Best Things to Do in Hurghada

Are you thinking about enjoying your winter break in Hurghada? If yes, you have made the best choice indeed. Hurghada is surely worth visiting and among the charming cities not only in Egypt but also worldwide. 

It has a distinct nature thanks to its iconic location by the Red Sea. This article includes a full list of the best things to do in Hurghada so keep reading. 

Best Things to Do in Hurghada

1. Stroll Along a Beautiful Beach 

When in Hurghada, even strolling along the beach at the hotel feels different. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration as Hurghada’s coast is lined with the most beautiful mountains you will ever see. 

This chain of colourful mountains by the sparkling Red Sea waters will leave you in awe. That’s why one of the top things to do during your holiday in Hurghada is chilling at the beach while sipping a refreshing juice.

Besides, it’s among the free things to do in Hurghada so don’t miss it. 

Best Beaches 

  • Mahmya Beach Protected (free entry)
  • Steigenberger Aldau Beach: EGP 1,785/night for two 
  • Stella Di Mare Makadi Bay: EGP 2,458/night for two
things to do in Hurghada

2. Go on a Boat Trip to Giftun Island

How about escaping the shores to spend some quality time on an incredibly beautiful island? This sounds amazing; you can enjoy this through going on a boat trip to Giftun Island. 

This hidden gem in Hurghada is famous for being home to unique kinds of fish and colourful corals. On this trip across the sea, you will enjoy the sounds of nature while viewing mesmerising sceneries.

You shouldn’t miss snorkelling in such an outstanding spot; it has clear and bright waters, enabling you to see stunning coral reefs and marine animals. You might be lucky enough to witness the cute dolphins too.


  • Giftun Island: Hurghada’s east side in the Red Sea
  • Giftun Island Red Sea (company): El Kawsar, Hurghada, Red Sea


The boat trip: Starting EGP 400/person (including lunch and snorkelling) with Giftun Island Red Sea

Opening Hours 

7 am – 6 pm 

Contact Information


things to do in Hurghada

3. Dive Around the Carless Reefs

If you haven’t tried diving yet, you’re missing a lot of thrill and fun. Hurghada is the optimum place to experience such an interesting activity and feel the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

Carless Reefs is one of the best areas for diving in the city. It’s home to an abundance of distinct coral reefs and marine creatures. You will see the depths of the one-of-a-kind Red Sea like never before.

For beginners, the diving instructor will tell you all the rules before diving; besides, they are going to accompany you under the water too, so no worries. 

Diving Star Centre Location

It’s located on street 107, Hurghada 2, Red Sea, Egypt. 


It starts from EGP 805/person.

Contact Information

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4. Ride a Quad Bike on a Desert Safari 

The desert in Hurghada is as beautiful as its sea; going on a desert safari is among the most interesting activities in this city. You will enjoy a tour in the middle of the stunning yellow desert while being surrounded by the colourful mountains of Sinai.

You can go on a quad bike or a 4×4 according to your preference. In addition, you’ll experience the bedouin lifestyle and taste their mouthwatering food. 

The desert safari is among the unmissable trips to do while in Hurghada, Egypt. 


Desert safari: Average price EGP 410/person (Viator website)

things to do on holiday in Hurghada

5. Enjoy Snorkelling 

Snorkelling is another exciting activity through which you can see the beauty underwater. It has no specific techniques or rules so the whole family can enjoy it. 

You will see varying sizes of fish, turtles, and even coral reefs. You are going to feel mesmerised while viewing those friendly creatures closely. All you need to bring are goggles to start exploring this hidden world. 

It’s surely among the thrilling activities that you can do in Hurghada.

Best Snorkelling Spots 

  • Giftun Island 
  • Orange Bay Island
  • Makadi Bay


Snorkelling trip: EGP 640/person (Giftun Island Red Sea) 

top things to do in Hurghada

6. Ride a Camel 

Riding camels is so interesting and unique. You will feel excited and impressed while sitting on its back and watching the views. 

Besides, it’s a joyful activity especially in Hurghada; you can ride it on the sea shore which doubles the enjoyment. There are also camel riding trips in the desert so you can enjoy a full bedouin atmosphere. 

In case you’re going with your family, your kids will love experiencing such a thing. Don’t forget to take lovely pictures on its back or next to it.


Camel riding trip: Starting EGP 280/person (including quad biking ride, on Viator website)

things to do in Hurghada for families

7. Go to Hurghada Grand Aquarium 

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is a must-see spot. It’s among the largest aquarium galleries in the Arab world. You will enjoy seeing different marine animals and creatures in about 24 different galleries. 

Besides, it’s a good chance to know more about the Red Sea’s nature and its inhabitants. You might meet with colourful Clown fish, sharks, dolphins, and many others.

Not just that, at this outstanding destination, you can make it more thrilling by feeding the sharks as they offer you such an exhilarating activity. 

You will enjoy sightseeing in Hurghada and have a joyful time at this gem. 


It’s located on Villages road, Km 12, Hurghada, Red Sea. 

Top Attractions

  • Underwater Tunnel
  • Mini Zoo
  • Rainforest 
  • FreshWater Aquarium


For Egyptians:

  • EGP 275/person 
  • EGP 138/kid 

For tourists:

  • $32/person 
  • $16/kid

Note: Kids below 4 years old have free entry.

