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Head office:Office No. 205, Silver Start Mall, Akhnaton Street, New Cairo, Egypt

It is with great pride that we introduce you to Trends Real Estate, one of Egypt’s unique real estate companies with a portfolio as diverse as our customers. Trends is a leader in the housing and real estate brokerage field with a wide range of residential and commercial communities and destinations throughout Egypt.

In 2010, we founded our company because we saw a tremendous need for better and professional services on the housing market. There is so much misunderstood, and often conflicting, data and sometimes it is in direct contradiction to what we see in the market and hear from our clients. Figuring out what it all means is what we do best.

Our clients are a very diverse mix of some of the smartest people, and our team members are passionate about helping our clients make the most informed decisions possible. We try to bring clarity to their decision-making process. Our clients make decisions with confidence because we tell them what is really going on in the market.

It is our mission to become Egypt’s most reliable real estate brokerage company and we intend to reach our goal by offering our clients all the efforts needed to fulfill their needs and requirements.

We hope that you will find Trends Real Estate the right partner for every real estate service and product you need, and as always, we are ready to provide you with only the best that Egypt has to offer.

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Total properties: 196