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Duplex Apartment for Rent in Egypt

There is no doubt that Egypt is attracting more and more expats to the region for a variety of different reasons. Opportunities are one of the main reasons that attract foreigners to the country. Everyone wants to hire a foreigner or a native English speaker in their office and is willing to pay them perfect salaries. Thus, expats found that the field of competition is smaller than their home countries and the opportunities are greater. Also, when expats break down cost-of living comparisons (food, transportation, clothes, housing, entertainment, and healthcare) between Egypt and their home countries, they find out that Egypt is much cheaper. This, in fact, increased the demand for a duplex apartment for rent in Egypt among expats especially those who are moving to Egypt with their families. It is a dwelling having apartments with separate entrances for two households. This type of properties has spread out intensely in modern areas, and it is the favorite choice among those who are looking for a villa for rent with lower prices as it comes with some of its features such as the garden, terrace, balconies…. etc.

Where to find the best duplexes for rent in Egypt?


Cairo governorate is the most populated one among other governorates in Egypt. Also, it is the capital, the largest city in Egypt, and the place where you can discover a lot of hidden gems and wonders every day. On the other hand, it is the home of the biggest educational institutes in Egypt, international companies, ministries, embassies, malls, hospitals…. etc. For that reason, many people prefer to look for a duplex for rent in Cairo. The demand for duplexes for rent differs from one person to another based on many factors, among them are the characteristics of each area. You may ask yourself “where can I find a duplex for rent in Egypt or Cairo?” In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the most featured districts to look for these duplexes in Cairo.

The demand for a duplex apartment rent in New Cairo has reached its high record recently due to its unique designs, sufficient space in addition to the cool weather and the integrated services that surround these duplexes. Ranging from banks, international companies, hospitals to the educational institutes, social clubs, restaurants, and cafes; you can live happily, relax, study, and work in New Cairo with no need to ever leave. New Cairo is the place where you can find everything you could ask for. For that reason, it is also considered the best option among those who are looking for a duplex with garage for rent due to its spaciousness and calmness as it is built to lighten the congestion in downtown Cairo.

Duplex Apartment for Rent in Egypt
Best Places to Look for Duplex Apartments for Rent in Egypt

Best Places to Look for Duplex Apartments for Rent in Egypt

On the other hand, downtown is the place where you can find banks, start-ups, schools, shops, and international companies. Thus, tenants and expats who would like to live near their work are more likely to look for duplex rentals in Giza. Also, this district is featured by its unique location in the center of Cairo as it could be easily reachable from different districts in Cairo. You may ask yourself “where can I find duplexes for rent in Giza?” The answer is so simple. If you are a student who is aiming to study at Cairo University, then Dokki would be a great option. On the other hand, if you would like to live in a vital area full of restaurants, cafes, and shops, then duplexes for rent in Mohandessin would be the best choice. Similarly, Zamalek is a favored residential area for a lot of European expats due to several reasons:

• Its unique location as it links between all the districts in Cairo through a number of main roads and bridges.

• Its calmness and quiet leafy streets which in fact reminds them of their home countries.

• It is the district of many bars, shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

• Properties overlooking the Nile River

All of the above features make Zamalek one of the most expensive districts in Cairo. A Nile View duplex for rent in Zamalek comes with an average price of 52,000 EGP. Away from the center of Cairo, Maadi is one of the affluent, greenest, and least crowded areas in Cairo. Also, it is the district of many embassies, restaurants, and cafes. You may ask yourself “what are the duplex sizes by square meter there?” The answer is: a duplex for rent in Maadi ranges from 200 – 500 meters, consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception with an average price of 15,000 EGP. For that reason, it is considered a point of attraction to everyone.

On the contrary, apartments and duplexes for rent in Alexandria and other coastal areas are always in demand by Egyptian citizens and foreigner travelers as well. It reaches its high record during summer and specific seasons.

Finally, if you are asking yourself “how can I find a duplex for rent near me?” The answer is so simple. You can find your desired property easily through apartment rental websites such as Propertyfinder. It is one of the leading real estate websites in Egypt where you can find a variety of diversified properties for rent/sale, listed by the top brokers in Egypt. Browse and get your dream house now!