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Back in the 90th, some people were looking for a splendid place on the sea away from the city to build a house and a small jetty boat. That is when they found El Gouna, a beautiful place located on the west coast of the Red Sea north to Hurghada. It wasn’t long before people all over Egypt, struck by the beauty of the place, the magnificence of the azure waters and the backdrop of mountains and started moving in there. The city has gradually blossomed into this lively community that we see today. By the time this splendor area has become popular for both Egyptians and expats alike, and as a result the demand for el Gouna properties for sale has remarkably increased. This has opened a room for many investors and developers to start investing in El Gouna. Though originally planned as a remotely residential area for retirees and those who are looking forward to spending their life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, El Gouna has become one of the major tourism centers in Egypt.

Many resorts have been established there to satisfy the needs of tourists. El Gouna resorts include many luxurious facilities such as hotel apartments, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. However most of El Gouna residents are tourists and foreigner, yet statistics show that the demand for rental properties in El Gouna is less than those for sale.

Villas for sale in El Gouna
El Gouna Villas for sale

El Gouna Villas for Sale: Smart Investment & Great Homes!

Villas for sale in El Gouna are particularly popular amongst the affluent Egyptians. They are designed with your comfort in the mind with large rooms, private pools, spacious gardens and backyards in addition to roofed parking. Villas in El Gouna don’t only make great homes for families but also a premium investment for small businessmen. With the remarkable increase in the value of the properties in Egypt, buying a villa in el Gouna is considered one of the safest ways to invest your money.

Many of the conservative families prefer to buy villas in El Gouna with private pools to enjoy swimming and practicing many of the water activities freely.

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Looking for a villa for sale in El Gouna is one of the easiest things nowadays. Much of the brokers and developers in Egypt have started posting their properties online via real estate portals in Egypt to facilitate the process for buying and renting for people. One of these premium portals is propertyfinder Egypt where you are one click away from buying the best villa in El Gouna. So if you are looking for a hill villa for sale in el Gouna, just log in to our website and choose the one you like the most, then press call to contact the broker and get the contract signed in one day.