Top Kitchen Decoration Ideas

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The kitchen is quite an essential part of our homes and if it’s not designed to soothe us while cooking, it will only be a source of unwanted stress. Add to that if you enjoy dining in your kitchen and you simply have to pay extra attention to your design choices! Treat it like you would any other part of the house and you won’t regret it. 

With that in mind, the choices are endless and that’s why Property Finder offers you the best of the best in modern kitchen design ideas.

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1. Walls

The entire tone of the kitchen starts with its walls; you need to start there and work your way to the remaining elements of the design so they complement each other. 

Here are a few kitchen wall ideas that will seriously transform the kitchen into your favorite hang-out spot!

Patterned Tiles

This classic kitchen wall decor idea never goes out of style. Tiles make great walls for your kitchen simply because they are easily cleaned than other options. And, let’s be honest, they also have a variety of awesome patterns you could go crazy for! 

Flowery patterns are cute kitchen decorating themes that really brighten up the area. You can go for pink and purple hues with white backgrounds, for example. Green is also a wonderful color to use in kitchens.

kitchen wall decor ideas

Monotonous Tiles

Sometimes you just want simplicity and a monotonous tile will do just that. The most popular color for plain kitchen wall tiles is white, which works really well with dark cabinets. On the other hand, any green shade is a perfect kitchen decorating idea with white cabinets. 

One of the major trends for kitchen design in 2020 is going for an all-white kitchen. Think white walls, cabinets, countertops, and just about everything else.

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Stone Veneer

Are you a fan of natural irregular-shaped stones? If so, stone veneer is your go-to wall design. They do give off a great outdoors feel! You don’t have to add it to the entire kitchen. 

It really does wonders with accent walls because they are the first thing you see. The remaining walls can be painted with a bold color like mustard yellow or a soothing greyish shade.

Faux Stone

This option is similar to stone veneer with differences in shape and the fact that they are much easier to install because they tend to be lighter.

kitchen stone wall


Since the visible part of your kitchen walls is usually not a large area, why not install marble designs to match your countertops? The classics are black and white marble patterns, so you can’t really go wrong with either. 

However, if you’re feeling more adventurous, look for colored marble patterns with shades of brown or green for a statement design!

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Covering the visible part of your wall with patterned wallpaper is among the greatest kitchen decorating ideas on a budget. Sometimes you do need a makeover for your kitchen but you just don’t currently have the budget for it. Wallpaper will completely transform the entire look and it’s inexpensive at that!

2. Cabinets

Now that you’ve taken care of the walls, the cabinets are the second most important item when designing your kitchen. You could say that the entire kitchen decor lies on the choice of the right cabinets. No pressure though!

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Wooden cabinets are the obvious choice and for good reason. They really bright up any room and with kitchens in which cabinets take up the entire area, they do give a trendy look that never fades. 

For tips on kitchen decorating ideas that go with wood cabinets, you should always keep in mind the contrast aspect. If you’re into light or medium-toned wood, maybe a patterned tile on the walls and a dark countertop will do the trick. On the other hand, the elegance of dark brown/black wood is perfect with white or light walls.

kitchen decorating ideas with wood cabinets


A lacquer finish to your kitchen cabinets is another one of those modern kitchen cabinet design ideas that gives a high-end look. You have the option to choose between a matte or glossy finish, and both are great options. 

When it comes to colors, a white glossy design is one of the most popular choices; however, trends have been heading towards more bold colors. Think eggplant purple, orange/red, shades of blue, or bright yellow! 

You will be surprised to know that black is making its way into modern kitchen design and the results are hauntingly beautiful. Black lacquer cabinets with black marble countertops, complemented with white ceilings and walls, is just picture perfect.

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3. Countertop

Your kitchen countertop is where all the action happens! Whether you’re slicing and dicing, preparing your cake batter, or gathering up your ingredients, the countertop gladly saves the day. So, what are the most feasible materials for it without sacrificing the decor?


Granite countertops give a sense of sophistication to your overall kitchen design, don’t you think? It’s a durable material and the go-to choice for most people. There are endless kitchen interior design ideas well-suited with granite countertops, so you are free to make your dream kitchen come true! 

When it comes to colors, it really is a personal preference. The great thing about granite is that there are endless possibilities for colors, so choose the one that best speaks to your personality.

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While marble countertops are more on the expensive side, they are worth it. They add an edge to the modern kitchen no other material can replace. Did you know that each marble sheet pattern is unique?


Are you into vintage kitchen decor? If so, soapstone is the best companion to your kitchen design. It is another natural stone that is usually dark grey in color. With time, it gives off this very attractive antique look.

vintage kitchen decor

Stainless Steel

When thinking about kitchen counter decor, durability must be taken into consideration, but you don’t want to sacrifice the overall look too. Stainless steel is an easy answer that balances both aspects. 

It is especially great if you’re into an industrial type of design for your kitchen or home. It is available easily and can be sized to your needs.

