Learn All You Need To Know About the New Ismailia City

The New Ismailia City is one of the most valuable third generation cities, and is considered an extension to Ismailia. Its exceptional location close to Suez Canal Axis makes it all the more special.

This project is very important for the Sinai population plan, as it provides homes for North Suez residents in East Sinai, in addition to fulfilling national security goals.

New Ismailia City

New Ismailia City Location

The New Ismailia City is located on the east side of the New Suez Canal, on the 72nd km, and it extends from the Middle Road and reaches Mariam Mountain.
This position puts the New Ismailia City 500 meters away from the new Suez Canal Beach, stretching for 1.5 km in the northern direction towards Port Said city, and 9.5 km in the southern direction towards Suez, with a depth of 1 km inside Sinai.

New Ismailia City Plan

  • The city has an area of 2,157 acres.
  • It holds four residential districts with 3,310 Blocks and 1,220 Villas.
  • It contains around 57,000 residential units: 373 standalone villas and 620 semi separate villas.
  • Parking services occupy around 30% of the city area.
  • Green areas take up to 53% of the city.
  • Buildings occupy 17% of the city area.
  • The city can hold approximately 275,000 people

Available Services and Accommodations

The city includes all the needed services, including:

  • A Hotel
  • Open Sports Courts
  • A Social Club
  • Beach Clubs
  • Schools
  • Security Directorate Premises
  • Commercial Stores
  • An Area for Parks
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Swimming Pools
  • A Nursing Home for People with Special Needs
  • An Armed Forces Sports Club

New Ismailia City is also the first in Egypt to combine solar energy and electricity, in addition to being the only city in Egypt to adhere to the guidelines for people with special needs in all its facilities and buildings, to facilitate their lives in the city.

New Ismailia Residential Unit Specifications

There are numerous apartments and villas available in New Ismailia City, with a variety of areas and level of facilities:

  • Apartments are available with the following areas: 90, 120, 145, and 160 square meters.
  • Apartment prices start from 184,000 EGP
  • Apartments include a minimum of 3 rooms and a reception
  • The first level is made up of 35,000 apartments that vary in area, and includes deluxe housing in New Ismailia City
  • New Ismailia City also contains a residential area that includes only villas which vary in area: 260 square meters for semi connected villas and 275 square meters for semi-connected villas
  • Some areas have been assigned to the Armed Forces Land Projects Authority which will be used in city projects including tree/forest areas, as well as water sanitation facilities, and water pumping services.

Details of Booking Residential Units in New Ismailia City

Booking of all residential units in New Ismailia City is restricted to citizens of Ismailia City, Suez Canal, and employees of Suez Canal and Suez Canal Axis projects.
The first phase of applications has been opening in August 2017 and there will be a number of upcoming phases afterwards.

Latest New Ismailia City News

  • One of the largest sports clubs has already been launched in New Ismailia City
  • Infrastructure and road work are being executed simultaneously with construction.
  • A variety of apartments have already been booked: regular apartments with an area of 100 meters and deluxe apartments with an area of 130 meters
  • After the completion of the first residential unit, the rest of the residential districts are being finalized, in addition to the underground tunnels.

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