Best Places to Visit in Alexandria

Alexandria is your perfect gateway to spend some fun and quality time; you can visit it during winter or summer as it has a different magic in each season. Besides, there are many places to visit there. 

Through this article we will take you on a tour through Alexandria’s beautiful destinations where you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Best Places to Visit in Alexandria

1. Bibliotheque of Alexandria

Do you love books and art? Do you want to know cultural and historical information from around the world? The Bibliotheque of Alexandria is your gem to get lost among millions of books and works of art. 

It comes among the top places to visit in Alexandria, Egypt. It’s a very interesting destination and considered the major library and cultural center in the city. 

You’ll get impressed by its outstanding architecture which makes it extra unique. The rooms and halls will leave you breathless as they contain thousands of books in various languages and fields. 

Besides, this stunning library not only includes books but also different museums and art exhibitions that you’ll find very exciting to visit. 

top places to visit in Alexandria Egypt


It’s located in Al Azaritah, Al Shatibi, Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria.

Opening Hours 

9:30 am – 3:30 pm


The average ticket price is EGP 70

hidden gems in Alexandria, Egypt

2. The Corniche 

You’ll be missing a lot if you are visiting Alexandria without going to its charming corniche; it’s stretched along the Mediterranean Sea which is stunning day and night. As the whole city overlooks the sea, you can reach its corniche from different areas. 

You’ll find many cafes and restaurants there so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch by the undisturbed sea view. 

Not just that, one of the unmissable things to do in Alexandria at night is a walk along its corniche. You’ll enjoy the cool air with the soothing sound of the waves, and you can get popcorn, grilled corn, ice cream, or any snack from the street vendors.  

places to visit in Alexandria


It extends from Qaitbay Citadel at the west till Montaza at the east. 

Things to Do 

  • Eat at Azza Ice cream 
  • Go with your friends and try the corn 
  • Relish a walk there during the afternoon
  • Treat yourself with some desserts at Al Sheikh Wafik
  • Sit there and turn your favourite music on
  • Have a seafood meal at Fish Market Marina
  • Drink a perfect cup of coffee at Tivoli Dome Alexandria 

3. Citadel of Qaitbay

Are you curious to see one of the most visited tourist attractions in Alexandria? Surely, we’re talking about the Citadel of Qaitbay. It’s an old fort built beside the Mediterranean Sea. 

Getting inside is a different experience as you’ll witness the amazing architecture and interiors; it consists of different levels enabling you to view the whole skyline of Alexandria from its top. 

Besides, for the avid explorers, you can enter the small chambers of the citadel’s main building which is really thrilling; you’ll enjoy this place a lot with its historic vibes and setting. 

Alexandria sightseeing


It’s located in Al Sayalah Sharq, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria. 

Opening Hours 

8 am – 5 pm 


  • For Egyptians: EGP 20
  • For Tourists: EGP 60 

4. Stanley Bridge 

One of the best places to hangout in Alexandria is Stanley Bridge. It’s located above the sea, allowing you to relish wonderful scenery while strolling along it. 

This is a perfect destination to enjoy a night walk, witness the pleasing sunset, or go take some fabulous photos as it has a picturesque design.  

Stanley Bridge is the supreme choice for sightseeing in Alexandria.

tourist places in Alexandria


It’s located in Fleming, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria. 

Things to Do 

  • Have a walk along the bridge 
  • Witness the beautiful sunset from its top
  • Take a memorable picture with its beautiful architecture and the sea
best places to visit in Alexandria

5. Al Montazah Palace and Gardens 

How about experiencing some royalty?This sounds nice; Al Montazah Palace belongs to the late royal family of king Farouk. It’s a huge one that looks incredibly impressive as its architecture is full of beautiful details. 

You’ll discover many things about the royal family and how they used to live when you get inside. Not just that, the palace is surrounded with vast areas of gardens where you can have a tour between the colorful flowers and tall trees. 

Going there with your partner is a good idea to enjoy this setting away from the city’s noise, as it’s considered one of the most romantic places to visit in Alexandria.

tourist attractions in Alexandria Egypt


It’s located in Al Mandarah Bahri, Montaza 2, Alexandria.

Things to Do 

  • Stroll between the gardens 
  • Take pictures with the palace in the background
  • Discover the palace from inside. 


It’s for EGP 25/person

a visit to Alexandria

6. Alexandria National Museum 

For history lovers, Alexandria National Museum should be on your to-go list. It’s one of the  tourist places in Alexandria that includes ancient pieces from the different eras of Egypt. 

You’ll find Islamic, Greek, Romanian, and Byzantine monuments; it’s an amazing thing to walk between those various civilizations and cultures in one place. 

If you’re coming to Alexanderia on a one-day trip and wondering what to do, visiting such a rich destination undoubtedly is the answer; you’ll know more about the various people who have lived in this unique city. 

visiting Alexandria


It’s located at 110 El Horreya road, Raml Station, Alexandria.

Opening Hours 

9 am – 4 pm 


  • Egyptian: EGP 20
  • Tourist: EGP 100 

7. Gleem Bay

Do you want to have a delightful dinner by the sea? Gleem Bay is a flawless place to have such a lavish experience. This place includes a big number of restaurants that are positioned on Gleem Bay, which is in the middle of the sea. 

Yes, you’ll be enjoying your meal while the beautiful waves are hitting the rocks and the blue waters in front of you. 

Still wondering what is the best place to go in Alexandria? Definitely, this marvelous spot is on the top of the list.  

things to do in Alexandria at night


It’s located in San Stifano, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria. 

Things to Do 

  • Have a nice breakfast 
  • Enjoy a fancy dinner 
  • Get your favourite drink by the sea view. 

8. Roman Amphitheatre

 Let’s get back to the Romanian and Greek times and feel these vibes at the Roman Amphitheatre. It’s also known as the Roman Theatre. This ancient spot was built by the old Romans who used to live in Alexandria. 

It’s an open-air theatre with a number of large seating areas while the stage is in the center. This hidden gem in Alexandria will make you feel like you’re in Rome because of its architecture. 

The vibe there is distinct and the pictures will look artistic so don’t miss visiting it. 

best places to go in Alexandria Egypt


It’s located on Ismaeil Mahana road, Kom Al Dakah, Alexandria. 

9. Royal Jewelry Museum 

Have you ever thought about how the royal family’s jewelry looks? You don’t have to think about it as you can go watch them at the Royal Jewelry Museum. It includes the possessions and accessories of Mohamed Ali’s Royal family. 

You will see their gold, emeralds, diamonds, and rubies which were made by the top designers then. Such a tour will leave you mesmerized and impressed by how beautiful those princesses used to look.

The Royal Jewelry Museum is a nice place to go out in Alexandria with your friends on your weekend for a change. 

what to do in Alexandria in one day


It’s located at 27 Ahmed Yehia street, San Stifano, First Al Raml, Alexandria. 

Opening Hours 

9 am – 5 pm


  • Egyptian: EGP 100 
  • Tourist: EGP 100 

Alexanderia is full of fun and interesting places to go; this city’s charm will take over you even more after visiting the above cool destinations. 

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