Tips and Tricks for Small Apartment Design

Knock knock! If you are looking forward to owning your small apartment or studio and at the same time to feel like you are living in a spacious place, then you should read this article.

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Here are some tips and tricks for small house interior design brought to you meticulously to ensure an outstanding experience while planning out your small flat design.

Small apartment

1. Lighting Methodology

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great choice regarding modern small apartment design, skipping the necessity of occupying a floor space or even a table surface area. 

These tiny lightings avoid wasting spaces in small apartments, unlike chunkier table lamps. Sconces are also preferred as they can be plugged into the wall easily, without creating wiring issues.

Finally, they are so flexible to an extent that makes them swivel into many directions.

Wall Sconces

Where to Buy?

  • You can find several kinds of wall sconces at IKEA, starting from 179 to 1,799 EGP.
  • You can also find a wide range of elegant wall sconces at Tiffany Lighting.

Sunshine Effect

The right choice of window shades can easily provide a good amount of lighting. Welcoming sunlight into your small apartment can make your dark small corners appear wider than usual.

You can use either sheer curtains or roller blinds, with comfy light colors that can be easily included in small apartment interior design.

Where to Buy?

  • You can find both sheer curtains and roller blinds at Sedar.
Sheer curtains

Wall-mounted Lighting

Wall-hanged lighting, especially in the ceiling, has a powerful impact when it comes to saving floor space. 

One can still create a masterpiece without stuffing their small apartment; besides, it really provides an overall magnificent lighting system wherever it exists.

Where to Buy?

  • You can find your choice among classic, modern, and steel wall lighting at Kandil Egypt.
  • You can find them too at IKEA, with different colors and sizes.
Wall-mounted Lighting

2. Furniture Choice

Room dividers or Screens

Room dividers are no longer antiques; now it comes in many shapes and colors too. You can also pick up yours, depending on how specifically you want to use it. 

It is the perfect choice for small apartment decor that can be easily moved from one place to another, based on different requirements.

Where to Buy?

One of our favorite room dividers can be found at IKEA, costing 2,995 EGP.

Room dividers

Reflections Reflections Reflections!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how can I use you to make my apartment big instead of being small? 

Mirrors don’t only reflect light but it also creates an illusion for a further space when it comes to small flat decoration. Try to use them wisely, maybe one or two are enough unless you invest in them in a highly decorative way. For instance, you can play with the frame finish or you can surely alter their shapes and sizes too.

Where to Buy?

  • If you want a simple wall mirror, then you can visit IKEA. They have a wide range of mirrors, starting from 179 to 4,649 EGP.
  • You can also find amazing wall mirrors at Khattab Mirrors.
Wall Mirror

Keep Furniture off the Floor

Say bye bye to bulky sofas, no more furniture that keeps the vision hidden for highly-recommended decoration purposes. 

One of the most important tricks, concerning small apartment living room ideas, is that you should choose pieces of furniture situated high up off the floor. This trick will definitely provide you with more space and will give you a relaxed feeling. 

Where to Buy?

  • You can find a hundred choices for off-floor furniture at IKEA.
Furniture off the Floor

Divide Your Space with Your Furniture

Among the best small apartment decorating ideas is dividing spaces by furniture, which is the simplest one of them all. 

Yes, it is simple yet an effective way to save some space because many small apartments don’t have separate living rooms or dining rooms.

For example, you can create your own zone by using the back of your sofa as a wall.

Another brilliant idea is to use a bookcase as a separator between your bedroom and your living room.

Divide Your Space

Pick out Clear Furniture

Using pieces of furniture made of acrylic or glass can make your space look larger than usual. Try to get rid of the bulky wooden table and replace it with a shiny crystal clear glass or acrylic; you will definitely feel the difference.

Where to Buy?

You can find glass tables at IKEA.

Clear Furniture

Multi-tasking Furniture

This is so easy, if you have no room for too much furniture then you should look for a piece of furniture that can perform at least two functions. For example, try to look for a coffee table can also be turned to an office station.

Where to Buy?

Multi-tasking Furniture

Try out Murphy Beds

It is a bed that can be stored vertically against the wall so that you don’t feel stuck in your own thoughts for your tiny apartment design. 

Those kinds of beds save space without sacrificing comfort; that is why it will be the all-time perfect choice for ideal space-saving ideas for decoration.

Where to Buy?

You can find your perfect murphy bed on Amazon or you can visit IKEA.

Murphy Beds

3. Rugs and Carpets

Place a Rug over Your Carpet

Who doesn’t want to cover an unattractive floor with a catchy rug? I think no one, especially because this helps in defining your zones, knowing how and where to move inside your small apartment.

Try an Irregular Rug

As a matter of fact, too small or too big rugs can draw attention to how small your apartment can be. 

Don’t miss out on using an irregular rug such as a heart-shaped or cowhide one so as to create a flawless impact

Where to Buy?

