Catalan Compound: Spanish Living in the New Capital

Catalan Compound, Gates Developments’ newest project, is doing its best to stand out with its Spanish architecture style and vibrant colors. You probably saw the billboards splattered all over Cairo streets with Football celebrities Ahmed Hossam (Mido) and Hazem Emam. Or  maybe you’ve watched the TV commercials about the compound. Either way, we’re guessing you want to learn more. The good news is, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled all you need to know about Catalan right here.

Catalan Compound Location and Area

Located in R7 area, overlooking the Green River, and close to the Diplomatic Area, the Exhibition Area, and the Nativity of Christ Cathedral. It is also relatively close to the Ring Road.

Catalan Compound is not a small compound by any means, and its area stretches for around 40 acres.

Facilities and Services in Catalan Compound

Catalan compound has all the main services that residents need, in addition to commercial and entertainment services that make life simple and enjoyable. These facilities include:

  • Vast Green Areas
  • Artificial Lakes
  • Mall containing: Supermarket, Pharmacy, Gym, as well as Restaurants and Cafes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Social Club
  • International School
  • Cinema
  • Private Parking for Cars
  • 24-Hour Security

Residential Unit Areas in Catalan Compound

Residential units take up only 20% of its full area, which gives more space for green areas and other services. Here is the breakdown of the residential units and their areas:

  • Apartments: areas range between 116 square meters and 200 square meters
  • Ground Floor Duplexes: its area is 332 square meters with a garden area of 35, 85, or 100 square meters
  • Upper Floor Duplexes: its area is 382 square meters and top floor duplexes are penthouses with a roof
  • Villas: no information is released yet about their areas or launch date

Residential Unit Prices and Payment Methods in Catalan Compound

Prices in Catalan Compound start from EGP 8,500 per meter and reach up to EGP 9,500 per meter.

As for payment methods, there are different options to suit various needs. If you prefer to not pay a down payment, you can skip that and pay installments upon 5 years. Otherwise, you can pay a small down payment for a short installment time, or extend the installment plan by increasing the down payment as follows:

  • 5% down payment: 6 year installment plan
  • 10% down payment: 7 year installment plan
  • 15% down payment: 8 year installment plan
  • 20% down payment: 9 year installment plan
  • 25% down payment: 10 year installment plan

Delivery Date in Catalan Compound

You can have access to your Catalan unit very soon as all units are expected to be delivered after three years in 2022.

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