Where Should You Spend Day Use in Sokhna?

It’s that time of the year again! With school season starting, you’ll surely need a nice refreshment every now and then in a cool environment and a nice view of the sea.

Check out our guide to the best day use offers in Sokhna and learn about the coolest resorts with all its prices.

Day Use in Sokhna


Porto Sokhna Day Use

Porto El Sokhna day use is considered one of the most common day use destinations in sokhna as it offers luxurious features with reasonable price:

  • Location: At 48 km in Ain Sokhna – Zaafarana Road.
  • Services: Golf courses – Swimming pools – Telefreak – Kids playing area – Fishing and diving spots – Olympic city.
  • Price: Porto Sokhna day use price: 265 LE.

بورتو العين السخنة

Stella Di Mare Day Use

Day use in stella di mare sokhna is most suitable for those looking for spending an unforgettable day regardless the price.

  • Location: Kilo 46 in Ain Sokhna, Suez Road – Hurghada.
  • Stella Di Mare Ain Sokhna day use offers: Swimming Pools – Golf Courses – International Restaurants – Gym & Spa – Clear Sea Water – Unique sandy beach on Red Sea water – Gardens – Kids Area – Cruises.
  • Price: Stella di mare sokhna day use price: 500 LE without chalet.

ستيلا دي ماري السخنة

Palmera Sokhna Day Use

  • Location: One of the most suitable places for day use at el sokhna because it is only 120 kms from Cairo and close to Marina Wadi Degla and Stella Ain Sokhna.
  • Services: Swimming pools – Kids area – Restaurants – Hotel.
  • Price: Palmera Ain Sokhna day use price: 180 LE per person.

بالميرا العين السخنة

Red Carpet Sokhna Day Use

  • Location: Kilo 36, Ain Sokhna Road next to stella di mare.
  • Services: Private Beach – Swimming Pools.
  • Price: Price per person: 150 LE, Price for kids: 75 LE.

Red Carpet Ain Sokhna


La Vista Sokhna Day Use

  • Location: 165 kms from Cairo, an hour and a half drive.
  • Services and facilities: Hotel (including restaurant and cafe, souvenir shop) – supermarket – swimming pool – private beach.
  • Prices: La vista el sokhna day use price: 200 LE per person.

La Vista Ain Sokhna

Cancun Sokhna Day Use

  • Location: At 102 Km In Ain Sokhna – Zaafarana Road.
  • Facilities: Private beach – swimming pool – private parkings.
  • Prices: day use in sokhna prices in cancun: 240 LE.

Cancun Ain Sokhna Day Use

Jaz Little Venice Day Use El Sokhna

  • Location: Kilo 36, Ain Sokhna, Suez Road.
  • Facilities and services: Swimming pools, Kids entertainment area, 3 restaurants, hotel and Football courts.
  • Prices: Day use at el sokhna price in Jaz Little Venice: 250 LE.

Jaz Little Venice Day Use Sokhna

El Hayah Resort Ain Sokhna Day Use

  • Location: At kilo 165 in Ain Sokhna – Katameya Road – Ain Sokhna.
  • Features: Direct sea views – swimming pool – restaurant and cafe – diving club – kids’ areas – mosque – gym lounge.
  • Price: Price for Day Use in El Hayat: 200 LE.

Gardenia Beach Day Use

  • Location: At kilo 24 in Ain Sokhna, Suez road.
  • Activities: One of the top resorts in Ain Sokhna for day for its distinctive sandy beach, sports activities, football and volleyball courts.
  • Prices: Price for day use in Gardenia is 150 LE per person or 350 LE for family chalet.

جاردينيا العين السخنة

La Sirena Day Use

  • Location: Kilo 68 in Ain Sokhna, 189 km from Cairo airport.
  • Services: Hotel – Swimming pools – Private beach – parkings.
  • Price: La Sirena day use prices: 290 LE per person – 150 LE for children.

لاسيرينا العين السخنة

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