3 bedroom apartments for rent in Egypt

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3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Egypt

In the past, foreigners used to visit Egypt as tourists for a short period of time. Nowadays, many Europeans decided to transfer to Egypt and have their businesses there as they found that living in Egypt is one of the most exciting experiences ever! This, in fact, has increased the demand for 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Egypt. It is the country where you can find a great mix of deep historic originality and futuristic innovation. The Land of the Nile River, Egypt, has one of the most ancient and greatest civilizations in the history of mankind. It has been always known for its astonishing legacy of art, diversified cultures, literature, and architecture which attracts different tourists who love exploring the world. This clearly shows how tourism was Egypt’s first source of income. However, Egypt is the land of opportunities. Thus, many people and young entrepreneurs have got the chance to create, develop their own ideas, and become true innovators. Even tour guides and those who used to work in the tourism sector, many of them have established their own tourism agencies. Nowadays, Egypt has a lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs and many of them are of European expats. This in fact clearly shows how they got motivated to start their businesses in Egypt. For that reason, the demand for apartments for rent in Egypt has increased.


Egypt consists of many cities that vary in location and space. Cairo is always the most desirable city in comparison to other cities in Egypt. This governorate comes in the first place because it is the capital of Cairo. This makes it a home for the embassies, multinational organizations and the biggest institutions in Egypt such as AUC, GUC, and BUE….etc. Also, it contains integrated services and amenities that anyone could ask for ranging from the biggest educational institution in Egypt, healthcare services, commercial services, and recreational services. For that reason, many families transferred to Egypt as it provides better services and better quality of life than other governorates in Egypt. Thus, the demand for 3 bedroom apartments in Cairo has increased.

3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Egypt
Find the Best Three Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Egypt

Find the Best Three Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Egypt

The city contains a variety of ancient and modern districts and each has its own characteristics. The demand for 3 br apartments differs from person to person based on the characteristics of each area in addition to their needs. For example, big families are more likely to look for 3 bedroom apts for rent in New Cairo and 6th of October. It is the districts where you can relax, escape from the bustling city; and find a variety of reputable schools, universities, hospitals, companies…etc. Yet, the demand for apartments for rent with 3 bedrooms in each district differs from one person to another based on two elements: location and budget. People on a high budget are more likely to look for these apartments in New Cairo. The city features an exclusive design that could be seen in the wide boulevards, properties, and so on. Also, its unique location near the vital places in Egypt such as Sheraton, Nasr City, and Heliopolis makes it one of the perfect destinations for many tenant and expatriates. 2 or 3 Bedroom apartment for rent in 5th settlement is considered the best option for those who are looking for properties for rent in New Cairo. It is one of the most featured districts in New Cairo as you can find the biggest commercial centers and educational institutions in Egypt.

On the other hand, those who are on a tight budget are more likely to look for 3 room apartment for rent in Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October. These apartments come with diversified prices ranging from 5000 – 8000 EGP.

As well all know, most of the banks and companies are located in the center of Cairo. This, in fact, has increased the demand for 3 bedroom for rent in Giza among those who would like to live near their work in order to save time, money, and energy. Zamalek is one of the most beautiful districts in Egypt and a favored residential area for a lot of Europeans and wealthy expats. It's ancient properties and quiet leafy streets make it one of the most attractive cities in Cairo. 3 bedroom rentals in Zamalek are a bit expensive as it comes with a rental average price of 45,000 EGP. Abou el Feda is one if the best districts in Cairo. It is the place where you can rent an apartment that overlooks the Nile River and find all the facilities and amenities around you as well. That’s why many European expats prefer to look for 3 bedroom flat for rent in Abou el Feda. However, Maadi is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a Nile front property in a calmer area. 3br apartments for rent in Maadi come with a rental average price of 9000 EGP. That’s why it is considered a point of attraction to everyone.

However, if you would like to live in an area that links between all the districts in Cairo, then apartment 3 bedroom for rent in Downtown would be a perfect option.


Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, extending about 32 km along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north central part of the country. This Governorate occupies an important location compared to its counterparts. It is one of the main trading centers in the world. Also, it contains a variety of educational, commercial, healthcare, and recreational facilities which in fact increased the demand for three bedroom apartments in Alexandria. Also, it is considered a perfect option for those who are looking for a seafront property with a reasonable price. Apartments for rent 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms come with an average price of 4000 EGP. Thus it is considered a point of attraction to everyone.

Finally, if you are looking for 3 bedroom apartment in Egypt, all that you have to do is to check You will find a selective variety of apartments listed by qualified brokers in the country to fulfill your needs.

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