4. Floor

Much like the bathroom floor, this is a choice that will make your life easier or a lot harder! Make sure you choose a material that withstands constant movements and splashes of water and food here and there!

kitchen floor design ideas


The most basic choice and the most fun to choose from, ceramic or stone tiles bring about beauty to your kitchen floor. There’s a range of patterns and colors to choose from, so go wild!


Hardwood flooring is becoming a more and more popular ultra modern kitchen design in 2020. The appeal is obvious, because hardwood floors with its many shades easily match the rest of the kitchen beautifully.

kitchen floor design


If you’re looking for a relatively more affordable option, then laminate flooring is the way to go. Synthetic flooring imitates the effect of wood and ceramics, thanks to resin layers as well as fiberboard.

5. Ceiling

Your kitchen ceiling design can be anything you want really, much like any other room in the house. A white painted ceiling with statement lighting is pretty much the safest bet. 

However, for the daring ones, wooden beam work ceilings that match the cabinets are popular choices for a bit of architectural artistry. You can be going for an all-wooden kitchen decor theme there and you won’t regret it!

kitchen ceiling design

6. Dining Set

Do you enjoy dining in your kitchen? Sometimes it’s the best feeling ever, with the family gathered for breakfast or lunch around the kitchen table. Even if you have a small modern kitchen, there’s always room for a dining area if you design it just right.

Depending on the space you have in your kitchen, choose sleek modern kitchen furniture such as a foldable dining table with matching chairs for a great outcome. Pay attention to the size of the chairs, which can be stools that are easily stored under the table. 

Having the table in the center gives a defined finishing look to your kitchen, but you can always place it by a wall if you prefer a large space in the middle of the room.

kitchen dining set

7. Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are perfect for a large kitchen because they complete the entire design and there are a lot of perks that come along with it. Not only is it more counter space for when you’re cooking, but also it has extra storage underneath and works as a dining spot if you install some stools. 

Furthermore, designing your kitchen from scratch means you can implement some appliances within your kitchen island, whether it’s the sink, stove top, or built-in oven.

Another idea that’s proving very effective nowadays is hanging your pots and pans from the wall above your kitchen island. It’s your chance to freely plan your kitchen interior design ideas and have some fun with it!

kitchen island design

8. Storage

Storage space defines the whole purpose of the kitchen. We know all too well how kitchen supplies are a lot and if they’re not stored properly, chaos takes over! Luckily for you, here are a few tips to take into consideration when designing your storage space.

kitchen storage ideas

Open Storage

Shelves are your best friend when it comes to small kitchen decorating ideas. Try to make use of every space you can on the walls to install a few shelves. From pans or pots to plates and glasses, you will definitely find great use for them. 

It’s also a great idea to install hanging rods throughout your kitchen. For example, above the sink, above the kitchen island, above the stove, or on the wall under the top cabinets.

kitchen open storage

Hidden Storage

Smart hidden storage is all the hype these days. Think large cupboard-style cabinets with everything stored inside, so when you enter the kitchen it’s always tidy! The design of the inside of the cabinets is an interesting point too, because you want to make use of the space you have as much as possible. 

You could go for large deep drawers for the cabinets and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. This way you have the option to store anything inside, and you can even use dividers within the drawers if that suits your items more.

kitchen storage design

9. Appliances 

The go-to choice for kitchen appliances for most people planning a new kitchen is built-in designs. From your stove top, oven, microwave to your fridge and freezer, their measured spaces can be designed in the initial layout of the kitchen. 

Here’s a tip when you’re buying appliances, even the small ones like a kettle. Sticking to one color really compliments your kitchen and think about the contrast with your walls and cabinet colors. For example, black or dark cabinets is a cool kitchen decorating idea with white appliances.

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 10. Accessories

The final touches are the most interesting aspects in design, don’t you think? You will find that they liven up the kitchen greatly and really complete it.

Kitchen Decor Sets

Sets are a lovely way to enjoy the vibe of kitchen items. You could go for tea and coffee sets, tray sets, matching cooking utensils, matching pots and pans, kitchen towels, you name it!

kitchen accessories

Kitchen Table Decor

Your kitchen table needs some attention too! How about a patterned tablecloth or runner, and you can even choose it in plastic to be waterproof. And choose a statement vase as a kitchen table centerpiece.

kitchen table centerpieces

Wall Art

There’s a few kitchen wall art ideas that will really appeal to you and really bring out your personality in your kitchen design. How about hanging a few kitchen-themed artwork or using decor stickers on the walls?

They are perfect for a unique kitchen that’s strictly yours. You could even hang a notice board with all your favorite recipes and quotes.


Who says the kitchen floors can’t have a quirky rug to style it a bit? If you’re tired of your kitchen and would like to change things up without major makeovers, grab a colorful rug. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

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Cabinet Tops

Some kitchen cabinets are not designed all the way up to reach the ceiling, which means extra unused space. You can store items there that you don’t really use on a daily basis, or take the opportunity to add a decorative touch. 

You can use artificial plants to decorate that space or a few vases for a unique look. Decorating above kitchen cabinets is the final step for a stunning kitchen.

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Now are you ready to design your kitchen? You’re just a few easy steps away from having your perfect cooking haven.

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