A Bright Future at Galala City

Galala City

What Is the Galala Plateau Project?

Galala Mountain Project is one of the largest Egyptian projects. It is constructed under the supervision of the Authority of Engineering of the Armed Forces. The project is one of 253 important national projects in the Egyptian governorates. 

It includes El Galala City, Galala Ain Sokhna Resort that overlooks the Suez Gulf, Galala University, and lastly Sokhna-Zafarana Road. The Road is curved in the Galala Mountain which makes the project an integrated and developed one. The Galala area adds a big value to the project as the area is geographically distinct and has a charming nature.

Galala City Ain Sokhna Project

Where Is the Galala City Ain Sokhna Project Located?

  • Galala Ain Sokhna project is located at Galala Plateau, starting from Cairo/Ain Sokhna Road up to the peak of the Plateau in Attaka with 770 meters height. 
  • Attaka is the project’s main road and it is connected with the new Beni Suif/Zafarana Road which is 160-kilometers long. It connects the city Beni Suif and Zafarana region.
  • The fastest route to reach the project is El Galala Plateau Road.
Galala City Ain Sokhna location

What Is the Purpose of the Galala City Ain Sokhna Project?

The purpose of the Galala City Ain Sokhna project is that it will contribute to achieving development in Egypt by creating new integrated urban communities on high international standards.

What Are the Significant Features of the Galala Ain Sokhna Project? 

  • The Significant Features of the  project are:
    • A unique geographical location that allows building on it and establishing touristic resorts and roads.
    • The project overlooks the Red Sea Coast.
    • Galala Plateau has a number of natural resources and most importantly is Marble and Phosphate.
Galala Ain Sokhna Project

What Are the Important Services at Galala Ain Sokhna Project?

  • Main Road
  • A large lake that gathers the rain’s water
  • International Galala City 
  • International Galala City touristic resort
  • The first seawater distillation station in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Phosphate fertilizers factory
  • 3 wastewater treatment stations 
  • Marble factory
  • Electricity station only for the resort and city.

What Are the Companies that Working on Galala Ain Sokhna Project?

There are 55 companies working under the supervision of the Authority of Engineering of the Armed Forces as follows:

  • Military Engineering Corps
  • 40 companies in the field of roads
  • 5 companies in the fields of construction, industrial works, bridges, tunnels, and gas stations
  • 8 companies are working at Abu Stairs area in the touristic resort that overlooks Suez Gulf.

What Is the International City in Galala Plateau?

It is the Galala City, located 700 meters above sea level. It is one of the most touristic attractions because of its distinctive climate as its temperature is 10 degrees less than the other neighboring areas. Not just that, it is characterized by charming beaches.

The City has attracted many investments with a value of $100 Million because of its unique location and charming nature. Its area is about 17,000 fedan and it includes the main road and secondary axis. It is divided into three sectors: Sector A, Sector B, and Sector C.

What Is the Main Road in Galala City? 

The main road connects between Attaka area, lies on Ain Sokhna Road which continues up to the peak of the Plateau with 770 meters in height, with the new road called Beni Suif Zafrana with 160 kilometers along on both sides. It makes a bridge between the Zafarana area and Beni Suif on the Nile River.

The length of the main Galala Plateau Road is about 82 kilometers on both sides while the speed allowed for the cars is 120 km/h. The road is divided into three lanes that are secured from the risks of accidents by logistics, interior boards, instructions, planning, and flood risks.

Galala Road

What Is the Health and Wellness Resort in the Galala Ain Sokhna Project?

The health and wellness resort is located in Galala City on Galala Mountain. What makes it unique is the weather of Galala Mountain. At the climax, the weather helps in healing and getting rid of the pollution effects, due to the decrease in the temperature from 10 to 12 degrees above sea level.

What About the Galala University that Is located Inside the Project?

Galala University is a huge educational entity that includes many specializations like Engineering, Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Mass Communication, both Human and Social Sciences, and many other important specializations. The university could accommodate 12,790 students in the first three stages, in addition to the presence of an academy for sciences at the Galala Plateau.

What Are the Facilities and Services in Galala Ain Sokhna Project?

  • Medium and high levels of apartment buildings 
  • Touristic resorts
  • Health and wellness resort 
  • Group of schools
  • King ِAbdullah University 
  • Distinctive villas and chalets
  • Retail shops
  • Different entertaining facilities
  • A-class hotel
  • Restaurants and conferences hall
  • Shopping mall
  • Yacht city 
  • Water Sports city
  • Galala’s tourism project
  • Mountain hotel 
  • A cable car connects the resort and the city.

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Galala City is a very promising project that will attract many tourists and a good opportunity to live away from the noise of the city.

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