Opening Hours 

9 am – 7 pm

Contact Information 


8. Go to Sea Sand City 

Have you ever been to a sand city? If you didn’t, it’s time now. Sea Sand City is among the best places to visit in Hurghada. This destination is the only open air and sand sculptures museum in Africa and the Middle East. 

You will enjoy seeing the various shapes of sculptures by distinct artists. Besides, every piece has a different cultural background so you will feel the beauty of the different civilizations. 

A lot of fun is waiting for you at such a top tourist attraction in Hurghada.


It’s located on El Nasr road, Hurghada, Red Sea. 


Average ticket price: EGP 230/person 

Opening Hours 

9 am – 5 pm 

Contact Information 


free things to do in Hurghada

9. Enjoy the Water Slides at Jungle Aqua Park 

Who says no to visiting a cool water park full of astonishing slides and water games? None, of course! Jungle Aqua Park is one of the unique aqua parks in Hurghada where you will have unlimited joy.  

It’s home to up to 36 different slides and aqua games which suit all ages; besides, all the services and amenities that you need are supported.

Jungle Aqua Park is the supreme place to spend a day full of amusing moments and entertainment. Undoubtedly, going to this spot should be among the fun things to do in Hurghada.


It’s located in Jungle Aqua Park hotel, Ismailia-Hurghada road, Hurghada. 


One day pass: EGP 650/person (including lunch and beverages)

Opening Hours 

10 am – 5 pm

Contact Information 


best things to do in Hurghada Egypt

10. Visit Hurghada Marina Boulevard 

One of the cool things to do in this charming city is going to Hurghada Marina Boulevard. 

It’s where you can enjoy a walk along the marina, have a cup of coffee, or shop by the stunning views of the Red Sea.

You will find many things to do at Hurghada Marina during the day and at night as it has a vibrant atmosphere all day long.  

Besides, in case you’re travelling with your partner and looking for a romantic thing to do in Hurghada, visiting this unique destination is a nice option. 


It’s located at New Marina Saqla Square, Hurghada.


  • Shop at the cool boutiques 
  • Dine at top restaurants 
  • Watch a 7D movie in the cinema 
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee under the shinning stars
things to do in Hurghada marina

11. Ride the Sindbad Submarine

Last but not least, riding the Sindbad submarine is a must before leaving Hurghada. It’s another thrilling way of exploring the underwater world but without getting wet. 

In the submarine, you will see colourful fish, maybe a turtle too. It’s a perfect thing to do in Hurghada for families as you can take your little ones too without any worries. 


It’s located in Sindbad 1 club, Mohamed Said street, Hurghada. 


  • For Adults: EGP 627/person
  • For Kids: EGP 314/kid

Opening Hours 

9 am – 2 pm 

Contact Information 


12. Enjoy Stargazing  

Watching the stars is a matchless experience which you should try. Fortunately, you can enjoy stargazing in Hurghada; this owes to its clean atmosphere, enabling you to see the clearest vision of the stars and moon. 

During this trip, you will head to the desert with 4×4 cars; besides, there will be a telescope so you can see the sky’s beauty closely.

You can be lucky enough to see a falling star, but don’t forget to make a wish. 


The trip is for EGP 486/person (on Viator website).

Hurghada things to do and see

13. Try Kitesurfing 

Hurghada is the best place when it comes to water activities; kitesurfing is among the thrilling ones you can enjoy there. It’s so much fun to slide over the waves while standing on a board and holding a kite-like part for navigation.

If it’s your first time, they offer learning courses so no problem. Let the enjoyment begin and go kitesurfing. 

Magic Kite Hurghada 

It’s located in Hotel Grand Seas Resort, 14 El Nasr Road, Hurghada. 


Tools rental: Starting EGP 891/person for 2 hours 

Contact Information 

01004049406 (calls and Whatsapp)

fun things to do in Hurghada

14. Experience Windsurfing  

Here is one more exhilarating thing to do in this stunning city. This cool activity is like riding a sailing boat but in a manual way. You will be standing on a board while holding the sail to direct yourself. 

In addition, trying it in the Red Sea is a perfect idea thanks to its calm and steady nature. It’ll be an unforgettable memory undoubtedly. 


Tools rental: Starting EGP 180/person for an hour (Magic Kite Hurghada)

Hurghada top attractions

15. Spend a Day at the Bedouin Village 

Have you ever thought about how the bedouin life looks like? If you’re curious about it, then you should visit the Bedouin Village. 

You will taste their one-of-a-kind flatbread and tea which are prepared in their very own way. Not just that, you are going to witness the most charming sunset view while barbecuing. 

It’s a matchless trip that you won’t find except here in Hurghada so hurry up and book yours. 


The Bedouin Village trip is for EGP 486/person (including quad biking) on Trip Advisor.

best places to visit in Hurghada

16. Head to Orange Bay

On your holiday, enjoying some tranquillity and peacefulness is a must to recharge. The best way to do so is heading to Orange Bay. This hidden gem is the optimum place to chill by the dazzling shores of the Red Sea. 

It’s located in the middle of the sea, allowing you to relish the clear turquoise waters. You can snorkel, stroll along the floating bridge, or take nice shots on the sea-swing. 


The Orange Bay trip is for EGP455/person on Viator website.

romantic things to do in Hurghada

Hurghada city is full of stunning things to do and see. You will have fun at every corner and make beautiful memories with your beloved ones. Plan your program now and relish some quality time. 

You can not only come to Hurghada on holidays but also enjoy a long stay; check the properties for sale in Hurghada on Property Finder to stay as long as you want. 

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