Trending Paint Color Ideas 2020

It is said that eyes are windows to the soul and the more you expose your eyes to colors, the more your soul will be glowy, rich, and cheerful. Colors usually have a magical impact on how one feels; each one of them can deliver a certain message. It also boosts the mood naturally.

Having a little twist in your wall paintings allows you to experience an eye-catching transformation, that costs you nothing compared to other decoration ideas. 

If you are looking for the best home decor color trends in 2020, look no further than this article; it will provide you with all the information you need to catch up with the latest interior color trends.

Now, let’s get to know more about the trendy colors of the year in order to add some freshness when it comes to wall painting ideas.

Latest Color Trends 

  1. White

This color never goes out of date; it is always on the top of the palette as it fits all kinds of styles and adds more space to your narrow zones at home. 

One of the most remarkable trends in 2020 is to add a combination of white furniture along with white paints. The only different thing could be resembled in the accessories for a final touch. 

2. Classic Blue

It is definitely among the famous wall paint colors that will be trending this year. The good thing about this color is that it has lots of similar derivatives that give you the same impact as the navy blue and teal color. 

This color is the perfect choice for those who are seeking royalty, especially the ones who are attached to classical decorations.

3. Blush 

The color “Blush” will be seen in this year’s decorations a lot; it is a warm color that can go well with many other colors. That’s why shades of pink are not that dull; only give yourself some time to mix and match this color with other colors and you will be surprised by the results.

4. Hunter Green

One of the timeless colors that are ready to take over the stage in 2020, matching perfectly with light colors like off white. It also gives the same impact of masculine colors like saddle brown and navy blue.

5. Clay

Well, this color was trending in 2019 and it is still expected to pop up this year too; this makes it like a kind of an ongoing trend.

Inspired by mother earth, you will continue on seeing this color particularly as interior designers’ number one choice.

6. Burnt Orange

This color can be described as “fire on fire,” as one of the most famous pop songs in the 21st century says. 

It adds an energetic mood unless you are overusing it; in that case, it may be a little disturbing to the eye. That is why before deciding to use a certain color, you should learn how to use it well. 

For example, you can paint one wall with a burnt orange color and the rest of the walls, inside the room, can be painted with a lighter color for the sake of making it more appealing to the eye.

7. Peacock

Bold colors diluted by some greyish impact like off-black, charcoal, and peacock are among the trendy colors this year; only use them wisely to avoid tightening small areas.

In other words, don’t use dark shades in small rooms or, if it is necessary, you can use wallpapers with mixed colors that hold both dark and light shades.

8. Crystalline

It is a color introduced by an American company, called Benjamin Moore, that produces paint. Crystalline is highly recommended for those who love pastel colors, especially mint green and its derivatives.

9. Golden Straw

This color provides a sunny touch to your walls, yet with a lighter effect. If you are a big fan of bright colors, but you also need to add more simplicity, don’t hesitate to use this color.

10. Thunder

This is a color that reflects a sophisticated point of view! It is mainly used to add a sense of empowerment to your place.

Thus, it is a soothing color that arouses many questions about the future of interior design; for example: Can one color be eye-friendly and authentic at the same time? Yes, and you can easily discover the answer yourself through experience!

Trendy Colors For Different Home Sections

  1. Living Room Colors

For the living room colors 2020, you need a color that indicates your personality, especially because it is considered as the main room in which you spend most of your time—whether with your own family or guests.

Try using neutral colors like white, beige, light shades of yellow as golden straw, shades of grey color as thunder, off white, and also different shades of pastel colors.

In 2020, you may see a shift to rich dark colors: colors like royal blue, hunter green, Peacock, and powerful jewel tones.

2. Bedroom Colors

Usually, the bedroom is a place that provides the one with a soothing experience; you always go to your bedroom, expecting to relax or sleep. 

Colors like crystalline and mint green are a couple of best bedroom colors trending in 2020 and they are highly recommended for all of the people who seek uniqueness.

3. Kids’ Bedroom Colors

For kids’ bedroom paint ideas, try some fun punchy colors like shades of pink as blush color, shades of orange as burnt orange, shades of blue, and clay color with its different shades.

4. Kitchen Colors

Despite the size of your kitchen, you can use bold colors as greige, black, and some variations of green color.

If your kitchen is a little bit small, you can use warm neutral kitchen colors along with standard white wall color.

Finally, it is true that this year holds lots of variations in its color palette to an extent that makes you find exactly all that you are looking for; shout out to the people who enjoy the change because 2020 trends are created especially for you. 

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