Digital Egypt Portal: A Brighter Future Is Ahead

The digital transformation is one of the most important projects in Egypt lately. The country is getting on track to being digitized with a quick-paced plan. 

That’s why the Digital Egypt portal was launched so that you can get all the governmental services while being at home. Scroll down for more details about such a promising project. 

digital Egypt

1. What Is the Digital Egypt Portal?

Digital Egypt portal is a website that includes various governmental services. Through it you can effortlessly apply for different services without the hassle of going to the governmental entities. 

Besides, it will help in minimizing the usage of hard documents as Egypt plans for being a paperless country through digitization. The government also announced that there will be a mobile application for Digital Egypt portal to make it more convenient and user friendly.

The portal is now featuring 75 services; they are aiming to increase them to 170 by the end of 2021 and 250 by 2022. 

2. Why Was the Digital Egypt Portal Created? 

Digital Egypt portal was created in alignment with the country’s digital transformation strategy and Egypt’s 2030 development plan. 

Moreover, this digital strategy will be fully applied in the New Administrative Capital, which is the first smart city in Egypt.  

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3. How Was the Portal Launched? 

The portal was launched through the planning and development strategy that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has implemented. 

The ministry succeeded in cooperating with various governmental entities to get all the information needed to start working on such a huge project; this is in order to place all the governmental services on one unified portal which is Digital Egypt. 

In addition, you can issue all your personal and governmental documents through a more comfortable, quick, and hassle free way which is the main goal.

digital Egypt strategy

4. How Can You Register on Digital Egypt Portal? 

In order to use the services on the portal, you should first have an account on the website. Here are the steps you should follow to register: 

  • Open Digital Egypt Portal
  • Click on register for an account
  • Enter your ID number and the mother’s name
  • Then you should enter your mobile number
  • They will send you a code on your mobile phone; once you receive it, enter the code to activate your account 
  • Finally, write your email address and set the new password. 

5. What Are the Services Available on the Portal?

There are many services for different governmental sectors available on Digital Egypt portal. You can use them whenever you need. 

  • Vehicles Services 
  • Authentication
  • Social Insurance
  • Courts and Cases Services 
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Civil Status Services 
  • The Commercial Registry 
  • Supply
  • Land Registry.
digital transformation Egypt 2030

6. What Are the Real Estate Services Offered on the Portal? 

You can find numerous real estate services on Digital Egypt portal. Check the below list to know more about them:

Land Registry Services

  1. Translating contracts 
  2. Getting a copy of a registered contract 
  3. Getting a copy of a technical publication 
  4. Getting a copy of a financial publication 
  5. Getting a certificate of real estate deeds
  6. Getting a copy of a Circular letter

Real Estate Tax Services 

Currently, there’s only one service available for the real estate tax which is submitting housing units settlement.

7. Is There a Fee for Using Digital Egypt Portal? 

No, there is no fee for registering on the website. You should only pay when you use a service. Besides, the fee may vary from one type to another. 

Digital Egypt Portal

8. What Are the Highlights of Digital Egypt Portal for Governmental Services? 

Through the Digital Egypt portal issuing your governamental documents is much easier. Here are the highlights of the website and how it will ensure you a perfect experience: 

  • You won’t need to go to the governmental entity by yourself except for the services that need you in person 
  • You can know all the needed documents for each service by just clicking on “ The Rules and Conditions,” so you can prepare them before applying for the service
  • You can pay your bills and dues like “Vehicles Licence Fines”
  • You will be able to update your information continuously in a few minutes, like your address, phone number, marital status, etc
  • They offer you a free SMS service so once your request for a service is done and your documents are ready, you will get a message on your phone
  • The portal includes short videos elaborating the steps you should follow for each service. 
Digital Egypt portal

9. Can You Contact Digital Egypt Portal for Any Inquiries? 

Yes, you can surely contact them. You can either click on “Help” at the top of the page or call them on their contact number.

  • Digital Egypt portal hotline: 15999. 

After reading this article, you don’t have to wake up early to get any personal documents, just open your laptop and the process is done. The Digital Egypt portal is definitely a step towards a more developed and smart country. 

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