Cairo Eye: An Icon in the Heart of Zamalek

Cairo Eye, also known as Ain Cairo, is the ultimate attraction everybody is waiting for. The excitement is building up more and more as the launch date approaches this year, so it’s time to find out all about it. 

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What Is Cairo Eye?

Cairo Eye is a massive project that is poised to define the entertainment and touristic scene in Egypt. It is an observation ferris wheel that will become the largest one in the African continent and the 5th largest on a global scale. 

Where Is the Cairo Eye Project Located?

Cairo Eye features a location that’s strategically chosen to change the city’s skyline forever. Local favorite community Zamalek will be home to the great wheel right on the banks of the Nile River. 

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What Is the Purpose of the Cairo Eye Project?

The project is part of Egypt’s vision for 2030 which aims at a touristic development plan for the country. The tourist authority in Egypt has announced that the Cairo Eye in Egypt is expected to significantly boost the economy upon opening. 

Millions of visitors are estimated to visit the site every year according to the chairman of Hawai, the company behind the project. 

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What Are the Main Features of Cairo Eye Wheel?

Here are the main features you need to know regarding the amazing project:

  • It comes in 5th in size worldwide
  • Cairo Eye’s height will reach 120 metres 
  • There will be 48 cabins in total, each accommodating 8 visitors 
  • During the ride, information about important Cairo landmarks will be shared with visitors
  • Panoramic views can be seen of Cairo up to a distance of 50 km
  • 2.5 Million visitors are expected each year to the site
  • There are 1,200 employees working directly on the project and about 4,000 employees connected indirectly. 

What Is the Total Surface Area of Cairo Eye?

The surface area of the project is 5000 sqm above the ground and an area of 20,000 on ground level. 

What Are the Environmental Aspects Considered During Construction? 

It is of crucial importance to preserve the environmental identity of Zamalek, and that is taken into consideration as follows: 

  • All trees and parks in the historic area of Zamalek will be kept as is 
  • Overall green spaces will be increased by 15% (from 6,100 sqm to 7,000 sqm)
  • To avoid traffic jams, transportation facilities are provided such as a Nile Taxi and Hop on/Hop off Cairo Eye buses.
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What Are the Facilities and Services Associated with Cairo Eye in Zamalek?

The project offers a wide range of facilities to maximize on entertainment for valued visitors. Check them out below: 

  • Nile transportation 
  • Retail shops 
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Entertainment zone 
  • Car parking (up to 500 cars)
  • Bus stops 
  • Event space.

When Is the Project Expected to Open to the Public?

Cairo Eye is expected to open in 2022. 

There’s no denying that this project is a huge turning point for Egypt as a whole. We simply can’t wait to see it adding more charm to an already beautiful and iconic community. 

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