Cavo Ain El Sokhna: The Latest massive project in El Sokhna

Cavo Ain Sokhna, which is launched by Travco Group, is not only a wonderful getaway in the heart of Ein El Sokhna but is also a heavenly escape for you, offering an astonishing view of the top of the mountains nearby. 

With a proven track of success in the field of tourism and hospitality, you can expect to witness in this marvellous resort outstanding luxurious designs that are definitely worth every single penny.

كافو العين السخنة

Cavo Ain El Sokhna Location

Cavo Ain El Sokhna is situated on top of a high mountain that lies  35 to 110 meters above sea level near Attaqa Mountains that overlooks the Red Sea. It is also 3 minutes away from Blumar Ain El Sokhna and Glalah Resort. 

Cavo Ain El Sokhna Lifestyle

The resort offers a variety of services that match between offering a luxurious lifestyle while satisfying both everyday needs.

There are lots of  remarkable services like:

  • Hotel services/professional hospitality
  • Gym and Spa
  • Yoga Center
  • Sports facilities
  • Special restaurant on the top of the cliff
  • Landscape areas
  • Walking area
  • Kids area 
كافو العين السخنة

Cavo Ain El Sokhna Property Types

Cavo Ain El Sokhna is a place where you can find different types of residential units like chalets, Townhouses, and villas. All these residential units are dedicated to an area estimated by 80 acres out of a total area of 421،083 square meters, including 700 luxurious units with various locations and designs.

  • Chalets: You can find different sizes of chalets varying from 82 to 164 square meters and internally divided into 1 or 2 rooms.
  • Townhouses: Townhouses are offered in 2 models as follows: “Type A”, which is provided with an average size of 244 square meters for the built area and 208 square meters of land area. Along with Type B that is provided with sizes ranging from 200 to 230 square meters of land area and around 278 square meters of built area.  
  • Villas: The project includes villas with an average size of 503 square meters in land area and ranges between 324 to 337 for the built area.

Cavo Ain El Sokhna Prices

Prices in Cavo Ain El Sokhna varies according to the property type as follows:

  • The prices of chalets start from 1.2 to 4.1 million
  • The prices of townhouses start from  4.4 to 6.2 million
  • The prices of villas start from 11.7 to 11.9 million 

Cavo Ain El Sokhna Payment Plans and Delivery Date

Covo Ain El Sokhna offers a payment plan that includes:

  • 5% down payment and up to 6 years instalments.
  • All units are delivered within 4 years.   
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