Best Universities in New Capital City

If you’re searching for the best universities in the New Capital, then this article is a perfect guide for you. The New Administrative Capital offers you the top international universities with numerous fields of study.

We have gathered the most recognized universities there, with all the details you might need. Check below to take the first step in your new chapter! 

universities in New Capital Egypt

1. Universities of Canada in Egypt

You don’t have to go live in Canada to get a good education during your undergraduate years. This is because Universities of Canada is now opening in Egypt! 

You can apply at Canada’s top universities in the New Capital to have an elite higher education. 

It offers you the best schooling experience with the most effective learning techniques. Besides, it provides you unique programmes and courses, introducing you to new fields. 

universities in New Administrative Capital Egypt


It’s located on the Regional Ring Road, New Administrative City, Cairo, Egypt. 


Here are the faculties you can join at the Universities of Canada: 

  • Computer Science and Mathematics 
  • Sustainable Design Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship.


The admission process is very easy. Here are the steps:

  1. You should fill the online application 
  2. Then you should scan the required documents and upload them. 
  3. You should pay the application fee which is $100, whether at the campus or at the bank 
  4. Finally, submit your application after finishing the above steps. Just make sure to enter your active email so they can reach you easily. 

Contact Information

Hotline: 16838

2. British Coventry University

The British Coventry University is in Egypt for the first time! It’s a partnership between El Sewedy Education and Coventry University in the UK. 

At this remarkable one, you will have a high quality education as this is their main goal. Besides, all the latest facilities that you might need are supported, making your experience more effective and effortless. 

In addition, you will get the same degree and certificate as those who are studying in the UK. This helps you find more opportunities in the Egyptian market and abroad too! 

British Coventry University


It’s located in the Knowledge Hub, New Capital City, Cairo, Egypt


Find below the numerous fields of study featured in the British Coventry University.

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical and Electronic)
  • Mass Communication
  • Computer Science 
  • Graphic Design
  • Business and Human Resources Management
  • Digital Media 
  • Business and Marketing 
  • Business Administration
  • Civil Engineering
  • Psychology 
  • Computing
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • Computer Science 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security.


Check the following steps to know how to apply:

  1. You should sign up through their website to have an account, so you can fill the online application
  2. Once you fill the online form, you should scan and upload the required documents 
  3. You should pay the admission fee which is EGP 1200
  4. You can pay them online and then submit your application.

Required Documents 

  • Certificate of completing highschool (for the pre-admission, you can submit the certificate of the latest school year)
  • IELTS certificate with 5.0 overall minimum score 
  • Computerized official copy of the student’s birth certificate 
  • A copy of the student’s passport and national ID
  • 2 photos passport size 
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • For males, 2 and 6 military forms
  • If you’re applying for Design or Media colleges, you should submit a portfolio.

Contact Information

Hotline: 19940

3. The European University in Egypt

The European University is a promising one among the new universities in the New Capital, Egypt. You are supported with the best facilities and services to make your educational process much easier and effective. 

In addition, it features the supreme universities in Europe that include rare and unique fields of study. Bringing this to Egypt allows you to discover distinct specializations whatever the department you will join. 

At the European University in Egypt, you can easily have your dream education without the hassle of travelling abroad. 

The European University in Egypt


It’s located in the New Capital City, Cairo, Egypt. 

The Head Office is located on the 5th floor, Boomerang Building, Road 90 North, 5th settlement, Cairo, Egypt.


Find below the matchless faculties available in the European University in Egypt.

  • Economics
  • Economics and Politics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Economics and Finance 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Motorsports Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines 
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering 
  • Energy Engineering 
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering and Pilot Studies.


  1. You should fill the online form through their website 
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with your application number, an invitation for the online exam, and the instructions of booking the admission session online
  3. After finishing your exam, you should submit the required documents to finish the application process. 

Required Documents

  • The student’s birth certificate (original copy)
  • Transcript of highschool grades  
  • A copy of the passport and the national ID of the student
  • Criminal record (official copy)
  • Valid IELTS certificate with the minimum score according to the required university
  • A proof of the passing score in the admission exam of the EUE.

