Zoya Ghazala Bay: Complete Privacy in Sabbour’s Latest North Coast Projects

Complete privacy, luxurious, modern buildings, and sea view is what makes a perfect summer resort, right? This is exactly what you will find in Zoya resort in Ghazala Bay, and dare we say, even more!

Landmark Sabbour Developments is the company behind Zoya Ghazala Bay. You may know them from their previous developments, Garden Hills project in 6th of October City and Amwaj in the North Coast. With the help of I.El Habrouk Architects, all residential units are completely secluded and private, and each unit has a direct sea view. If you’re interested in getting your property in Zoya, read on for the full report on the most important information regarding the compound.

Zoya Ghazala Bay Location and Area

Zoya is located on the 142nd kilometers on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It takes up an area of 60 acres, with a depth of 625 meters, and a beach that is 425 meters wide.

Facilities and Services in Zoya Ghazala Bay

Zoya offers all facilities and accommodations that make your life easy and more enjoyable whether main facilities or entertainment services. Some of the best facilities and services offered are as follows:

  • A Gym and Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Gourmet Supermarket
  • Several Entertainment Services
  • A Luxurious Hotel with 380 Rooms
  • Artificial Waterfalls
  • Artificial Lakes (Lagoons)
  • Swimming Pools
  • A Large Sports Court
  • A Mosque
  • Bicycle Tracks
  • Kids Area
  • 24-Hour Security

Zoya Ghazala Bay Residential Unit Areas

Zoya resort has about 400 residential units that vary in type and area. Their areas are between 103 square meters and 375 square meters.

Thanks to being built on different levels, most units boast a sea view. As for direct views, Chalets and Junior Twin Houses have a direct lake view, while Senior Twin Houses and Standalone Villas have a direct sea view, and the first row is built above sea level to give the units complete privacy.

Residential Unit Area Classification:

  • Chalets (Ground floor, First Floor, and Second Floor): areas are between 103 square meters and 205 square meters
  • Junior Twin House: its area is 238 square meter
  • Senior Twin House: its area is 308 square meters
  • Standalone Villas: areas are between 340 square meters (with garden) and 375 square meters (with garden and swimming pool)

Residential Unit Prices in Zoya Ghazala Bay

Prices vary according to facilities an area of the residential units. Prices are as follows:

  • Chalets: prices start from EGP 3,750,000
  • Junior Twin Houses: prices are between EGP 7,500,000 and EGP 9,500,000
  • Senior Twin Houses: prices are between EGP 12,500,000 and EGP 14,000,000
  • Villas with a Garden (375 square metres): prices start from EGP 17,000,000 and go up to EGP 20,000,000
  • Villas with a Garden and a Swimming Pool (340 square meters): prices are between EGP 32,000,000 and EGP 34,000,000

All units are delivered with deluxe finishing and air conditioners.

You can also find properties available through our website right here.

Payment Methods and Delivery in Zoya Ghazala Bay

You can pay a 15% down payment, then pay the rest as installments for 6 years. Units will be delivered by March 2022.

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