Best Outdoor Wedding Destinations in Cairo

If you are still searching for the best outdoor destination for your wedding, this article is your saver. With so many choices between the different wedding styles, themes, and places, picking your dream wedding venue could be a daunting experience. 

Don’t worry, we’ll help you out with a list of top open-air wedding destinations in Cairo to make it much easier for you. 

Outdoor Wedding Destinations in Cairo

New Cairo 

1. Katameya Heights Club House

For luxury seekers, Katameya Heights Club House is your optimum outdoor wedding venue in Cairo. Among the greenery, charming landscapes, and flawless decorations, your wedding will take place. 

Besides, the outdoor wedding area in Katameya Heights lies on mosaic grounds instead of grass while overlooking outstanding views. This enables you to easily move and dance while wearing your heels. 

At this fascinating place, you are provided with various options for catering. They offer two set menus, Lebanese and international, as well as an open buffet. 

Surely, Katameya Heights Clubhouse is the perfect place for an open-air wedding in New Cairo. 

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It’s located on the Ring Road, the Fifth District, New Cairo.


For 100 people:

  • Decoration: Starting EGP 40,000
  • Set menu: Lebanese for EGP 400 – International for EGP 640 
  • Open buffet: EGP 640/person. 

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2. Arabella Country Club

Have you been dreaming of making an enchanting wedding? Your dream is true at Arabella Country Club. The place has a fascinating and prestigious look, leaving you with no doubts to choose it.

Moreover, for the decorations, you will meet the wedding planners at Arabella Country Club to brief them with what you want in detail; everything on this day will be customized for you.

They have a magical touch that will transform the whole place into a breathtaking one. You will feel like being in a fairy tale! 

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It’s located on Al Shabab street, Third New Cairo.


  • Decoration: Starting EGP 25,000
  • Set menu for EGP 650/person
  • Open buffet for EGP 750/person.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (02) 27588903
  • Mobile: 01029996874

3. Sky Executive Resort

Sky Executive Resort is one of the most popular venues for we ddings in New Cairo. It welcomes both members and non-members to celebrate their weddings. 

You are offered two different options for your outdoor wedding to choose what you like. If you are planning for a big wedding with many guests, then the Lebanon Terrace is perfect; it accommodates up to 800 people.

However, if you’ll go for a small wedding with close friends and family, the Pavilion Open Venue is a good option since it takes up to 250 people. 

Among the greenery and the amazing customized decorations, your day will surely be unforgettable at Sky Executive Resort.

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It’s located on 90th Street, Behind Air Forces Hospital, New Cairo.


  • Per person: Starting EGP 495 (including the open buffet and set up).
  • The decorations are according to your requirements so prices vary. 

Contact Information

Mobile: 01063336360 – 01274599993 – 0120395869

4. Rainbow Villa

You don’t have to search more for cheap wedding destinations as your request is here. Rainbow Villa is a good choice for a high quality wedding yet with reasonable prices. 

It is isolated away from any crowded areas allowing you a private wedding; in addition, this model villa has a garden area of 1,500 meters and can take up to 500 people.

The services and facilities that Rainbow Villa offers are the best to ensure you and your guests a faultless day.  

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It’s located on Suez Road, in front of Madinaty.


  • The rental fee of the venue is EGP 12,700 (fixed not according to the number of guests) 
  • Food and beverages: EGP 150/person.

Contact Information 

01222170923 – 01288665701

6th Of October City

1. Dream Land 

It’s a well-known venue for notable weddings in Cairo. Your wedding will take place between the mesmerizing golf courses at Dreamland, leaving you speechless. 

There are two options at this notable destination to pick one as the wedding area, either by the lake or under the palm trees. Both are ideal choices; it’s just a variety to meet everyone’s preference. 

Dream Land features high quality services for the best night of your life. Besides, there are specialized organizers, making sure that everything goes according to the best plan.

Dream Land is surely the one, especially if you’re thinking about a morning wedding. 

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It’s located on Al Wahat Road, Dream Land City, 6th October. 


The cost per person is around 250 LE.

Contact Information

+2 (0)2 38553164

Obour City

1. Golf City Club

Golf City Club is one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Cairo, Egypt. Your spectacular wedding will be by the view of the golf course, wide green areas, as well as a swimming pool, making a perfect wedding setting. 

Not just that, the organizing staff will add some touches using flowers and decorating material that will change the whole look to a more betwitching one.

At this outstanding destination, you’re provided two locations for your wedding, either by the gardens or the swimming pool; this allows you to choose what you prefer more. 

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It’s located next to Golf City, Obour City. 


For 100 people: 

  • Starting EGP 50,000 (set menu)

Per person: 

  • Starting EGP 500 (open buffet) 
  • Decoration fee: EGP 25,000 (fixed). 

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2. Diamond Villa

Are you looking for a beautiful place for a wedding yet with an affordable price? Diamond Villa offers you both. It has beautiful landscapes, green areas, and water features, making it the ultimate venue for a memorable wedding. 

Besides, you can choose the decorating items as the staff is very friendly and helpful. Just make sure to call them early before your wedding date to ensure that they have free bookings and enough time to prepare everything.