Contact Information

Hotline: 16323

4. Hungarian University 

This one is suitable for you if you want a distinct university to join especially in the Applied Arts field. The Hungarian University is opening its first branch in the New Administrative City with various colleges. 

You will enjoy the learning process through their creative and updated teaching criteria as well as their friendly environment.

Besides, it features a library, dorms, sports area, conference halls, and commercial amenities with high-class standards.

It’s interesting to join such an open community where you can deal with different cultures and mindsets; this will enable you to develop on the personal level too.

Hungarian University


It’s located in the New Administrative Capital, Cairo, Egypt


Different colleges with top professors are here below to choose what suits you: 

  • Architecture 
  • Business Administration
  • Arts 
  • Engineering 
  • Mass Communication
  • Pharmacy
  • Political Science 
  • Information Technology.  

5. The German International University

The German educational system is one of the strongest and most effective programmes in Egypt. The GIU is the German International University in the New Capital; it features the latest curricula by its dedicated staff members. 

If you’re willing to apply at the Engineering college, the GIU is one of the most recommended universities in Egypt especially in this field.

It’s the GUC’s other branch;  if you’re living in the New Capital, this branch is a better option to avoid spending too much time on the road. You won’t regret choosing the GIU and will forever feel proud belonging to it! 

The German International University


It’s located on the Regional Ring Road, New Administrative Capital, Cairo, Egypt.


Here are the colleges you can enroll at there: 

  • Engineering
  • Informatics and Computer Science 
  • Design 
  • Business Administration
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology.


Find below the steps of applying to the GIU:

  1. You should fill the online application form to get your GIU application number 
  2. Once you fill it, an invitation for the admission test will be sent to you to reserve your online test
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the specified date and time of the test
  4. Then once you pass, you should submit your high school final grades to receive a studying offer from the GIU
  5. You should then pay the fee according to the detailed email they sent you.  
  6. After paying the down payment, you will have an English Language assessment test as a last step.

Contact Information

Mobile: 01273604747

6. University of Hertfordshire by GAF

How about taking your education in Egypt with a UK degree? This sounds great! You can get this opportunity through joining the University of Hertfordshire in the New Capital. 

Such an iconic university is hosted by the Global Academic Foundation. They aim to bring new, exciting, innovative, and multidisciplinary courses and programmes from the UK to Egypt. 

This makes it an unmissable chance to have a notable education through your university stage without leaving your city. 

University of Hertfordshire by GAF


It’s located in R5 New Garden City, New Capital, Cairo, Egypt.


  • Pharmacy 
  • Business
  • Computer Science 
  • Mass Communication
  • Creative Arts 
  • Physiotherapy.


  1. You should sign up on their website to have an account
  2. Once you sign up, you can fill the online application
  3. You should scan and upload the required documents 
  4. Then the admission fee should be paid which is EGP 1000; online payment is available
  5. You should submit the application to receive your application’s ID number 
  6. When your application is approved, they will send you a primary acceptance mail; subsequently, you can pay the down payment to ensure a place
  7. After completing the above steps, you should submit a hard official copy of the required documents at the university to be reviewed for the final acceptance 
  8. Once you’re accepted, the university will send you an email to pay the first semester’s fee. 

Required Documents 

  • Highschool certificate (official copy)
  • The recent scores for IELTS or TOEFL 
  • A copy of the national ID card or passport
  • The student’s birth certificate (original or copy)
  • A proof of completing 12 years of schooling (for IGCSE graduates, 11 years are accepted)
  • 4 photos of the student (passport sized)
  • For males, evidence of military status (Namozag 2 Gond)
  • For the transfer students, official transcript for each college/university attended, signed and sealed
  • A report of the medical status.

Contact Information

Hotline: 16192
Email: – 

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is bringing you the best universities to find the most suitable one for you. Choose the one where you can chase your passion and let this exciting chapter begin! 

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