Your Living Room Colors on Fleek

Your living room is the place you run to after a long hectic day to relax and sit in your cozy pajamas. Choosing the right colors for the living room is as important as furnishing it well.

Not just that, the wall’s colors of the living room have a great impact on how you feel. Here are some cool ideas for living room colors.

A tip for you: choose a light wall color combination for a small living room, as it gives a spacious feeling.

Living room colors

1. The Walls

When you choose the right colors you’ll feel a huge difference while sitting in the living room. Painting the four walls with the same color is the typical style but now two-tone painting ideas for the living room are more fashionable. Other ways are trendy now, so check the following ideas:

Wall Painting Designs for the Living Room

  • One color for all the walls
  • Each wall with a different shade of the same color is an idea for a bright colorful living room 
  • Two-color combination for living room walls; the ceiling and floor with one and the other 4 sides with a different color
  • Three walls with the same color and the last one with a different color
  • Four walls with different colors but matching with each other
  • One of the modern living room paint ideas is painting geometric patterns on one of the walls or any shape you love
  • Three walls are with one color and the last wall is painted different colors that contrast with each other.

Living Room Interior Paint Colors

  • Blue is a popular living room color 
  • Light grey is one of the best colors for living room walls
  • Peach canyon and apricot white are cozy living room colors 
  • Yellow and white are for a vibrant style and from the latest living room colors
  • Shades of burgundy are from the warm living room color schemes
  • Mint green is one of the top living room colors
  • Shades of teal are perfect living room paint colors with brown furniture
  • Yellow shades are fun painting colors
  • Beige and sand color are light living room paint colors.

Those are among the best colors for the living room, and you can mix and match as you want!

2. The Door 

The door of the living room reflects how your room looks; it gives a little hint of what’s inside. The door should match the colors of the room’s walls and furniture.

Paint Color Ideas for the Living Room Door  

  • Plain door with one color like white, beige, light brown, or grey
  • Door with two matching colors
  • Colorful paintings on the door.

3. Armchairs and Sofas

Nothing is better than a cozy sofa while watching your favorite movie. Sofas are the main items in the living room; their style determines the rest of the room’s look. Their color and style should be matching with the colors of the living room. 

Armchairs and Sofa Color Combination Ideas

  • Blue sofa to go with color schemes of brown
  • Dark brown sofa with living room color schemes of white and grey
  • Two modern grey sofas with light pink armchair 
  • Dark green sofa beside a baby blue corner sofa-bed.

You find those cool sofas and armchairs at IKEA.

4. Shelving Units

The shelving units are very useful furniture items. They add the final touch to the room’s look. You can fill it with your books, photo frames, decorating items, or a souvenir from a friend. As it is part of the living room, its color should match the living room wall painting.

Recommendations for Shelving Unit Colors

  • A white shelving unit that will match with any color for the living room
  • Light yellow 
  • Baby blue
  • Light grey
  • A mix of grey and red for contemporary living room colors
  • Dark grey.

Didn’t buy the shelving units yet? No problem, check the shelving units at IKEA and get yours!

5. Rugs

The rug is the item that completes the room’s look. If you choose one with an unsuitable style or color, you’ll feel that something is odd. 

Here are some ideas for rug styles and colors:

  • A plain colored rug in the middle of the room
  • A small rug at the side in pink, which is one of the nicest living room colors.
  • A patterned rug for a colorful living room decor.

IKEA has beautiful and different rugs; have a look here

6. Curtains

Curtains are important while furnishing your living room. They give a warm vibe and make the room more private. In case you’ve chosen the modern style for the room, then you should find modern color schemes for the living room curtains. 

Not just that, you should take care that the curtains’ colors match with the wall color combination of the living room.

Living Room Color Schemes for Curtains

  • If your interior color schemes for the living room are vibrant, your curtains should be plain and with light colors like light grey, white, baby blue, or beige. 
  • Light grey and light blue or rose pink are the best color combination for living room curtains
  • If the living room’s furniture is plain, you can use patterned curtains to complete the look.

At IKEA you will find modern and stylish curtains, check this

Here are endless ideas for a bright living room and a cozy one. You can mix and match colors for more living room color scheme ideas; it’s your own painting!

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