Top Things to Do in Dahab

Have you been hearing about Dahab and want to know more about the activities there? You found the right article then! Dahab trip is the perfect break from the crowded city and its noise. 

We made a full guide for you to know more about the interesting and fun things to do in Dahab, Egypt. You will book your trip directly, after finishing this article! 

1. Swimming at the Blue Hole and Three Pools

The Blue Hole and Three Pools are the best and top recommended places to visit in Dahab. Once you get there you will feel like you’re in a piece of heaven on Earth. 

The water is in different shades of blue with the Red Sea mountains, making for a stunning scenery. Besides, you can dive with your friends there as it’s one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Dahab. It’s an incredible experience! You’ll have so much fun.  


Blue Hole and Three Pools trip price is 645 EGP/person (including transportation from hotel and lunch).

Places to visit in Dahab

2. Off-Roading in Dahab’s Desert 

Have you ever tried going off-road? If you didn’t, you should give it a try in Dahab. You will drive a 4×4 jeep to experience the excitement of riding through uneven tracks at high speed; how thrilling! 

Your safety is a priority so they have professional drivers to ensure you great enjoyment with no issues, but if you’re willing to take on the wheel, more fun awaits!


4×4 Jeep Adventure trip in Dahab is for 645 EGP.

Activities in Dahab

3. Having Breakfast at Ralph German Bakery 

Having breakfast at Ralph German Bakery can’t be missed when you’re in Dahab. It’s one of the most amazing breakfast spots where you relish delicious food and enjoy the setting. 

Whether you like a meal with fresh juices or just some bakery and coffee, you’ll find all the options there. Leave your diet plan at home for a mouthwatering breakfast in Dahab! 


It’s located on Mohamed Nasim St., Saint Catherin, South Sinai Government. 

Ralph German Bakery Dahab


The average price for breakfast is 100 EGP.

Top Dishes 

Full English and German breakfast, Cheese Omelette, and Croissant. 

4. Going for a Trip to Abu Galoum

How about enjoying some serenity? Abu Galuom is the ultimate spot to enjoy calmness and tranquility by nature. It’s on the top list of places to go in Dahab that you must see.

If you like watching the sky, Abu Galoum has a clear sky where you will see the shining stars and the moon’s light like never before! This is the most distinguished thing to do in Dahab at night. 

You can go and camp there until the next morning to have a flawless unforgettable night under a sky full of stars!  

Ras Abu Galoum


Abu Galoum trip price is for 2,403 EGP (including: breakfast, lunch, water, soft drinks, and two dives).

5. Exploring the Desert Through a Safari Trip

Dahab’s desert is your ideal spot for a safari trip. If you haven’t tried it before then you’re missing a very exciting adventure.  

You ride a Quad bike in the middle of the desert to witness a fascinating view of the colorful mountains with the palm trees around. Such breathtaking scenery is just here in Dahab! 


Quad Bike Safari prices start from 550 EGP/person.

Things to do in Dahab Egypt

6. Diving in the Charming Red Sea 

If you’re a risk taker, then diving is your type of adventure. It’s one of the popular activities in Dahab. There are different diving centers to choose the program that suits you. 

Don’t worry; they offer programs with ranging levels to suit beginners and professionals. Come on and take a break from the land and explore marine life! 


Diving prices start from 974 EGP/person.

Diving in Dahab

Diving Centers 

  • Big Blue Dahab
    • Location: It’s located on Mashraba Street, inside Star of Dahab Hotel, South Sinai Governorate
    • Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm daily
    • Mobile: +20 100 053 9002
  • Sea Dancer Dive Center
    • Location: It’s located on Masbat Bay, Dahab, South Sinai Governorate
    • Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm daily
    • Tel.: +20 69 3642210
  • Octopus World Dahab Dive Center
    • Location: Masbat Bay, South Sinai Governorate.
    • Opening Hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily
    • Mobile: +20 100 689 4588.

7. Enjoying Windsurfing 

When at Dahab swimming in the sea isn’t everything, because you can surf by the beach too! Windsurfing in Dahab is one of the coolest things to do there. 