It’s located in the South of Gameiyet Ahmed Orabi, Obour city.


For 100 people: Starting EGP 45,000 (set menu).

3. C’est La Vie Villa

If you’re searching for a wedding destination on a budget in Obour City, C’est La Vie Villa meets your request. It’s a cool villa with a good-looking scenery, guaranteeing you an ideal outlook. 

Moreover, you can invite all your friends and family members as the villa is spacious, accommodating more than 100 people. 

You’re provided the best services and facilities at C’est La Vie Villa to have a superb  experience on such an unforgettable day. 

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It’s located in Gameiyet Ahmed Orabi, Ismailia Desert road, Obour city. 


For 100 people: Starting EGP 40,000 (set menu); EGP 50,000 (open buffet).

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4. Plein Air Villa

For those who want a flawless luxury wedding destination, here it is, Plein Air Villa. It’s a top wedding destination, offering you matchless decorations and settings for your day. 

In addition, at Plein Air Villa, you can choose the specific theme for your wedding and their professional team will make it matchless. 

The villa is spacious with a pool and stunning greenery; whether you want a morning or a night wedding, both options are available at this recognizable venue. 


It’s located in Gamaiet Ahmed Orabi, Obour City.


For 100 people: EGP 55,000 and EGP 450 for each extra person (open buffet, wedding cake).

Contact Information

0122 179 8894 – 01004987169

5. Nut Boutique Farm Lodge

If you prefer simplicity over luxuriousness, then Nut Boutique Farm Lodge is the one. It’s a very unique place with a cheerful vibe. The architecture and design of the area is different, making for a picturesque outlook and authentic vibe. 

Not just that, Nut Boutique Farm Lodge is a quiet spot where nature is the master, enabling you to celebrate your day in a very special way and atmosphere.

Surely, this one is among the most beautiful wedding destinations for simplicity and perfection lovers. 

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It’s located in Gamaiet Ahmed Orabi, Obour City. 


For 200 people: average price for renting the venue is EGP 50,000.

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1. Andrawis Nile Garden 

There’s no more perfect place for a wedding rather than by the Nile River, isn’t it? Andrawis Nile Garden is directly overlooking the Nile which makes it an irresistible option. 

You won’t only enjoy the beautiful Nile view but also the mesmerizing green scenery. Besides, this gem is a suitable option for you if you want your wedding extra customized. 

This is through bringing your favourite wedding planner and catering, as they don’t provide these services. Consequently, the fee you’re going to pay is limited to the cost of renting the villa and you are free to get the extras on your own.  

 At Andrawis Nile Garden, your wedding will be stunning in every possible way! 


It’s located in Manial Shiha, Giza. 


The villa rent is EGP 35,000. 

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2. Taracina

Who said that you have to pay all your savings for an exemplary wedding? It’s not true as at Taracina you’ll make your dream wedding with budget friendly prices. 

It’s a marvelous spot by the pleasing Nile scenery. You don’t have to worry about all the minor details like the decorations, the set up, Dj, and the food as they provide you with all of them. 

Besides, you can choose either the open buffet or a set menu for the guests according to your budget. Your wedding is going to be astonishing, just like what you’ve always imagined at Taracina. 

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It’s located at Manial Shiha, Giza. 


  • For 100 people: EGP 15,900 (not including the food) 
  • Open buffet: Starting 175/person
  • Set menu: Staring EGP 110/person.

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3. Royal Club Mohamed Aly

One of the best locations for weddings is undoubtedly Royal Club Mohamed Aly. It’s a distinct venue where you’ll feel the vibe of royalty. 

You will celebrate your special day under the tall green trees, the cool air, and the Nile view; isn’t this the best? In addition, you’re offered two choices for the organization of your wedding. 

The first one is that you can pay just for the place’s rental while the decorations and catering are your responsibility. This is to give your more freedom to make everything as you want. 

The other option is to pay per person; this fee includes all the wedding details like decorations, open buffet, and so on. 

Royal Club Mohamed Aly is an ideal place that will suit your preferences and plans whatever they are.  

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It’s located south of Mounib Square Cairo-Aswan Road, Giza.


  • For 100 people: EGP 25,000 (only the rent fee)
  • Per person: EGP 500 (including the whole program).

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4. The Swiss Club Cairo 

If you love the areas where nature is dominating, then the Swiss Club Cairo is the optimum outdoor wedding place in Cairo for you. It’s very cozy with a cheerful vibe that you’ll feel the serenity once you arrive. 

Moreover, The Swiss Club Cairo is like a green oasis, where the trees and palms make it a wonderful spot. This place has witnessed the beauty of Cairo since the 19th century; its authentic vibe makes it the ideal escape from the city’s noise on your wedding day. 

It’s a nice place to have a wedding in an untraditional way. You won’t regret choosing Swiss Club Cairo as your day will be matchless there. 


It’s located  at 17 Gihad Street off Kitkat Square, Imbaba.


  • For 100 people: EGP 16,000
  • For 150 people: EGP 19,000
  • For 200 people: EGP 25,000 

Contact Information

+2 (0)2 33142811

The above list is full of options that surely includes what you want for your wedding day. A new happy chapter in your life is beginning so we hope we made you a step closer to it. 

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