Your Inspiration Guide to Dressing Room Design

It can be daunting trying to figure out the best dressing room designs that will look amazing and be practical in the long run. That’s not the case anymore! 

We’re here to up your game in dressing room inspiration. Read on for the ultimate guide to make your journey to design your dream dressing room a walk in the park. 

dressing room designs in the home

1. Location

Depending on the design and size of your home, there are a few dressing room ideas for location you can consider. 

ikea dressing room
PAX System from IKEA

In a Separate Room

If you have enough space to spare an entire room to dress up, you’re one of the lucky ones indeed.

It also means you don’t have to mess up the bedroom with mountains of clothes every time you want to go out. Deciding what to wear is a messy process! 

best dressing room designs

As Part of the Master Bedroom

This dressing room design is the most common choice since master bedrooms tend to be spacious. You can choose part of it and turn it into a dressing room with built-in floor-to-ceiling storage space. 

walk in dressing room designs

Connected to the Bathroom 

Imagine getting out of the shower directly to your dressing room! Bedroom designs with attached bathroom and dressing room plans are modern solutions to your perfect home design.

bedroom designs with attached bathroom and dressing room plans

As Part of a Small Bedroom

No need to worry about the size of the bedroom, as small dressing room ideas are endless. You can always find space to store your clothes and it doesn’t have to be what is expected—think outside the box!

small dressing room ideas

2. Storage

The key to dressing room storage ideas is to first figure out your storage needs. Here are a few tips about the hang vs. fold dilemma to get you started:


  • Pleated clothes
  • Light-weight clothes
  • Dresses
  • Dress pants
  • Trousers
  • Blazers
  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Scarves
  • Cardigans.
dressing room ideas


  • Sweaters
  • Knitwear
  • Jeans 
  • Khaki pants
  • T-shirts
  • Underwear items
  • Socks
  • Heavy items
  • Embellished items
  • Heavy formalwear.
dressing room inspiration

After figuring out which types of clothes are dominant in your wardrobe, you can decide which of the following dressing room storage ideas suit you best. Then you can mix and match! 

Open Plan Storage

If you’re looking for dressing room ideas on a budget, this is a good fit, and it also gives an ultra-modern feel to your room. 

Open storage wardrobes can be customized as you prefer and they work really well with built-in dressing room design ideas. 

open dressing room ideas

Hidden Storage

There are many ways to hide your storage area within the dressing room. The closet space, whether it’s fitted or not to the wall, can be hidden with doors or even curtains to give it a trendy look. 

dressing room storage ideas

Double Height

Floor-to-ceiling, or double height, storage makes use of every tiny space you could possibly image in storage! It is an ideal option for seasonal storage like storing bulky winter clothes or duvet covers during the summer and so on.

If you decide on this storage idea for your dressing room design at home, make sure you buy a tall ladder to easily get to the hard-to-reach spaces above. 

beautiful dressing room designs

Dressing Room Island

This idea never goes out of style; trust us on this one! Sometimes after doing everything right, you still need that extra storage space. So, how about adding a dressing room island in the middle of your space?

It will have endless drawers with many sizes as you wish, and it will be perfect to store small items like perfumes, belts, accessories, make-up, and toiletries.

dressing room island ideas


Cabinet designs for a dressing room can really transform the entire decor of the room. You can opt for a shoe cabinet on one side of the room and hang a mirror above.

dressing room organization ideas

Hanging Rods

Hanging your clothes is the staple of every dressing area. It all depends on the amount of clothes you have that you’re planning to hang on the rod. 

Hanging rods are quite versatile to use too. It can be easily incorporated in small bedroom dressing room ideas, without closets.

A hanging rod can be fixed between the room’s walls and there you have it—your very own simple dressing room. To make it look stylish, add a curtain to hide it that matches the room decor, and also store your shoes on a rack beneath the hanging clothes.

open dressing room ideas


Another staple that complements your dressing room design, shelves store your folded clothes perfectly. 

You can install them on each side of a wide hanging space, as well as above it, for a modern dressing room shelving design.

latest dressing room designs


Drawers are also a favorite go-to storage idea. Large deep ones help you with the bulky foldable clothes, and smaller ones can be divided to help with tiny items.

simple dressing room

3. Seating

We do spend more time than we would like getting dressed, don’t we? Getting it just right is an art! You also need to take into consideration the time we just can’t decide between two outfits (or three), so we stare and stare at them endlessly. Enter a seating area!

Your dressing room seating ideas and options don’t have to take up much space. Consider the following:

dressing room seating ideas


A bench in the middle or on the side of the room can be quite useful in those moments when we just need to sit down and decide on things. Give it some color to pop within the dressing room, and of course get one with hidden storage!

bench from IKEA with storage
STOCKSUND from IKEA: 5,495 L.E.

Small Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs are a hack you need all around the house for that matter, from the kitchen to the balcony to the dressing room. They don’t take up much space when folded and you can move them around whenever you want.

foldable chair IKEA
NISSE from IKEA: 795 L.E.

4. Doors

A door design for a dressing room can make or break the entire look. You need something practical because you’ll be opening them to get to the clothes all day long; at the same time, it should be trendy and in tune with your overall decor.

dressing room door decor

There are various types of doors to choose from here:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors save up on space since they don’t open outwards, which is great because you probably need all the space you can get out of your dressing room. There are endless designs for them to choose the one you like.

