Spend a Wonderful Time at Family Park

No more outings at indoor places and malls, it’s time for some fresh air. Wondering where you can enjoy an outing outdoors? Family Park in Cairo, Egypt, is the ultimate destination to have an incredible day out. 

You will find various options to spend your time the way you love. Just get ready for an outstanding and memorable experience at this marvelous park. It will be your favourite place from now on!  

Family Park New Cairo


It’s located at 26 km Suez Road, Rehab City Entrance 2, New Cairo. 

Family Park’s location is easily accessible from different spots. It’s nestled between Rehab City and New Cairo to reach it effortlessly. 

Facilities and Services 

The park includes all the amenities that make your day comfortable and hassle-free. Anything that pops to your mind is just here with top services to spend a time like no other. 

  • Food court 
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafes 
  • Kids playing area 
  • Zoo 
  • Military panorama
  • Museum 
  • Water features 
  • 3D cinema
  • Safari park 
  • Courts 
  • Theaters 
  • Entertainment village 
  • Dancing fountain 
  • Lakes 
  • Parking
  • Walking lanes. 
Family Park

Family Park Ticket 

The ticket’s prices at Family Park differ according to the age and week days. Adults and kids over 4 years old should get tickets, while kids below 4 years enjoy a free entry. 

  • Thursday and Friday: 70 EGP 
  • Sunday to Wednesday: 60 EGP.

Things to Do in Family Park 

With no doubts, you’ll have an unforgettable time at Family Park where many interesting facilities are available. 

Whether you want an energetic program or just a relaxed one, we gathered all the options for you. Get ready for a long cool list of activities at Family Park for an unprecedented experience. 

1. Spend a Day Use at Tolip Hotel, El Rehab

Are you searching for a good hotel for a staycation inside Cairo? Tolip Family Park Hotel in Cairo is the suitable choice for an outstanding staycation without the hassle of traveling outside the city. 

At this iconic hotel, you can enjoy a day’s use with friends or family to disconnect from your daily routine. Not just that, you can relish the facilities of the park too for a memorable experience. 

Tolip Hotel, El Rehab

Hotel Prices

One room per night: 1,721 EGP. 

Hotel Facilities 

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Gym 
  • Spa
  • Pool 
  • Restaurant 
  • Free parking. 

2. Plan for a Picnic with Friends/Family 

Don’t you miss the old picnics that we used to have when we were kids? Who doesn’t! Here’s where you can go for a joyful picnic; it’s Family Park! It is the ideal location to enjoy time with friends or family among the mesmerizing green areas.   

Besides, you’ll have a playful time by bringing card games, dominos, and surely eating some snacks; this is the perfect combo for a cool picnic! 

Family Park Cairo

3. Have Your Wedding Photo Shoot 

If you are about to get married and haven’t decided yet where to have your wedding photo session, surely Family Park is the perfect choice. 

The beautiful trees and astonishing water features make the whole setting breathtaking. You’ll have fabulous shots on your special and most awaited day!  

Family Park Wedding


The photo session’s price is 1500 EGP 

  • Just 6 individuals allowed not including the photographer
  • The photographer should have only one camera.

4. Go Cycling Among the Green Landscapes 

They say 4 wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul. That is why cycling is a nice idea especially at Family Park. 

Riding your bike in the fresh air away from the cars is really pleasing. Prepare your bike, call your friends, and let the fun begin! 

5. Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday 

If you’re wondering where you can celebrate your kid’s birthday, then Family Park is a suitable spot. 

It’ll be a full day celebration where your little one will spend the whole day playing with his/her friends. Your kid won’t forget this one ever; it’ll be the best! 

Family Park Activities

6. Enjoy a Night Out by the Lake 

After a long heavy day at work, dining out would be great, isn’t it? Family Park brings you the Lake Restaurant, where you can have an unblemished dining outing without driving to the Nile side; awesome!

At this nice restaurant, you will relish a nice meal by the water’s view under a sky full of stars. It is a flawless night out!

7. Attend a Live Concert 

Family Park hosts many concerts for many recognizable singers and bands. You will enjoy watching and listening to your favourite singer while dancing and singing with friends in the open air; it can’t be more perfect! 

Check their upcoming ones and call your concert partner to get ready for an exciting experience! 

8. Watch the Animals at the Zoo 

Seeing the wild animals closely is a rare opportunity that you can’t find easily. However, you’ll find different species of animals at the stunning Family Park. 

You can bring your kids to see the animals that they’ve known only in the books to finally watch them in real life. Don’t forget your camera to take a picture of your child with his/her favourite animal.  

9. Visit Family Park’s Historical Museum

Family Park is bringing the museum to your doorstep. If you love history or want to let your little ones know more about their ancestors, then you should visit the historical museum at Family Park. 

Touring the museum is exciting, to know more about the great and matchless Egyptian history. I’m sure you’ll know new fascinating information and facts about the Pharaonic civilization that never stops surprising us!

Historical museum


The museum entrance fee is 20 EGP/person. 

10. Watch a 3D Movie 

We all love watching movies at the cinemas, but have you tried watching a 3D movie before? If you haven’t, then you should try it at Family Park cinema or you’ll be missing out on great enjoyment. 

It’s like you’re inside the movie, not just watching a video, and surely don’t forget the salted popcorn! 


3D cinema ticket price starts from 20 EGP.

Family Park Cinema

Family Park Opening Hours 

Family Park Rehab welcomes you at the following opening hours: 

  • 9 am – 10 pm. 

Contact Information

  • Family Park numbers: 01159661880/ 01159661881.

At Family Park Rehab City, you will spend quality time like never before. Call your family and friends for a memorable outing. Don’t waste more time in closed areas; it’s time to relish nature at Family Park.

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