Home Roof Decor for Unlimited Escapism

If you have a home roof, you’re a winner then! The roof is a unique thing to own. It’s a cool place for gatherings, parties, and celebrations that many people love to be part of their house. It is where you escape for some peace of mind and calmness. 

You will enjoy a cozy outdoor place in your home if you decorate it smartly. Here are some roof decoration ideas to help and inspire you to make your roof outstanding. 

beautiful house roof design

1. Sofas 

You read it right; sofas are the main items for your roof. You need two or three small sofas to decorate it. You might need more or less depending on your house roof design and size. They are perfect for family gatherings or a movie night with friends while you enjoy the breeze. 

Want to imagine how you can place the sofas on your roof, look at the below ideas: 

  • How about a plain-colored corner sofa? It is a very practical one, mostly if you have a small area
  • If you love the classic design, then two small sofas with matching colors are perfect
  • Don’t want an ordinary look? Then two small sofas with contrasting colors is a good idea for a change (according to the style you want) 
  • You can also mix between the sizes by placing one large sofa and a small one next to it for a contemporary look 
  • If you are confused whether to bring a sofa or storage unit because of the limited area, no problem! There are new sofas with built-in storage drawers to save space. You can stay comfortable while using these drawers for your books, laptop and its charger, or newspapers. 
  • You can buy one U-shaped sofa for a modern roof design (ideal when you have a lot of visitors).

2. Rugs

Rugs add so much to your roof decor. You won’t need large carpets, just some rugs for the roof will be ideal. You have to be careful while choosing the rugs; they should match the whole style of the roof and the colors of the sofas too. It will be awesome if you choose colorful rugs for a beautiful house roof design.  

No more ordinary rugs, here are some inspirations for the latest rug designs to decorate them perfectly: 

  • You can use a pink rug and blue one for an exceptional style
  • If you like simple roof design, then three small rugs with nude colors will be the right choice
  • While buying, search for a rug with patterns that match the roof’s design to avoid a dull look
  • You should get a rug with different colors if the sofas are in plain colors for a catchy design 
  • How about one of those fluffy rugs? They are so stylish and trendy; you can buy one as the main rug or small ones to place them in different areas on the roof 
  • In case you want to have a simple style yet outstanding, then handmade rugs are the best. They are statement items that give a unique look.
  • If you bought too colorful furniture, don’t worry! A plain beige rug will adjust the final look to be appealing to the eyes. 

3. Tables

Tables complete your home roof decoration. You won’t need a lot of tables, just two or three will be enough. The basic one is the center table with the sofas around it. The second table is a large one for dining in the fresh air. 

The third table, an extra one according to your preference, is a small-sided one for beverages and desserts. 

It’s not just about buying some tables, read the below tips to know how to choose the right tables and keep your roof on fleek: 

  • You can buy a circular or rectangular one as a center table to place a small vase or candle
  • It would be a good thing to put a large table with some chairs for dining to enjoy the sun’s warmth in the morning or the shining stars at night
  • In case your roof’s area is small and cozy, then you should go for smart choices. A doable item is the expandable table which saves space. It’s a good option especially when you have guests over
  • Don’t forget to bring a medium-sized table for the coffee corner, on which you can place the coffee machine and some cool mugs
  • If you love small furnishing items, you will like the small table with two levels. You can use the lower level for storage of the remote control, coasters, charger, or tablet. The higher level is for beverages and snacks. 

4. Green Plants and Flowers

Plants are beautiful things to own. You just take care of them to keep them blooming and looking fresh. They totally change the roof decor, giving a breathtaking and relaxing look. You can mix and match between green ones and colorful flowers. 

For perfect decor, you can buy flower pots to place the plants inside them. The pots have various designs and shapes; choose them to suit the decoration for an ideal roof’s look. You will have a healthy and fresh atmosphere besides a wonderful smell. 

Imagine sitting in the morning for coffee by the air and flowers around; it will be mesmerizing! 

To avoid any confusion for how to use the green plants and flowers while decorating, check below the detailed tips to have a mesmerizing final look:

  • For a relaxing and a beautiful view, you can put the Jasmine flowers with some green plants to line the roof 
  • How about bringing some sunflowers beside the sofas to add more colors to the roof? It will be awesome!
  • Have you ever thought about planting some herbs like Basil and Mint? It’s really worth it; you will enjoy their fresh taste that you never experienced before!
  • Colorful flowers never fail to add positive vibes to your place; you can situate some purple, rose, red, and baby blue flowers on the tables or on a side stand, giving a cheerful look to the roof 
  • A thing you shouldn’t miss is buying large green plants to place them at the corners for a green roof design.

5. Lighting 

The roof’s lighting is a very important thing to relish your time during day and night. You can use different kinds of modern lamps and lighting chains to make your roof shine. 

You should place them in the right places and at equal distances to ensure that light reaches the whole area.

We brought you some tips to make you visualize the magical effect of perfect lighting: 

  • How about fixing lighting strings to the sofas’ backs for a trendy roof light design? You won’t regret doing this! 
  • A good idea that you’ll also like is hanging LED lighting chains across the ceiling; they really look great and give a vibrant atmosphere.  
  • While decorating take care of the small additions; they matter a lot in the final view. You can place LED table lamps on the center or on the side tables, as these details will make them flawless.
  • For covering the roof’s whole area use LED floor lamps; situate them on the floor away from each other to avoid any dark areas.
  • Don’t miss putting an LED solar-powered lamp, placed upright in the middle of the roof to enjoy reading a book on a comfy bean bag with good lighting.  

6. Bean Bags and Swing Chairs 

Bean bags and swing chairs are state-of-the-art facilities that have been lately used as modern furnishing items. They are new items that people use to decorate their home roofs, rooms, chalets, balcony, and gardens. You can use colorful bean bags as a side sitting decor to your roof.

Not just that, the swing chair is a cool decorating item which you can buy. It’s a half-circle filled with pillows hanging from a standing stick, to enjoy a slight movement like a swing while sitting in the air. Don’t miss buying those items if you’re looking for a cool roof design. 

The best thing about those trendy items is that you can decorate them in different ways and change their place whenever you want; have a look below for some unique recommendations: 

  • Bean bags are easily carried, so you can change their place every now and then. A good option is to put two bean bags at one of the roof corners; you can use it as a cool working space. Voila! A wonderful working atmosphere is ready!
  • In case you have many friends on the roof, no worries! Just place one of the bean bags next to the sofas as an extra chair. Amazing, isn’t it? 
  • You can situate the swing chair next to the green plants for a lush look.
  • If you have a TV on the roof, put the bean bags in front of it to watch a movie or play PlayStation. 
  • For sky lovers, the swing chair will be their best friend, you can sit on it while enjoying the beautiful sky and stars with your favourite song on replay. 

Those stores have all the items for all roof styles. Besides, they offer a wide variety of products with ranging prices that you will really love. 

You can buy all you need for your roof decoration from:

  • IKEA. Cairo Festival City Mall (CFC)
  • Home Center (10 am – 5 pm, off on weekends): Cairo Festival City Mall (CFC)
  • Blend Furniture ( 10 am – 5pm): 32 Nehro Street, Behind Merryland, Heliopolis. It has other branches too.

When you decorate your roof, you’ll have an outstanding area for having fun, working, and studying. It will be your hidden gem whenever you need to relax or spend time with friends away from the cafes. Don’t wait, get it ready now!

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