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Apartments for rent in Cairo where luxury begins!

Living in Cairo is always a no end of an enjoyable experience for both expats and local citizens. Being the capital of Egypt and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the whole Arab world has made Cairo a favorable destination for citizens from all over the world. As it provides a quixotic mix that is different yet very interesting, and above all friendly and warm. No matter where you come from, this most world-friendly destination will always welcome you; starting from the spacious deserts, heading out into the Nile and up to the mountains. Egypt is an amazing cultural mix with a unique heritage stretching back over 5000 years combining a progressive, forward-looking and modern outlook. It is a contradicted country where all are most welcomed and encouraged to make the most of everything Egypt is offering. Expats in Egypt are living on a rental basis, whether is it an apartment, a villa or even a twin house; yet statistics indicate that flats for rent in Cairo are the most popular property type amongst expats and students.

To rent an apartment in Cairo you should follow certain steps to guarantee a convenient and restful life.

Apartments for rent in Cairo
furnished apartments for rent in Cairo

Finding the perfect furnished apartments for rent in Cairo

1- Know your destination

Cairo consists of a number of living areas which has certain qualities that make it the perfect living destination for an each group of tenants. Degla, Maadi, Garden City, and Zamalek are the most popular rental destinations in Cairo amongst expats. Since Maadi and Degla are close to movie theaters, shopping malls, international schools, gyms and fancy restaurants; while Zamalek and Garden City are located in downtown Cairo where most of the international schools and embassies are centered. So, finding an apartment for rent in Zamalek or a flat for rent in Maadi is every foreigner’s dream in Egypt.

On the other hand, there are a number of living destinations in Cairo that are popular amongst the local tenants like Nasr City, New Cairo, 6th of October City and Heliopolis. Both Nasr City and Heliopolis are located next to one of the top universities in Egypt which is “Ain Shams University”, and both New Cairo and 6th of October city include 5 of the top private schools in Egypt which are MIU, MSA, 6th of October University, AUC, and GUC. It is worth mentioning that apartments for rent in New Cairo are the priciest amongst all of them.

2- Know the Price

Apartments in Cairo vary in both type and quality, and these are the two main factors that affect the pricing process in Egypt along with the tenant nationality. Usually, duplexes, penthouses, and furnished apartments cost more than studios and unfurnished apartments. Also, foreigners in Egypt are often treated differently than locals; they are always charged more when it comes to renting a flat in Cairo.

Furnished apartments for rent in Cairo Egypt usually range from 5000 to 15000 EGP per month in superior areas like Zamalek, Garden City, Maadi, Heliopolis, New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed City. While unfurnished apartments price ranges from 3000 to 5000 EGP in moderate areas like Nasr City and Dokki.

3- Know the best places to rent flat in Cairo

Renting a flat in Cairo is one of the easiest processes now with the launching of – the biggest real estate portal in Egypt – where you are one click away from finding the best apartments for rent in Cairo Egypt. All you have to do is entering the property specifications like price, location, space, and a number of rooms to display a good number of apartments in Cairo that shall meet your desires starting from the cozy studios for rent in Cairo to the spacious penthouses and duplexes.

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