Your Guide to the Best Resorts in Marsa Matrouh in 2019

Marsa Matrouh may be a bit too far from Cairo, as it is 445 kilometers away, which is about a 5 hour drive. Yet, it is totally worth it, because of its amazing sandy beaches, its beautiful clear water, and the tourist attractions there.

Let us help you find the best resort in Marsa Matrouh that fits you. Read on and find out all the details you might need.

Marsa Matrouh

1. Porto Matrouh (Amer Group)

Surely one of the best Marsa Matrouh resorts. Porto Matrouh by Amer Group boasts a prime location on the Meditterranean Sea, and it stands out thanks to the vibrant colors of its buildings, and the characteristic designs that are common in all Porto resorts.

  • Location: it is located nearby El-Gharam Bay, 20 minutes away from Marsa Matrouh International Airport.
  • Facilities and Services: Hotel Apartments, A Private Beach, International Restaurants and Cafes, Papa Porto Festivals, A Mall, Swimming Pools, Water Activities, Aqua Porto (Aqua Park), Apartment Rental ServiceApartment sale prices in Porto Matrouh start from EGP 600,000 with an area of 50 square meter

The average apartment rent price in Porto Matrouh is EGP 500 a night for an area of 50 square meters, and the prices reach EGP 1200 or more for chalets with an area of 80 square meters with a garden.

Porto Matrouh

2. Laspero Matrouh

Looking for a chalet directly facing the beach? Then Laspero is the right resort for you! 

  • Location: it is located at the Agiba Beach in Matrouh
  • Services and Facilities: Swimming Pools, A Hotel, Aqua Park, Spa and Gym. Sports Courts, A Mosque

Apartment sale prices start from EGP 260,000 for an area of 60 square meters. Chalet prices start from EGP 320,000 for an area of 75 square meters.

Laspero Matrouh

3. Blue Beach Marsa Matrouh

  • Location: it is located directly at the White Beach (Al Abyad Beach)
  • The average sale price for apartments there is EGP 400,000 for an area of 90 square meters.

4. Al Andalusia Marsa Matrouh

Al Andalusia is one of the most popular resorts in Marsa Matrouh Egypt for its special prices and its amazing location in Ras Alam El-Rum.

  • Location: it is located in Ras Alam El-Rum in Marsa Matrouh, close to the new Rumeil Beach.
  • Services and Facilities: A Swimming Pool at the Beach, Water Games, A Swimming Pool for Women, Music Concerts at the Lake.
  • The average chalet sale price is EGP 300,000 with an area of 65 square meters, and the prices reach up to EGP 600,000 for chalets that are located on the beach with an area of 80 square meters.
Al Andalusia Marsa Matrouh

5. Agiba Bay Marsa Matrouh

  • Location: it is located in Marsa Matrouh at Agiba area.
  • Services and Facilities: A 2 kilometers long Beach, Swimming Pools, Aqua Park, Artificial Lakes, A 4Star Hotel, Restaurants, Sports Courts, A Mall
Agiba Beach - Marsa Matrouh, Egypt

6. Pharaonic Resort Marsa Matrouh

The Pharaonic Resort is one of the best places if you want to spend your vacation at Marsa Matrouh.

  • Location: it is located on Al-Gharam Beach.
  • Services and Facilities: A Private Beach, Kids’ Games, Restaurants and Cafes.
  • The resort only offers properties for rent, and the prices start from EGP 600. The prices may vary depending on the season, and there may be special sales on rent. The prices include open buffet breakfasts and dinners.
Pharaonic Resort Marsa Matrouh

7. Long Island Resort Marsa Matrouh

  • Location: the resort has  unique location on Rumeil Lake.
  • Services and Facilities: Swimming Pools, Stores, A 4Star Hotel, Aqua Park, A Mall, A Club House, A Central Shower, Security, Club Houses
  • The average chalet sale price is EGP 1,000,000 with an area of about 87 square meters.
Long Island Resort Marsa Matrouh

8. Marseilia Alam Al-Rum

  • Location: it is located in Marsa Matrouh on the Rumeil Beach in Alam Al-Rum area.
  • Services and Facilities: Hotel Services, Swimming Pools, A Sports Courts Area, A Restaurant Area, Green Areas, General Maintenance, Mosques, Aqua Park, A Children’s Club, Security
  • The average chalet sale price is EGP 400,000.
Marsilia Alam Al-Rum

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