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5 Reasons why people look for apartments for sale in Hurghada

Being the 3rd largest city and the major touristic center in Egypt, Hurghada has become a hot spot for both Egyptian citizens and expats alike. By the end of the 20th century, Hurghada has been known to be the international city of Egypt where major worldwide conferences along with international matches have been taken place. Since then the world’s attention has been brought to Hurghada. It has become the favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. The city has witnessed a major transformation in terms of development and infrastructure. The demand for Hurghada properties has massively increased. Apartments for rent in Hurghadahave been remarkably required by the major tourism companies to satisfy the needs of their clients.

By the beginning of the 21st century, Hurghada has also become a great place for businessmen to invest their money and establish new businesses. This has opened the room for much manpower to move in there and establish a new life. By the time the city has become, not only a major touristic center in Egypt but also one of the most desirable living destinations there. Many local citizens have started looking for flats for sale in Hurghada to move in and settle there. The youth along with the singles usually prefer small and cheap apartments for sale in Hurghada, which can be found in areas such as Al Kawthar and Sherry streets.

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Hurghada Apartments for sale

Where to find Hurghada’s most adequate flat for sale?

On the other hand, married people prefer looking for a roomy apartment for sale in Hurghada where they can find comfort and tranquility. Such Hurghada Apartments for sale could be found in El Dahar district, El Kawthar Street, and El Mamsha district.

Hurghada apartment for sale varies in space, location and price to suit the different needs of homebuyers. Usually, studios in Hurghada are the smallest and the cheapest; the average price of a studio apartment for sale in Hurghada is 90,000 EGP. Both duplexes and penthouses are bigger and much expensive than the studios. The average price of a penthouse/duplex for sale in Hurghada is 500,000 EGP.

Finally, if you look for a flat for sale in Hurghada log in to and select the best property that suits your needs, and contact the broker directly to set an appointment to sign the contract.