You can windsurf at the Blue Lagoon where you enjoy the experience and the mesmerizing beauty of this place. Are you ready for this adrenaline-rush activity? 

Windsurfing in Dahab

Where You Can Windsurf in Dahab

  • Harry Nass Dahab Windsurf & Kitesurf Center 
    • Location: By Tirana Dahab Resort,Dahab, South Sinai Governorate
    • Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 6 pm daily
    • Tel.: +20 69 364 0559
  • Dahab Stars Windsurfing and Kiting Club
    • Location: By Ganet Sinai Hotel
    • Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily
    • Mobile: +2 010 936 2422
  • Wonderland Windsurf Center Dahab
    • Location: It’s located on El Nasr Road, Saint Catherin, South Sinai Governorate
    • Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily.
    • Mobile: +2 0100 361 6286.

8. Snorkeling by the Beautiful Coral Reefs

Dahab’s sea surface is dazzling and its bottom is way more astonishing! Snorkeling in the Red Sea is incomparable; you will see marine creatures and kinds of fish at Dahab that you haven’t seen before in any other place.

One of the flawless areas to try snorkeling is the Blue Hole at Dahab. Just bring snorkelling glasses and voila; you’re ready to explore this heaven under the sea! 


Snorkelling prices start from 393 EGP/person.

Blue Hole Dahab snorkeling

9. Climbing and Hiking Sinai’s Mountains 

Do you want some thrill? Why not! Hiking in Dahab and rock climbing are mind-blowing activities that you shouldn’t miss . 

Dahab’s location in Sinai gives you an unmissable chance to enjoy hiking the incredible Red Sea Mountains! Don’t think too much and get your backpack ready for this wild adventure!

Hiking in Dahab

10. Riding a Camel or Horse by the Sea 

Riding a camel or a horse has indescribable pleasure especially beside the sea. You can start with horse riding in case you don’t like heights but want to experience this outstanding feeling. 

If you love heights but want a slow-paced movement, then camel riding is your thing! You will love it so much especially with one of your friends on the same camel; it will turn out to be an amusing memory! 


  • Horse trip is for 450 EGP (including snorkeling at the Blue Hole)
  • Camel trip for 495 EGP (including jeep ride to the Blue Hole, snorkelling, and going to the Bedouin Village.

11. Going  to Everyday Cafe

It’s a cafe, but not your typical one! Everyday Cafe has a very unique decor, design, in addition to its sea view; you’ll feel like you’re in a boho artistic gallery. Vibrant colors, local quotes, and song lyrics are in every spot. 

They have an outstanding swing directly situated above the water. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to feel your legs about to touch the sea and a gentle air breeze on your face? It’s unbelievable joy!

In addition, it’s where you can enjoy the nightlife in Dahab. Everyday Cafe hosts live music performances that you can attend while having a tasty dinner, under the bright stars of Dahab’s sky!

Everyday cafe Dahab


It’s located at El Masbat Square, Dahab, South Sinai Governorate. 

Opening Hours 

  •  12 pm to 12 am daily.

Top Dishes 

Everyday Cafe has different kinds of food; find below some of its tasty dishes:

  • Fish with lemon sauce
  • Grilled chicken
  • Pizza.
Everyday Cafe Dahab


The average price for dishes is 100 EGP.

12. Shopping Dahab’s Local Souq

Dahab’s local souq is a totally different shopping experience than any other. All the products there are handmade by the loving people of Sinai. 

You can find boho clothes, accessories, head pieces, medals, and more only in Dahab.One more cool thing is that you can bargain at the souq to get the best things with the least prices. 

You will buy beautiful and unmatchable souvenirs and clothes that will remind you of this outstanding place and trip!

Things to Buy from Dahab’s Souq

  • Scarfs: Starting from 80 EGP to 100 EGP
  • Souvenirs: Starting 20 EGP
  • Bracelets: Starting 5 EGP
  • Slippers: Starting 70 EGP
  • Bags: Starting 100 EGP.

Various activities with reasonable prices is what is called a perfect trip. In Dahab, no resting is needed, just fun and adventure all day long! 

Reading time is done and it’s time to get your things ready for the unforgettable trip ahead! 

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