Discover Egypt’s High Speed Rail

Happy news is coming to all the Egyptian citizens and even the tourists; Egypt will have a high speed rail, connecting almost all the country’s sides. It’s a huge new project whose execution is in progress.

It’s a step towards the residents’ comfort and wellbeing. Lets know more about this important project that will definitely make the transportation inside Egypt much easier.

Egypt high speed rail

1. What Is the High Speed Rail in Egypt? 

The high speed rail in Egypt is a new means of transportation that aims to connect the cities of both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

This type of rail will work with electricity, which makes it more environment friendly, so it moves with a much higher speed than trains. 

2. What Are the Companies Working on This Project?

The companies that are going to work on the high speed train in Egypt are:  

  • Siemens 
  • Orascom 
  • Arab Contractors. 

Those top companies in the sector will work in partnership; Orascom and Arab Contractors are responsible for building the infrastructure of the rail. 

On the other hand, Siemens will bring the tracks and work on the maintenance and installation of the high speed railway system. 

3. How Much Is the Cost of Egypt’s High Speed Rail?

The cost of Egypt’s high speed rail project is about $4.45 Billion.

4. How Long Is the High Speed Rail’s Route? 

The high speed rail will stretch along 1,000 km which is about 621 miles. Moreover, the first line is supposed to run 450 km which is about 285 miles. 

Egypt high speed rail project

5. What Is the Route of Egypt’s High Speed Rail? 

The route of the high speed rail in Egypt will has four stages: 

The First Line. It’s about 460 km long linking Ain Sokhna in Suez Governorate with New Alamein City while passing through different cities. The route of the first line will be as follows: 

  • Ain Sokhna
  • New Administrative Capital 
  • Cairo 
  • Giza
  • 6th of October City 
  • Alexanderia 
  • New Alamein City. 

The Second Line. It’ll connect the main port of the Red Sea with Alexandria’s port and also Matrouh Gargoub’s port.

The Third Line. It’s going to link Hurghada and Safaga with Qena and Luxor. 

The Fourth Line. It will start from 6th October City reaching Luxor and Aswan.

Through these 4 lines the high speed rail will manage to connect Egypt’s north side with its south one. This will make commuting between cities much easier, effortless, and quicker. 

Egypt high speed rail map

6. What Are the Stations of the High Speed Rail’s First Line? 

According to the officials in the Ministry of Transportation, the first line’s stations are announced while the rest are yet to be declared. 

The first line of Egypt’s high speed rail will include 15 stations, which consecutively are:

Egypt High speed rail stations

7. When Will Egypt’s High Speed Rail Be Completed? 

It is supposed that by 2023 the first line will be completed, according to the agreed upon time plan for this significant project. Moreover, each line is set to take 2 years for completion. 

8. What Are the Communities That Will Take Advantage of this Project? 

There are various communities whose residents will take advantage of such a big project: 

Ain Sokhna

It’s the starting point of the line which will make it an in-demand area for many residents. 

New Administrative Capital 

It’s one of the most important stations as it’s the most awaited new city in Egypt. New Capital will be a focal point for all Egyptian residents. 

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The high speed rail will pass through the east side of Giza which is on its route. 

Siemens high speed train Egypt

6th of October City 

The 6th of October City is one of the most notable communities whose residents will relish this new means of transportation. If you’re living here or even nearby in Sheikh Zayed City, you will surely be able to use such an outstanding rail. 

Are you thinking about moving to 6th of October but were hesitant about it? No worries! Its residents will effortlessly reach any spot around the country thanks to the high speed rail.

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Alexandria residents, you will easily reach the New Administrative City or any spot in Cairo in a few minutes and with complete comfort using the high speed rail. 

New Alamein City 

Finally, you can access this new iconic city by the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea without driving for so long. Not just that, if you’re working there, the commuting between the New Alamein City and the capital is going to be hassle free

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Egypt high speed railway system

9. What Are the Advantages of Egypt’s High Speed Rail? 

There are many advantages of Egypt’s high speed rail:

  • Citizens who commute between the different governorates will enjoy a better transportation option 
  • It’ll encourage tourists to explore the new cities by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea without any hassle
  • It is going to reduce the passengers’ travelling time by half
  • The high speed rail will also deliver goods which will speed up its transportation process. 

Finally, such an awesome project is in Egypt. This high speed rail will make a big transformation for the good of the people and economy.

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