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Cairo is the most populous city in the Country and the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The city is an amazing combination of the futuristic innovation and profound authenticity. Also, Cairo is a city of superlatives; the world’s unique monuments, fascinating towers, the most beautiful Nile River and many other fascinating aspects that capture the hearts of the city citizens. This international city is the homeland for different cultures from all over the world and is still welcoming new visitors. Consequently, the real estate market in Egypt is quickly developing to fulfill all the needs and requirements for villas for rent in Cairo.

The diversified variety of houses for rent in Cairo offers the home buyers different options to choose from whether luxurious or average. Moreover, this international city is developing at an extraordinary pace in the business and touristic sectors. So, whether you are coming to Egypt for the pleasure or business you should definitely go for a villa for rent in Cairo.

Though furnished villas for rent in Cairo usually come with a higher price tag than unfurnished ones, yet they are mostly common amongst the tenants in order to avoid the hustle of decorating and furnishing the place. Usually, such types of villas are required by local citizens who are looking for a villa for rent for weddings or to spend a day use.

Villas for rent in Cairo
furnished villa for rent in Cairo

Best Places in Cairo to rent a Villa!

Cairo is made of several districts and sub-districts which vary in location, accommodation and properties’ price. Maadi and Zamalek are the most popular areas amongst expats who are looking for villas for rent in Cairo Egypt. They are located on the Nile River and being two of the oldest residential areas in Egypt, where profound history along with futuristic innovation is found. Remnants of the areas’ initial planning can be seen in the spacious houses and wider streets, which make the perfect home for foreigners in Egypt. Moreover, villas for rent in Maadi and Zamalek are mostly required by expats who are connected to the international corporations and embassies located there.

Newly developed cities in Cairo such New Cairo, 6th of October City and El Sheikh Zayed are also popular amongst tenants who are looking for homes for rent in Cairo. Yet most of these tenants are of local citizens who are looking for a villa for rent in Cairo per day either to hold a luxurious party or to spend a day with their families away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Mostly, villas for rent in New Cairo are more expensive than the ones in 6th of October or El Sheikh Zayed.

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