Grand Egyptian Museum: An Extraordinary Historic Attraction

Have you been listening to the news about the Grand Egyptian Museum but want to know more details? If yes, you’re lucky then, as this article is your ultimate guide for everything you need to know about this iconic new attraction.

It’s the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization, which makes it a matchless destination to visit; keep reading to discover more about this gem. 

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Interesting Facts About the Grand Egyptian Museum 

  • Exceptional Historic Attraction. It’s the largest archeological museum in the world so you can’t go wrong with it; that’s why coming here is an unmissable experience.
  • Spacious Destination. The Grand Egyptian Museum’s area is enormous as it stretches along 123 acres.
  • Huge Collection of Antiques. The museum is home to 100,000 artefacts, allowing you to spot numerous iconic collections of the Pharaonic antiques 
  • Picturesque Design. You will feel mesmerised once entering it which owes to its incomparable building look; it’s designed to offer you panoramic views of the Great Pyramids of Giza while touring; this is through its floor to ceiling glass walls. 
  • Unique Name. It’s referred to as GEM which is an abbreviation to Grand Egyptian Museum which is a catchy one to hear. 
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It’s located on the plateau of the Pyramids, Al Remaya square, Al Haram street, Giza, Egypt. 

Nearby Communities 

The prime location of the Grand Egyptian Museum allows you to effortlessly reach it from the different communities of the city; check below the closest ones to it:

  • New Giza: 15 minutes away
  • Pyramids Garden: 15 minutes away
  • Al Mansouria: 15 minutes away
  • DreamLand: 25 minutes away.

Nearby Hotels

There are a number of lavish hotels near the museum where you can enjoy a distinct staycation. This enables you to enjoy an exceptional stay by the iconic Pyramids of Giza; whether you’re a visitor or a resident, you will have so much fun at the below hotels: 

  • Marriott Mena House (*****): 10 minutes away
  • Cairo Pyramids Steigenberger Hotel (*****): 10 minutes away
  • Regency Pyramids View (***): 5 minutes away
new grand egyptian museum opening

Top Attractions 

The Grand Egyptian Museum is home to endless interesting attractions where you will discover more about this exceptional civilization. So, whether you’re into history or not, coming here will surely impress you. 

To have a unique experience, check the below list of the museum’s top attractions where surprises are unlimited:

The Grand Staircase  

This is one of the top zones in the museum, consisting of long stairs lined with 87 statues of kings and gods in Egyptian civilization. You will feel astonished while walking through it and seeing these iconic pieces closely. 

Tutankhamun Gallery 

Are you ready to know more about one of the most significant kings of the Pharaonic civilization? If yes, then Tutankhamun Gallery is a must visit zone in this museum. 

It is where for the first time you will be able to spot all the contents of the king’s tomb which amounts to 5,400 pieces. In addition, you will also see his gold plated mask and coffins which age to thousands years ago. 

It’s the main attraction of the museum so don’t miss visiting it! 

gem grand egyptian museum

Hanging Obelisk 

When saying that you will see this only here in the Grand Egyptian museum, it’s not an exaggeration. The Hanging Obelisk is the first of its kind in Egypt and worldwide. You will feel astonished while seeing this huge piece of art. 

Besides, they offer you a unique experience which is standing on the base of the obelisk as it will be suspended on four columns. Don’t forget to take some pictures with this ancient Pharaonic obelisk.

Four Eras Galleries

The amazing galleries of the museum are home to a huge number of antiques and monuments of this great civilization. They are divided according to the different historical periods: pre-dynastic (up to 3,100 BC) and Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom, Greco-Roman. 

You will enjoy touring the four galleries to discover more about each period and see various ancient monuments that are exclusively here. 

Entertainment Area

At this stunning museum, you can find leisure facilities too. The Entertainment area stretches along 25 fedan including restaurants, shops, and entertainment spots.

In addition, around the main museum you can visit interesting areas like: 

  • Kids Museum 
  • Conference Centre 
  • Special Needs Museum 
  • Egyptology Library 
  • 3D cinema 
  • Sculpture garden 
  • Gift shops.
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Opening Date 

The waiting for the opening of the new Grand Egyptian is over as finally the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques has announced its opening date which will be on: 

  • November 2022. 


The entry fee is no longer vague. You can know the average price of the Grand Egyptian Museum’s ticket as it has been recently announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiques. 

Have a look below at the ticket prices with details: 

  • The Main Halls and Tutankhamun Hall (inclusive ticket)
    • EGP 60 ( Egyptians)
    • EGP 500 (Foreigners)
  • Tutankhamun Hall
    • EGP 50 ( Egyptians)
    • EGP 400 (Foreigners)
  • The Main Halls 
    • EGP 30 ( Avg. for Egyptians)
    • EGP 200 (Avg. for foreigners)
  • The Hanging Obelisk 
    • EGP 50 (Egyptians)
    • EGP 60 (Foreigners)
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1. What Are the Companies Working on the Grand Egyptian Museum Project?

There are many international and national companies working on the Grand Egyptian Museum. This huge project was assigned to the top ones after a competition held in 2002. 

Here are the list of the companies working on the Grand Egyptian Museum Project: 

  • Orascom and Besix: It’s a 50/50 venture between the Belgium company: Besix and the Egyptian one: Orascom. They are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the whole project from scratch. 
  • Heneghan Peng Architects: This notable company is the one behind the amazing and mind blowing architectural design of the Grand Egyptian Museum; it’s implemented by their branch in Ireland.  
  • Atelier Bruckner: Here is the one responsible for designing the “Tutankhamun Gallery” which is considered the highlight of the museum. It’s a recognizable German company which is among the pioneer ones in its field. 
grand egyptian museum design

2. What Is the Idea Behind this Great Project? 

Constructing such a great and huge project has been an ongoing plan since 2002. The Egyptian government was aiming to offer its citizens and visitors a matchless spot where they can see and learn everything about the Pharaonic civilization. 

Moreover, they planned for this project and chose its location wisely to be neighbouring to the Great Pyramids of Giza, so the tourists can easily visit both attractions. Not just that, they offer an Egyptology Library inside the museum, as a great hub for those interested in exploring this civilization.

You have all the information you need to know about the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza through this full guide; coming here is like travelling back in time to one of the most interesting eras so don’t miss visiting it! 

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