IN PICTURES: A Look at the Best Beaches in Egypt

Besides the hustle and bustle of its cities, and the rich history evident in its streets, Egypt’s two coasts mean there are many options to choose from when searching for the most beautiful beaches in Egypt.

Today, we’ve compiled for you a list of the best Mediterranean Sea beaches and the best Red Sea beaches, so you can choose where to head for your next beach holiday in Egypt.

Egypt Mediterranean Beaches

1. Best Beaches in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria used to be famous for having the top beaches in Egypt, but by time, such areas got too populous and did not retain their stature. Perhaps Al Maamoura Beach and the nearby Tea Island would be worth a day’s visit. You should also head to Al Montazah beach to visit Al Montazah Palace Gardens and take in the beauty of its gardens.

2. Best Beaches in North Coast Egypt

The North Coast has been filled with private resorts, each taking their portion of the seemingly infinite coast. Below are some of the best areas in the North Coast and the most famous resorts in those respective spots.

  • Ras Al Hikma: La Vista, Mountain View, Fouka Bay
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman: Marassi, Amwaj, Blumar Wadi Degla
  • Ghazala Bay: Ghazala Bay Resort, Zoya Ghazala Bay

3. Best Beaches in Marsa Matruh Egypt

Matrouh is famous for its rocky beaches and less developed aura than the North Coast. The waters are generally crystal clear, and there are many public beaches in the city such as Cleopatra Beach, Romel Beach, or Agiba Beach which is one of the most famous beaches in Egypt.

Egypt Red Sea Beaches

Many believe that the best sandy beaches in Egypt are in the Red Sea. While Ain Al Sokhna is the place to go for beaches near Cairo, you’ll usually find the best Egypt beaches in places like Marsa Alam or Dahab.

1. Al Nayzak Marsa Alam

Al Nayzak translates to the meteor, which is the origin story of this beach. Who knew meteor strikes could form such beauty? It’s located 14 kilometers south of Marsa Alam.

2. Sharm El Luli, Marsa Alam

On a distant land, remote from any populous area, you’ll find this beautiful primitive beach that draws you to forget everything outside of its confines. This is not only the best beach in Marsa Alam, but was actually voted as the best beach in the Middle East by Trip Advisor. The beach is located 60 kilometers south of Marsa Alam.

3. Fjord Bay, Taba

Only 15 kilometers south of Taba, this mountainy beach will stun you with its beauty. Its crystal clear waters are also a perfect diving spot with colorful coral reefs and vibrant sea life.

4. Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab

Reaching this place is a journey on its own. First, you make your way to the Blue Hole, one of Dahab’s most beautiful beaches. Next, you take a Zodiac boat along a mountain till you reach Ras Abu Galoum, otherwise, you could take an hour and a half hike, or opt for a camel ride. If you want to take it a further step, you could drive up to the Blue Lagoon, and experience seclusion in heaven where you can find chilling campers and adventurous windsurfers. It is certainly one of the best Red Sea beaches.

5. Ras Shaitan, Nuweiba

While this beach may look underwhelming when compared to its predecessors on the list, Ras Shitan is primarily a relaxing spot. The many huts and camps on this beach are available for rent, and a night or two here will surely relieve you of any pent up stress.

6. Ras Um Sid, Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh Beaches are plentiful and are very difficult to choose from, but Ras Um Sid is chosen by many as the best beach in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt. Divers head there to explore the beauty of its coral reefs and catch a glimpse of its rare fish.

7. Shark’s Bay Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

Many resorts take their place round this breathtaking beach. The crystal clear waters make this a perfect spot for snorkeling or diving. Despite its development, many Sharm residents believe this to be the closest beach to how Sharm used to feel before large scale tourism. Don’t let its name disrupt your laid-back experience there, there are no sharks in Shark Bay today, the name simply came from old stories when sharks used to swim around the bay.

8. El Gouna

El Gouna, of course, is not simply a beach, but a resort, or rather a city, of its own. This Red Sea spot is nicknamed the Maldives of Egypt for its luxurious resorts. It’s the spot for those who’re looking for a high-end retreat much more than a Bedouin experience.

9. Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada

Hurghada holds many great spots and beaches, but if you’re looking for a premium destination, then Sahl Hasheesh is the way to go. There are many hotels and villages spread along this 40-kilometer beach, and water activities are plentiful with diving, snorkeling, as well as windsurfing and yachting.

10. Mahmya Island, Hurghada

Mahmya means protectorate in Arabic, and it’s actually located in the Giftun Island National Park. By a 45-minute boat ride from Hurghada, you can reach Mahmya where you can visit the park, and enjoy the exotic beach, one of the best beaches in Hurghada.

We hope this answers your question about where is the best beach in Egypt for holidays, and hope you’re ready to plan your next trip.