The best part about them is they can be customized to the size of your closet. So no matter how your storage space is divided inside, huge sliding doors can be fitted to hide everything within.

They can also be used as a door to the dressing room if it’s attached to the master bedroom. Make sure they match your colors and bedroom designs.

dressing room door design

Mirror Doors 

Did you know that if you use mirror doors inside your dressing room it will seem a lot bigger? Using this hack with a mirror for small dressing room designs is one of the best ideas to go for.

Mirror doors can be either sliding doors and normal doors that open to the outside with handles.

small dressing room designs with mirror

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors that open outwards is another option that people prefer. Wood gives a chic, warm look to any room and you really can’t go wrong with it. You can attach a mirror on the inside of the doors for quick glances when you’re deciding on accessories or ties.

FORSAND from IKEA: 800 L.E.

5. Vanity Area

All the latest dressing room designs have a vanity area for makeup attached to the main storage closets. You can have it in the middle of a fitted wardrobe with a small mirror, two drawers, and a matching chair.

This means you can use the extra space in the bedroom for a reading corner, for example. A comfy chair and a small side table will do wonders.

dressing room accessories ideas

Bathroom Vanity Area

Alternatively, for ideas on a small bathroom in the dressing room, your vanity area can be attached to the sink with storage drawers/cabinets underneath.

6. Lighting

Imagine having the most beautiful dressing room design and forgetting to light it right! That wouldn’t be an ideal situation for sure. The interior design of your dressing room is never complete without some lighting techniques.

Check the following ideas to make sure everything lights up perfectly:

dressing room interior design

Ceiling Pendant 

A long pendant light in the middle of the room will add a sense of artistic beauty to the entire room. It balances the entire lighting structure beautifully.

ceiling pendant IKEA
PLATTLÄNS from IKEA: 1,299 L.E.


Lamps are a great way to focus light in a specific area. Whether on the dressing table or standing floor lamps, they will be quite useful.

floor lamp dressing room
NYMÖ / SKAFTET from IKEA: 1,599 L.E.

LED Lighting

You can opt for strong LED lights inside the closet space, especially with open dressing room ideas. They are perfect to be able to see everything clearly and distinguish between the various colors in the closet.

dressing room inspiration

Ceiling Spotlights

Spotlights are perfect for the ceiling in the dressing room to cover the entire room. You can have them directly pointing towards your wardrobe for extra vision.

spotlights dressing room
VIRRMO from IKEA: 799 L.E.

Task Lighting

Built-in task lighting for your dressing table design or vanity area are essential for when applying makeup or doing your hair.

7. Mirror

If you’re looking into different types of mirrors for your dressing room designs, check the following list:

dressing room mirror ide

Wall Mirror

The easiest choice is to attach the mirror to the wall wherever you want in the dressing room. Even long customized mirrors can be stuck to the walls to save you some space.

wall mirror dressing room
TOFTBYN from IKEA: 999 L.E.

Floor Standing Mirror

If you don’t want a fixed place for your mirror and would prefer to move it around from time to time, a floor mirror is the way to go. You can choose an empty corner and place it there.

standing mirror dressing room
VENNESLA from IKEA: 3,995 L.E.

Small Magnifying Mirror

This mirror can be attached by your vanity area in the dressing room. It is perfect for applying makeup.

small mirror idea dressing room
LASSBYN from IKEA: 299 L.E.

8. Walls

With all that closet space for a walk-in dressing room design, the part of the walls visible will be quite minimal. So, you can choose a light soothing color or wallpaper pattern in order for the decor to be peaceful on your eyes.

dressing room wall ideas

Some color ideas for the dressing room could be light blue, light grey, light pink hues, or off-white.

9. Ceiling

Do you want to make a statement with a really cool dressing room ceiling design? How about you choose a bold color just for the ceiling? Combine it with a large pendant lighting and it will look amazing! 

Some colors for the ceiling can be deep red, orange, purple, green, or yellow.

red ceiling idea dressing room

 10. Accessories

The bow on top! Accessories are the glue that holds every design together. For dressing room accessories ideas, check this:

Wall Hangers

Having hangers on the walls of your dressing room is a very practical idea to hang coats that you use often or your bags.

dressing room accessories

Laundry Basket

A dressing room is where you change clothes, so it’s the ideal spot in the house for a basket for dirty laundry.

laundry basket from IKEA
KLUNKA from IKEA: 249 L.E.

Shoe Rack

A shoe rack can help store your shoes in a tidy manner, whether you prefer it to be hidden within the closet or placed outside separately.

shoe organization dressing room
MACKAPÄR from IKEA: 799 L.E.

Drawer Separators 

This is the best dressing room organization idea for the drawers because it helps you use different spaces efficiently for different sized items.

dressing room organization

There are various stores around Egypt where you can purchase what you need and create a dressing room you will be proud of. Here are our top selections:

  • IKEA

Location: Cairo Festival City 

Contact Details: 16576

  • Home Centre

Location: Cairo Festival City

Contact Details: 002 010 260 999 00

  • Tarek ElSallab 

Location: 72 Makram Ebeid, Nasr City

Contact Details: 19108

  • All In One Dressing Room

Location: 20 Gamal Salem St., Dukki

Contact Details: 02 3337 9420.

modern dressing room design

Didn’t that just make it a lot easier for you? We bet you already have a design in mind! Time to make it happen.

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