Best Places to Rent Office Space in Egypt

Are you looking for office space for rent in Egypt? Then you’re in luck! Whether you’re starting your business from scratch right now or looking to expand by relocating your office, this article is for you. 

Property Finder exclusively brings you the best locations in Egypt where you can set up your office. Take a look. 

office space for rent in cairo egypt

1. New Cairo 

As per our findings, New Cairo is currently the most popular location in Egypt to rent space for your business. There’s no going wrong there and you’ll find various options for size and prices. 

New Cairo will give a prestige outlook to your company for sure, and it’s the perfect match if you’re currently living in the east of Cairo. 


New Cairo City is located to the east of Heliopolis and Maadi in Cairo, Egypt.

Top Choices 

Some of the best office space in New Cairo can be found at these locations:

  • South Teseen St.: Starting 8,000 L.E./month
  • North Teseen St.: Starting 13,000 L.E./month
  • The Waterway: Starting 100,000 L.E./month
  • Cairo Business Plaza: Starting 15,000 L.E./month
  • Trivium Business Complex: Starting 13,000 L.E./month
  • Sarayat El-Kattameya: Starting 320,000 L.E./month
  • Bank Center St.: Starting 8,000/month.
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Companies Located in New Cairo 

  • Teleperformance Egypt 
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank 
  • INetwork Middle East 
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Microsoft 
  • Dell Technologies
  • Valeo
  • Etisalat Misr. 

You can check out all the available offices for rent in New Cairo on Property Finder. 

2. Sheikh Zayed City

On the other side of the spectrum you can choose to look at offices for rent in Sheikh Zayed City, the second most popular choice in Egypt.  

Sheikh Zayed has proved to be one of the most prestigious locations in the country when it comes to both residential and commercial properties. You will not regret choosing it for your company, especially if you live on the west side. 


Sheikh Zayed City is located on the west side neighboring 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.

Top Choices 

You will make use of a prime location in Sheikh Zayed along with various other benefits at these locations: 

  • Beverly Hills: Starting 7,900 L.E./month
  • Westown: Starting 22,000 L.E./month
  • The Courtyards: Starting 20,000 L.E./month
  • The Polygon: Starting 28,000 L.E./month
  • Arkan Plaza: Starting 35,000 L.E./month
  • Capital Business Park: Starting 45,000 L.E./month.
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Companies Located in Sheikh Zayed City 

  • Wuzzuf
  • Inertia Egypt
  • Xperience Digital 
  • Lesaffre Egypt
  • SODIC.

Property Finder gathered all the available offices for rent in Sheikh Zayed City for you to choose the suitable one. 

3. Zamalek 

The district of the elite, Zamalek is a favorite among the upper class and expats in Egypt. It will surely give the impression you want for your business in the beginning. 

The cozy neighborhood has a lot of facilities and entertainment options for you and your employees, so it’s not all work and no play! You will surely find the ideal office for rent in Zamalek and it will be worth the price. 


Zamalek is located right by the River Nile on the northside of Al Gezira Island in Cairo, Egypt. 

Top Choices

Here’s a glimpse at the best spots for office space in Zamalek:

  • Brazil St.: Starting 12,000 L.E./month
  • Al Gezira El Wosta St.: Starting 30,000 L.E./month
  • Mohamed Mazhar St.: Starting 15,000 L.E./month
  • Ismail Mohamed St.: Starting 20,000 L.E./month
  • Hassan Sabri St.: Starting 22,000 L.E./month
  • Abou El Feda St.: Starting 50,000 L.E./month. 
Best place to rent office space

Companies Located in Zamalek 

  • SAG Technologies 
  • Cube Architects 
  • QDS Egypt
  • Medica 
  • PICO
  • Azza Fahmy Jewelry.

4. Heliopolis 

Still looking for office units for rent in Egypt? Then Heliopolis is another trendy option for you. Many successful companies have chosen Heliopolis as the place to represent their businesses and you could do the same. 

You can choose one of the many office buildings in the area and you’ll definitely find a suitable price range. 

With its recent innovations in place, the district is easier to navigate in times of traffic. Furthermore, there are many facilities to make use of during your working day. 


Heliopolis is a large district neighboring Nasr City and it’s where Cairo International Airport is located. 

Top Choices 

The surrounding area to your office will be quite interesting to explore during your free time at these locations: 

  • Almazah: Starting 10,000 L.E./month
  • Al Nozha St.: Starting 20,000 L.E./month
  • Al Merghany St.: Starting 15,000 L.E./month
  • Al Thawra St.: Starting 35,000 L.E./month
  • El Korba: Starting 35,000 L.E./month.
office units for rent

Companies Located in Heliopolis

  • Mentor Graphics 
  • Novartis Egypt
  • Orange Business Services
  • Emaar Misr. 

5. 6th of October City 

6th of October City is a popular choice among national and international companies thanks to the iconic Smart Village located on Cairo-Alexandria Rd.

It’s an ideal choice for your business indeed with many business services and opportunities. Furthermore, you can also opt for the heart of 6th of October City itself where you’ll find various options for cheap office space for rent. 


