that will take advantage of it the most.

6th of October City 

The starting point of the monorail’s second line is 6th of October City. There are many stations in different neighbourhoods and districts to make it more reachable for citizens. 

Here are the top stations located in 6th of October City:

  • El Hosary Square 
  • Dar El Fouad 
  • Industrial Zone. 

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Sheikh Zayed City 

The monorail will pass through Sheikh Zayed City at different areas. You can take the monorail from the Hyper One station which lies at the entrance of the city.

Many people seek to live in this iconic new city as it offers you the ideal residential experience. 

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Al Mohandseen District 

Finally, the monorail 6th of October City line’s last stop is at Mohandseen district. It’s specifically at Gameat El Dowal Street which is one of the main streets there. 

The extension of the metro’s 3rd line lies in this area too, which will make 6th of October City connected to the heat of Greater Cairo. 

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10. How Can You Go to the New Capital From 6th of October City with the Monorail and Vice Versa? 

Reaching the New Capital from 6th of October City in a short time isn’t impossible anymore. If someone asked you about this before, you may think they are crazy but now it is possible!

Here are the steps to go to Egypt’s west from its east and vice versa in 1 hour and 30 minutes:

  • Take the monorail 6th October City line from the nearest station to you
  • Stop at the line’s final station “Gameat El Dowal station” 
  • Take the metro’s 3rd line till the “Stadium metro station” 
  • Finally, ride the monorail Administrative Capital line from the monorail “Stadium” station.

It’s so easy, quick, and comfortable with no traffic and no crowdedness. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most promising and awaited projects in Egypt. Finally, you can now commute between Cairo’s east and west in a very short time! 

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