  • IKEA has lots of colorful carpets and rugs, with different shapes and sizes. 
Irregular Rug

4. Space Division

Add Some Practical Shelves

Floating shelves can totally save a lot of space, as it can be placed on the wall under a windowsill or above doors, or it can even be used as a separate TV cabinet.

Moreover, it can be a place for a special photo frame or storage boxes, and you may leave a few shelves open in order to create an illusion of emptiness in cluttered rooms.  

These ideas can also be used as storage ideas for small studio apartments.

Where to Buy?

  • All kinds of shelves can be found at IKEA, so you can choose the thing that can suit your style.
Floating shelves

Use Your Space Vertically

If you want to maximize your storage while minimizing the use of floor space then you should try going vertical.

It is not necessary to redesign bookcases in order to fit the idea of going vertically instead, you can use a nightstand or a floor table as a bookcase.

Floating Design Trend

Floating designs make eyes travel all the way through empty spaces, without even noticing inconsistency. 

For small apartment space saving ideas, try out floating shelves in the living room or even floating living room units. You can also use a floating sink in the bathroom and some people also love the idea of a floating bed.

Unclutter Your Apartment Regularly

This is a general tip, but it is worth tackling with respect to small flat decoration ideas.

Every now and then you should reconsider the importance of your own possessions, what should be kept and what is no longer used anymore. 

Rethink Unused Spaces

Dead spaces are everywhere around us; take time to unpack stored items and try to redesign your area as to be used in the most effective way. Think about unused corners along with empty walls; you are going to be surprised about the number of ideas!

5. Wall Paintings

Paint Walls White

Looking for a wider, brighter place that can fit your small flat design ideas?

White walls, without any doubt, can reflect all the colors, leaving your space expanded like never before. 

Among all small apartment color ideas, white will always be the best one of them.

White walls

Incorporate Splashes of Bright Color

It is widely known that both dark and bright colors tend to overwhelm tiny places. On the other hand, you can place an energetic color as a sort of a splash on the wall. 

These splashes provide a guide throughout the normal visual tour of the eye, making the room appear larger.

Bright Color

Choose Your Decor Palette Wisely – Light Color Palette

Light colors usually open things back up, providing the eye with a wider vision. Try to choose your color palette wisely, focusing on lighter shades like, for example, pastel colors. 

You can also add at least one darker color to make sure that things will stay visually interesting.

Where to Buy?

When it comes to wall paintings, then Jotun is highly recommended, where you can find literally all your dream colors.

pastel colors.

Hanging Artworks

If you don’t want to add holes in the walls, then you can put your choice of artworks on the shelf or you can place it on the dresser too. This trick will definitely provide your space with energetic vibes that will add some freshness to your apartment. 


6. Storage Solutions

Creative Storage Solutions

Thinking about storage ideas while planning for small flat interior design has been the concern of many people. 

If you can store items without wasting too much space, then you’ve cut the long story short. It is quite common to store under the bed, but the new invention is to store under the bedroom floor. Isn’t that hilarious? Maybe, yet it is a very smart idea of using empty space.

Another creative idea is to use stairs for storage, it one of the most popular trends nowadays. 

Finally, you can also add a special drawer to your small apartment kitchen decor and use it as a laptop holder, in case you need to work from the kitchen.

Where to Buy?

  • You can easily find storage units, boxes, bags, and cases at IKEA.

7. Dining Place

No More Traditional Dining Tables

Regarding small apartment dining room ideas, one can add a hand-crafted shelf table as a replacement to the whole dining room especially if there is no room for it.

hand-crafted shelf table

8. Kitchen

Using Kitchen Tools in an Artistic Way

You might use kitchen utensils to be hung on the wall in an artistic way. Setting a knife or two against the wall would be a great idea, especially if you are willing to match their colors together.

Using Kitchen Tools in an Artistic Way

Decorative Lighting

When you think about decorative lighting, bearing in mind that it is better to use bright colors instead of dark ones, this will definitely open up your kitchen. 


Keep Your Kitchen Green

Green plants can surely give a wider impact to your kitchen, so don’t hesitate to try it on!

Where to Buy?

  • Everything related to the kitchen, you can find it on IKEA.

9. Bathroom 

When it comes to the very small house decorating ideas especially for the bathroom, here are 10 tips that should be done in order not to waste space:

1. Use mirrors

2. Use floating shelves and cabinets

3. Use a hanger for your towels

4. Use simple accessories

5. Store things smartly

6. Use neutral wall colors

7. Choose a glass shower door

8. Merge between the function and the form

9. Use round-shaped sinks

10. Try to build a little storage nook outside the bathroom.

Where to Buy?

Perfect bathroom furniture and accessories can be found at IKEA.

Finally, we hope that you will not face trouble with having smart interior design for small apartments later on. Whenever you need any inquiry, just visit Property Finder in order to know more about small apartment design ideas.

If you are looking for your small apartment to decorate, look no more! Find your cozy little apartment at Property Finder.

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