6th of October City is located in the west of Cairo neighboring Sheikh Zayed City. 

Top Choices 

You ultimate business space for rent can be found here: 

  • Palm Hills October: Starting 29,750 L.E./month 
  • Waslet Dahshur Rd.: Starting 10,000 L.E./month
  • Smart Village: Starting 25,000 L.E./month
  • 26th of July Corridor: Starting 35,000 L.E./month.
monthly office rental

Companies Located in 6th of October City 

  • Vodafone Egypt 
  • Orange Egypt
  • General Motors
  • Majorel 
  • Fawry 
  • Smart EGAT.

Make your decision by checking out all available office space for rent in 6th of October City on Property Finder.

6. Dokki

Dokki is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Egypt and one of the busiest. It’s also home to international corporations in Egypt who successfully chose it as their base of operations. 

The district has everything you could need for your business to thrive and everything for those breaks in between. You’ll get addicted to the livelihood of this place. 


Dokki is located on the western bank of the River Nile neighboring Mohandeseen in Giza, Egypt. 

Top Choices 

Here’s an idea about the best locations for your office in Dokki: 

  • Mohi Al Din Abou El Ezz St.: Starting 6,000 L.E./month
  • Shooting Club St.: Starting 20,000 L.E./month
  • Nile St.: Starting 14,000 L.E./month
  • Mossadak St.: Starting 13,000 L.E./month
  • Al Thawra Square: Starting 15,000 L.E./month.
serviced offices for rent

Companies Located in Dokki 

  • Pfizer 
  • Iwan Developments 
  • Unicare 
  • Casita
  • AMICO Group. 

7. Nasr City 

The sister community to Heliopolis, Nasr City is a similar option with lots to offer your company. You’ll be located in the heart of all the action as they say with everything you could possibly need nearby. 

The area has undergone a series of renovations so commuting is easy if you live outside it. There are many options for spacious workspaces for rent. You will surely find what you are looking for. 

Various international companies have chosen Nasr City’s free zone for their businesses to take fruition in Egypt, a wise choice for affordable rent. 


Nasr City is located in the east side of Cairo neighboring Heliopolis and a few minutes away from New Cairo, Egypt. 

Top Choices

Check these locations in Nasr City for the ideal spot for your business:

  • Abbas Al Akkad St.: Starting 22,000 L.E./month
  • Makram Ebeid St.: Starting 20,000 L.E./month 
  • Al Nasr Rd.: Starting 18,000 L.E./month
  • Mostafa Al Nahas St.: Starting 12,000 L.E./month
  • Hassan Ma’moon St.: Starting 21,000 LE./month
  • Ahmed Fakhry St.: Starting 40,000 L.E./month.
workspace for rent

Companies Located in Nasr City 

  • IT Worx
  • Nagwa 
  • Pepsi Co.
  • SYE English Community.

Here’s a look at all available office space for rent in Nasr City on Property Finder.

8. Hay El Maadi 

One of the most beloved areas in Egypt is Hay Al Maadi which consists of various sub-communities you could choose from. 

New Maadi is a favorite among expats and it’s quite lush with greenery everywhere, a perfect spot for your company to call home. Additionally, the remaining districts present a lot of advantages as well, the most important of which is budget-friendly rent. 


Hay El Maadi is located in the south of Cairo, Egypt. 

Top Choices

You don’t have to sacrifice on your monthly office rental payments; check these locations in Hay El Maadi: 

  • Sarayat El Maadi: Starting 15,000 L.E./month
  • Zahraa El Maadi: Starting 1,000 L.E./month
  • Cornish El Nile St.: Starting 15,000 L.E./month
  • Degla Square: Starting 30,000 L.E./month.
Best place to rent office space

Companies Located in Hay El Maadi

  • Berlitz Egypt 
  • Vezeeta 
  • Raya Contact Center 
  • Medicare 
  • Huawei Technologies.

9. Mohandessin 

Mohandessin is another ideal option for your company to be based and where your employees will love the surrounding areas. It has a number of great serviced office buildings you can choose from where your every need will be fulfilled. 

If you live in the west side of Cairo in Sheikh Zayed or 6th of October, commuting to Mohandessin is no big deal. Furthermore, you will find a number of choices with affordable rent and amazing spaces. 


Mohandessin is considered part of Agouza district in Giza, Egypt.

Top Choices 

There are various options to choose from in this lively neighborhood: 

  • Gameat El Dewal El Arabeya St.: Starting 12,000 L.E./month
  • Syria St.: Starting 10,000 L.E./month
  • El Batal Ahmed Abd El Aziz St.: Starting 12,000 L.E./month
  • Lebanon St.: Starting 9,000 L.E./month
  • Shehab St.: Starting 5,500 L.E./month
  • Geziret Al Arab St.: Starting 40,000 L.E./month.
office space in egypt

Companies Located in Mohandessin 

  • Teleperformance Egypt 
  • QNB Bank
  • Pharma Biotech Solutions
  • Lagasso 
  • First Group
  • Instashop. 

No excuses to start now. Choose one of these top destinations for office space in Egypt and your business will start blooming in no time. 

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